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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for starting off with the hunger-directed eating. This is such an important concept that nobody ever seems to talk about!

  2. masha ALLAH another aditional knowledge
    we ask Allah to increase our knoledge in islam
    jazakomolaho khairan pounder of this PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM. ^_^

  3. Thanks but I have a problem of gaining weight at all, the worst thing is that I can’t gain weight even when I am pregnant and I tried to do everything I can but nothing helps, can anyone help me to give me some ideas. Jazaakumullaahu kheiran.

    • For some people gaining weight is hard as we have high metabolism, this means you burn off calories more quickly and it takes longer to gain weight. And i guess if you’ve tried everything to gain weight but nothing has worked then DUA is the greatest for the answering of your needs!

  4. Salam! Jazak Allah khair for sharing. Another great post from u. It is also our responsibility to take care of our bodies as part of our iman… I have tried these fad diets but end up with nothing.. Now I realize what was I lacking – my intention… May Allah bless u more and may He continue guiding us to the the right path..