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  1. Can I use my passion for music to raise a fund raising project? I’m contemplating on this… a reply would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

    • @27e1df2c26d432c6f3da03c449f5cb65:disqus Masha Allah you want to do some fundraising ^_^ but uhm, with music, that’s not for Muslims :) Maybe you can use some of your other talents! =D Maybe you can help someone else who has an idea, and volunteer? Just an idea :)

    • Instead of music maybe you can hold a fundraising event where you have like a poetry slam or rapping session about Islam. I feel this would work especially with youth bringing their interests and Islam together =) Of course both events should be done without the music to allow Allah’s blessings on the project =D …If you feel it gets too quiet (which it really shouldn’t) you can play passionate strong nasheeds in the soft background…hope this helps and may Allah grant you and I and the entire ummah success!

      • Thank you; a year ago, I asked this question, and I’ve been contemplating on ways to help the needy. Somehow today, I received emails from this site, with people around the world suggesting more and more ideas to help the ummah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you fellow brother/sister for this suggestion. I have totally forgotten about the suggestion and by Allah SWT’s Will He brought me back here. :) I would suggest this to my friend for he is creating an event before Ramadan starts. Make dua for me and everyone out there who is planning to shape the Ummah and mankind in a better way Insha’Allah. Slowly and surely, we will shape up the society. :) Jazakallah Khair.

    • Yes subhanallah that is a very creative way of helping. The Prophet (saw) and Aisha used to go see music performances. Go forward and do it!

  2. I love History , fashion designing (sewing and crocheting ) and politics to some extend .I don’t know how can I serve my Umma using things I love. I am still a senior year student at high school. any advice would be appreciated .Thanks in advance

    • @c3cb27a8ee45e3e3bf583b4e71a275a0:disqus sis mashaAllah very nice choice. u can study history n teachn ppl stories of the past.

      u may
      sewing and crocheting center, u can teach ppl
      sewing and crocheting. just an idea

    • Can you please mention your city. An idea would be to crochet or sew things to sell and the proceeds go to help a charity. Or you could start your charity organization where you sell these products to benefit the poor.

    • Thanks all for your great ideas ,I will do my best trying to apply them _In Sha’ Allah_

      Allah kol khair :)

    • Sister, you can design abayahs/jilbabs for women. Since you are good at crochet, you could make laces etc and sell them and then donate the money. You could also teach these skills to girls at Islamic schools.

  3. MashaALLAH, an absoultely amazing article, alhamdulillah
    TabrakALLAh feekum
    I want to do something about education. I want to open counselling centers where youth undecided about their furure could come and get advice from prefessionals. I want the youth to find their passion and build something out of it. I want to go back to my country and revise the curriculum completely.I want research to be taken interest in by this ummmah, iA. Isn’t good education the foundation of a bright and healthy community? I believe so

  4. Masha Allah, Excellent ideas. Perhaps along with your idea – mention your city/ country, so if someone reading it is interested as well – or knows connection in the industry – they can connect you to them insha Allah!

  5. I am very passionate about opening an Islamic Community Centre in the West so that Muslims can be provided the same services but with sensitivity to their religion. For example, I’d love to have a swimming pool with Only Men and Only Women timings, marriage counselling which uses divorce as the last option and still respects privacy of the couple, interview techniques for individuals that would help decrease the awkwardness of not shaking hands of non-mahrems etc. Please make dua’a this dream comes true and is accepted by Allah! The main barrier I see at this point is the qualifications of members teaching – we would clearly need islamic scholars with a psychological background and funding issues as I don’t want the centre to be controlled by any one interest other than Islamic!

    Toronto, Canada

    • Here in Australia we have sooo many practising muslim brothers and sisters studying psychology…

      i am sure wherever you are living you will find muslim psychologists….

