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  1. Its sort of unbelievable but Allah led me to this article at 1 in the night, after the most distressing day of my life and when I was calling out to Him again and again. Subhanallah the miracles of Allah! How merciful He is.

    • Jazaki Allahu Khairan for sharing this! Indeed Allah is Ever Near and Responsive. AlhamdulAllah.

    • I had d same experience once. I was under a lot of stress even though i kept praying to Allah and despite knowing that all these are mercy from Him. Suddenly i came across a hadith that says When Allah wants something good for someone, He will test the person. Alhamdulillah. It opened up my heart and immediately i was relieved from stress.

  2. A very well-written article that gripped my heart…
    JAZAKALLAH KHAIR and keep writing these articles.

  3. A truly beautiful and soothing article ma shaa Allah which will certainly give solace and have complete reliance/tawakkul on AllahSWT.

  4. as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    alhamdulillah, shukran, jazakallah khayran for this reminder

  5. Thank you for this article, It makes me thinking a loooot about my condition and the hardship within, my Allah be with you , with me, with us, with all the person who are facing difficulties in their lifes, in this dunya

  6. I discovered this website a few days ago and I’m really fascinated, mashaAllah! I made an advise on my own website so that many people can benefit from it inshaAllah! Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

  7. Jazakum Allahu khayran sister dina for this amazingly beautiful article. It really touched my heart. May Allah swt reward you. Ameen.

  8. Assalam alaikum Mashallah very nice article it is indeed a reply to what i m going through…despite being highly educated and an academician by grace of Allah i am not still able to get a good proposal for marriage i was wondering that why i m facing hardship bt now realised that its a test and Inshallah wud receive sssomething better than what i expected.Thanx Dina for sharing beautiful article. Remember me in ur kind prayers.May Allah bless u n all.

    • Masha’Allah. You make us proud. I pray you use your knowledge and education for all that is good, in sha Allah. Indeed Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is preparing you for something beautiful. Soon you will see the wisdom, in sha Allah. Trust His timing. Trust Him. Be pleased with Him at your heart and He will make you pleased.

      “By the morning brightness. And [by] the night when it covers with darkness, Your Lord has not taken leave of you nor has He detested [you]. And the Hereafter is better for you than the first [life]. And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.” (Qur’an 93:1-5)

      Indeed Allah is with the patient. Indeed you will find Him with you!

      May Allah please you and reward you in this life and next.

  9. Thank u for this amazing article & may God bless u & help u to do more of those perfect heart icing articles

  10. Helpful, and It’s really nice article. How you express about your experience is so touchy. May Allah bless you and all.

  11. Alhumdulilah this article helped me to face my all difficulties what I m heaving through now. This webside helped me to gain so much knowledge. Allah give more Barakah to all to do more work in sha Allah

  12. Thanks for the wonderful article that come to me at the right time, some of your article deal little with a topic on patience and tribulation. May Allah bless us more with beneficial knowledge to our ummah. Amiin, Jazakumullahair.

  13. MashaAllah what a beautiful article! May Allah help us all to act on the wisdom, reminders and advice in this article in order to overcome our trials. Jazakallah khair sister!

  14. subhanallah! what an inspiring article sis! i can really internalize to the whole contents of this article about the tribulations…it was about almost 10 months i’m dealing wth my fyp…that was really brought me closer to Him…indeed, all the tribulations that i had, actually make me better sha facing all the hardships and up and down of life, we”ll increasingly feel that He is so close to us…and indeed He always listen to all our sadness and anxiety and by talking to Him (du’a) we ‘ll feel relieve even He will make us feel so comfirt..

    indeed it’s true…

    seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. [Qur’an: Chapter 2, Verses 152–153]

    indeed it’s true…

    “… indeed with hardship there will be ease; indeed with hardship there will be ease.”

    jazakallah for very beneficial article! :)

  15. Jazakumullahu khairan fiddunya wal akhira ukhti Dina. Remember me too Yen from Malaysia. Thanking Productive Muslim too for all the great initiatives. May Allah s.w.t. bless all your souls the whole team in PM! Alllahuakbar!

    • I will definitely remember you, my beloved sister. May Allah shower your heart with ease and mercy. :)

  16. assalam o alaikum, i was feeling very depressed till I read this article. Quranic verses are so beautiful, i feel better now, Alhamdolillah. JazzakAllah.

  17. Asalaam alikaum, I am going through a difficult time at the moment, and my little sister sent me this amazing article alhamudullilah . Indeed Allah is most gracious, most merciful

    • This is very beautiful. :’) Jazaki Allahu khairan for sharing this. Allah is so Subtle and Merciful, He teaches us lessons and shows us mercy in the most subtle and beautiful ways. May Allah shower you with mercy and bring you out of distress into relief.

