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  1. The great thing about this book list is it won’t cost you much more than 30 bucks to buy it all lol.

  2. Al-Raheeq Al Makhtoum is an outstanding book on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is translated in many languages. Its English translation is called The Sealed Nectar byShaikh Safi ur Rahman Al- Mubarakpuri. The Urdu translation comes with the original name. It is a must read for every Muslimah we even have the choice of selecting a language that comes easily to us. it has the ability to touch our hearts and impact our lives so go ahead and get a copy today

    • Thank you for the recommendation. I would like to find this book in my bookstore. May Allah bless you. Amin.

  3. I also like “Believing as Ourselves” by J. Lynn Jones about living life consistent with who you are as a muslimah, with your own personality and talents. (As opposed to trying to fit some perfect person image to impress others.) And I recommend that muslimahs who cook for their families own at least one slow cooker (crockpot) cookbook. You can star food cooking while you do other tasks. It’s safe to leave if you are out for the day, and in Ramadan, it really frees up time for ibada if you have one or two crockpots cooking some of your iftar.

  4. Salam. Thank you so much for this article! Got to hunt for those books! And I think I can easily find few of them here in Singapore. :)

  5. Jazaak Allah khayr for the list of books. But can you please tell me from where i can get these it avaiable in darussalaam bookstores,in dubai.u.a.e

  6. mashallah,It’s like a dua answered. I was really looking for a suggestion list on books to read. I have read – toxic childhood and Ideal muslimah and the parenting book by DR Muhammad Abdul Bari- they are awesome. im so excited to now begin a reading spree.

  7. Assalam o alikum, thank you for wonderful list of books. Another book that is beneficial is “Weakness of Faith” by Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid (published by International Islamic publishing house).
    JazakAllah khair

  8. This article could not have been more timely for me. With its list and the subsequent sharing, I don’t have to look anywhere else. My sincere thanks to all and may Allah return you the favour with goodness here and the hereafter.

  9. ‘Purification of the Heart’ by Hamza Yusuf (Sandala Inc: 2012) could also be a potential to add to the list. Plus, The Book of Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) From the Mishkat Al-Masabih) Selection by Charles Le Gai Eaton (The Book Foundation: 2008) is also a good starting point for introducing oneself to Ahadith.

  10. Thank you. Please have regular suggestions for books with various topics, after regular intervals. Maybe readers can also suggest.

  11. Jazakallah – can’t wait to get started on these! @Naif I would also love to get more Islamic literature being recorded as eBooks. If any would like to assist in a project getting these narrated, please respond to this comment (hope this comment is ok – not promoting a business, just asking for assistance)

  12. In the Early Hours, The Ideal Muslimah and The Sealed Nectar are available free online. Simply download it on your phone/tablet and carry it anywhere for a good read. Excellent recommendations above.

  13. Thanks for the books suggest, wish too, to add this text book by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al’Qarni “DON’T BE SAD”

  14. Yasmin Mogahed’s ‘Reclaim your Heart’ is a very good read too. Umm Zakiyyah’s novel ‘Realities of Submission’ (fiction) is a very interesting read for Muslim women.

  15. Assalamou alaykoum
    Can anybody recommend any novels that conform to the muslim culture, before trying to direct my readings towards a more muslim perspective, i used to read littérature, fiction…things like Jane Eyer by Charlotte brontë and Les Misérables, Au Bonheur des Dames by Émile Zola, The Great Gatsby, but i am not so certain if it is ok to read this type of books because i read a fatwa that says that reading this type of things (novels of fiction, and western culture stories…..etc) is a waste of time and a muslim should invest his time in things that are more beneficial, but i’m really missing getting lost in another world and i miss enjoying a book, can anybody help? Is really reading such things a waste of time? And does anyone know some novels that are enjoyable and don’t contain prohibited things like haram love affairs, and the likes of it?