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  1. Some people may criticize me for saying this is a good article. But this truly is a well written piece, and the only thing that is diverse for me and my family is as we follow Yahuwah (Hebrew for G-D) and the teachings of His Divine Son Ya’Shua (reinvented by the European as “Jesus”) faith truly is a part of us and SHOULD be enjoyed. Is it the relationship, not the religion. It is the love, not the politics. We breath the SAME ONE atmospheric air. We walk upon the SAME ONE EARTH. We are warmed by the SAME ONE SUN. And at night we are in awe of the SAME ONE MOON & starry galaxy. We cry the SAME TEARS. We have the SAME COLOR BLOOD. Wish people would just appreciate people for being people. Then greed and wars would have no place in this world.

  2. Assalam Aleykoum,

    I m not parent but i think all these steps can be use in our life with our parents, brothers and sisters.
    Especially when we are the elder

    sorry for my english i m french

    Have nice day!

  3. Maashaa Allah, to a very large extent i exercise all what is mentioned in this article, i am so happy, alhamdulillah. This is totally and absolutely true, i am talking with experience that i have with my children.