  18. An article I want to share with you on this subject


    ALLAH TAA’LAH Is The Best Planner

    Alhamdulillah, it has been two years now since the IDB Graduates’ Association of Mauritius has been circulating all over the country a translated version of an Islamic booklet entitled “Sickness, also a mercy from ALLAH TAA’LA” among the Muslim sick community.
    This specific group in the community has been targeted for this project as a dire need of spiritual upliftment has been diagnosed in their vulnerable situation. In fact, the booklet has been highly effective in modifying the mental state of terminally ill patients from depression to a more positive outlook in the light of the Quran and prophetic sayings, even prompting the ‘shahadah’ on their lips at their last moments.
    A retrospective reflection on how this project was initiated, highlighted an amazing fact: the perfect stepwise plan of Our Creator, ALLAH.
    ALLAH’s plan, as far as I am concerned, was to make me become a doctor in medicine through the IDB scholarship scheme in spite of having a minor physical disability in the lower limbs.

    Three major factors emerged in this plan, which together ensure the successful realization of the above project.
    Firstly, the discovery of this booklet was not coincidental. More precisely, it was the result of my own search for spiritual solace when confronted with the reality of my physical impairment.
    Secondly, my professional duty exposed me to the spiritual requirements of a specific group of the Muslim community: the sick and terminally ill, requirements which I could address thanks to my personal experience.
    Thirdly, being an IGA member, I could extend the project to a national level thanks to the collective efforts of our team, in first translating the booklet in French so as to reach a maximum number of persons and then producing copies on a high scale for free distribution.
    My gratitude goes first and foremost to ALLAH TAA’LA as I realized that my physical disability is in fact a blessing, greatly instrumental in having a deeper insight in the sufferings of others and consequently addressing their needs.
    “All praise and thanks to ALLAH,Who has preferred us over many of his believing slaves” (Quran:27:15)
    Then to the IDB which through its commitments, is helping fellow Muslims to assume their duty as a block in the construction of the Muslim society as per prophetic sayings.

    Sr Dr AUBDOOL Bibi Ruzida
    Community Physician
    IDB Graduate

    IDB: Islamic Development Bank
    IGA: Islamic Development Bank Graduates’ Association

  19. Jazzakallah khair ! This article has come as an answer to all my problems at the time when I had no answers to wht was goin on in my head. May Allah bless you and give all of us istiqamat in our testing times.

    • AlhamdulAllah. All praise is due to Allah. He is so Merciful, He sent this your way. Indeed Allah is Ever Near and Responsive!

      “And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.” (Qur’an 2: 186)

  20. Alhamdulillah, this article has inspired me a great deal. It’s given me succour that whichever way it goes, there would always be benefit(s) for a believer when faced with difficulty in life. There is forgiveness of sins, closeness to Allah and peace of mind. May Allah bless us with steadfastness in the face of trials and tribulations. Amin

  21. There is nothing as beautiful as the compassion Allah (SWT) places in the hearts of His slaves. If there is any goodness you found in here, it is most certainly from Him to you.

    “It is He who supported you with His help and with the believers. And brought together their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have brought their hearts together; but Allah brought them together. Indeed, He is Exalted in Might and Wise.” (Qur’an 8: 62-63)

    I will remember all of you in my dua’. I pray that Allah (SWT) envelopes all of you in His mercy. May Allah facilitate your affairs, and bring you out of fear and sadness into relief and serenity. Ameen.

  22. Whenever I feel depressed, something or the other comes to my rescue. My research work was bugging me down..till I found this article. Jazak Allah. May Allah Bless each one of us in times of worry and distress.

  23. Jazakhallah for this. My eyes are clouded with tears, but there is no haze in where I am going right now. Alhamdulillah. Thank you. May the best come your way, Insha Allah. Thank you. Masalamah.

    • And you brought tears to my eyes. AlhamdulAllah. May Allah be with you and take care of your affairs always.

  24. assalam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu,jazakallahu khair for this wonderful message infact o
    all ur articles are fabulous, I really like all of them,kindly sent more of articles on ramadaan as how to get the most benefits from the blessed monh.

    • @Sheema – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

      Glad you like them! Keep an eye out for our upcoming articles. We’ve got a whole queue of articles lined up on Ramadan and how to make the most of it, in sha Allah. :)

  25. Alhamdilillah

    Assalamualaikum dear sister. I read article when I am in deep frustration and surrounded by no hope but sadness. By the grace of Almighty this article helped me to lift up my mental condition and has shown me a way out.May Allah bless us all and reward you for such a nice article.

    • AlhamdulAllah my sister. I pray that Allah bring you out of any frustration into relief and descend coolness and peace upon your heart. Ameen.

  26. Assalaamualaikum
    There is an error I would like you to correct
    You have mentioned-

    Allah does not charge a soul except [WITH THAT WITHIN] its capacity(Al Quran chapter 2, verses 155- 157)
    Instead it should be (Al Quran chapter 2, verse 286)

    It’s a wonderful article. Jazakallah khair and remember me in your prayers.

    • @Shakeb – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah,

      JazakAllah khair for pointing that out! We’ve fixed it now. :)

  27. Assalaamualaikum warehmatullah
    It’s still not fixed.
    You changed the one which was already accurate.
    The one I am talking about is still not fixed.

    • @Shakeb – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah,

      Sorry, I’d confused it even further. I’ve gone through all the verses now, double-checked, and corrected, in sha Allah. :)

      JazakAllah khair.

  28. JazakAllah khair,
    This is an excellent article and Allah guided me to it when i needed it most.
    May Allah reward you and help all the brothers and sisters in need, distress and poverty.

  29. Assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuh
    mashallah really great article..hav many things to learn
    from my personal experience I must say that Allah Taala is much more near to us during tribulation.
    great work sister .May Allah bless u with the best of world and aakhira…Ameen ya Rabbal alameen..

  30. Dear Sister Asalam Alykum – Jazak Allah Kheir for the great and inspiring article…..i like to share the same concern I have as one the particpant about many muslim girls not being able to get married. I have a young daughter, who I want to get her married Insha Allah..

  31. we should have forum where we as parents can share information about our childen who are at an age of marriage to find appropriate spouses for them….is there such thing????

    • Salam alaykum Sister,

      Don’t worry, insha’Allah, Allah has the best plans. Have strong belief in Him and that He is indeed planning the best for her. Continue to make dua, and know that marriage is rizq and it will be delivered to her when Allah decrees and when the time is right for her.

      Now, if you want to take actions, you might consider speaking to your imam at the masjid to inquire about the suitable steps to take on your end, or if there are suitable individuals he knows who have good character, manners and deen in the community.

      If you wish to learn/listen to more lectures on the subject, you might check which has an entire section on marriage with 40+ lectures by various speakers. You can find it here ( You might find inspiration in there, insha’Allah.

      The topic has also been previously addressed with great practical tips on Productive Muslimah, here (

      But really, let your heart be assured. This will all be resolved sooner or later, insha’Allah, the most important thing is that you keep your iman and connection with Allah strong.

      At the end of the day, marriage is a mean to reach Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), it is among the guiding signs that Allah has placed for us in this donia to learn about Him and come closer to Him. This is further explained in this beautiful lecture.

      Please don’t pressure your daughter by words, insinuations…etc, so as not to hurt her feelings or make her uncomfortable. Know that “perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” (Qur’an 2:216)

      So, 1- make dua, 2- ask in the suitable circles and take necessary means 3- have certainty and yaqeen in Allah’s qadar and that He will bring the best your way. Have absolute certainty and trust in that. This could be a test from Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). Keep your faith strong and think well of Him. Allah’s Messenger (sala Allah alih wa salam) said, “Allah said, ‘I am to my slave as he thinks of Me, (i.e. I am able to do for him what he thinks I can do for him). [Sahih Al Bukhari]

  32. Jazakumullahi khairan sister… i have no words to thank you for this beautiful article which has uplifted my soul and removed the burden of sorrow, hopelessness and despair. Im so stricken with grief and worry that it has taken away my sleep at night, my apetite, my motivation and is affecting my health and my relationship with my family. I cry alone at night and i cry to Allah swt. But tonight after reading your wonderful article, i now realize that Allah swt is most merciful and He swt is already answering my prayers. Sister i dont know what beautiful soul you are but i love you for the sake of Allah, and i pray that just as your words helped to relieve my burden and strengthen me, May the Almighty Allah swt relieve your burden and strengthen you on the day of judgment. Ameen.

    • My beloved Sister Umm Muadh, I can’t find words to match your beautiful comment or your beautiful heart that really did shine through your words! All I was able to do is make dua’ for you. I pray that Allah [subhanahu wa ta’ala] would continue to give you the peace that you need and the light, relief, serenity that you need. May Allah enable you to feel His abundant mercy and may He fix all your affairs and reward you with the best reward in this life and in your eternal place in Jannatul Firdawus. Ameen!

      Jazaki Allahu Khairan and I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful dua’. May Allah protect and bless your heart that is very kind and beautiful, my beloved sister!

  33. Love the article-its very inspirational. Currently I am weak in my imaan and find becoming close to Allah SWT difficult – although I’m trying my best to read salat, I find that I am not achieving internal contentment. I’m married to a man who I do not find attractive- although I’m trying to overlook this and focus on the good qualities in him, it affects our marriage at times. I ask for patience for Allah, but I am confused. Is this a test?? Will I ever love my husband in the way I should?? and how will Allah SWT ever ease this hardship-unless I walk away from this marriage. I understand that physical attraction isn’t everything in a spouse but we can’t dent that it certainly does help.
    Can Allah SWT help me in this matter or do I just accept that this is my life and get on with it. HELP!!!!

  34. Jazakillahu khayr for this very beautiful piece of article! I love it so much! I’m currently a final year medical student and at the same time have some responsibility in my society and so the workload is double! May Allah ease everything for me, ameen.

  35. MashaAllah
    Dis is one of d best n most comforting articles I hav ever cum across
    May Allah ease ur difficulties n shower his blessings on u…..always.