  6. Salam,

    I want to be a doctor and open many free medical clincis, maternal clinics, etc around the world, esp in poorer countries insha allah. i also want to build mosques and many VERY GOOD educational institutions which provide excellant dunya and deen education. I am currently 16 years old and a senior high school student who will graduating this year. I have my national and very impt exams coming up.

    please make dua for me :) i REALLY want to serve this most beloved ummah of nabi muhammad (pbuh)

    may allah bless us all with knowledge, barakah, happiness, hikmah, and the best in the both worlds. ameen :D

  7. Masha Allah.
    this site is such a inspiration. jazakallah for everyone in productive mulim, writers and readers.
    i am a student and i am getting a semester break this June, so i am planning to conduct a thawheed seminar with one of the best scholar from my country since people almost doesn’t know about thawheed. It will cause lot of money saw tonite even i tried to find away to fund rise but still their is no progress yet but MashaAllah my heart say allah will lead me to it very soon as long as i have the right intention. So all pray for me to be successful in the project.
    salam brothers and sisters

  8.  Assalamu Aleikum,Let me congratulate you guys as productive muslim for the quality of this blog. This is indeed the spirit to have for our ummah to rise and prosper, a change of mindset that values skills of each one of us.Jazakumu Lahu khayral jaza2.

  9. this website amazes me.
    i love web programming and i hope i can build a good and fully functional websites. i’m still learning…at first it’s rather hard, especially with the design of websites. How would i benefit this ummah with such passion? Mmm, I know i’ll benefit this ummah with my passion..insyaAllah.

  10. Al salamo 3alikom :),
    I have 2 ideas or you could say 2 dreams but I don’t know from where I should start & how :), I really want to share these 2 ideas with you all if you allow me :)
    the first idea is that I want to study the animation and cartoon and do a large thing or company as disney but Arabic one :) and it could present Qur’an stories in very simple and attractive way in order to make the kids love Qur’an and memorize it :)
    The second idea is that I want to play (practice ) Taekondo and teach the arab girls  this game or any game that make them know how to defend themselves but the problem is that I don’t know where to start  :(

    • Salamu Alaykum,
      I really like your first idea. I thought about that a long moment ago. We need really animation for our children. Cartoons that exist today are really bad for our children and we can’t prohibit them from watching. It contains violence, corruption, prejudice, fake reality, Ethics lack. I don’t how to deal with that.We need cartoons, movies, education centers for our children !!

  11. Subhan Allah, what a great way to call action.  So many of us go through life not really knowing what to do with ourselves.  I completely agree with your first point: discovering what you love to do.  When you know what you’re good at, it makes reaching your goals easier and you’ll enjoy the process.  Ya rub, I ask for guidance everyday seeking the right path to maximize my efforts in my own life, and inshAllah making a positive impact on those around me.  Jazak Allah Khair for this lovely reminder that our life has a bigger purpose. 

  12. al hamdu lel Allah we established Model of Organization OF Islamic Conference in the Uni , we aim to make this a step towards Ummah revival in shaa Allah  

  13. Im a former IT instructor in the Philippines, and my ambition is to put up a technical training center that is affordable by the poor muslims of my country.  In that way, I can help them become technically skilled and have a decent job.   May Allah help me realize my vision, ameen..

  14. Assalamualaikum..
    I am a medical student from malaysia, i have dream(s) to build an islamic medical centre which comply with islamic ethics, be a columnist for health column in magazine or newspaper, and host a health talk-show while promoting islamic value. Please pray for me :)))

  15. i wanted to start spreading islamic stuffs in my college. it is a 100% muslim college but you know how muslim nowadays are! i dont know if anyone will come to listen to it and i have lots of idea but bit hesistant because of my poor language skills :( what should i do? help me.

  16. i have created a blog called ‘goodeedaday’ in my native language Tamil! Actually the inspiration to start this blog came from ‘1000 good deeds’ Alhumdullilah!! in this blog i connect quranic ayahs to our daily life plz do dua for me to keep continuing it:) Do check out :

  17. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum
    First and foremost I’d like to say how much this website has inspired me to now go out there and so something for the ummah. Alhamdulillah, to a certain degree i’d like to think of myself as literate in the Islamic field. I studied at Dewsbury Darul Uloom and Id like a way to help spread the knowledge I have learnt to others that wish to learn. I have a dream of creating an Islamic website where reliable authentic Islamic resources can be accessed at the touch of a button. I have an ambition to help organise with youngsters and elders, talks, lectures, bayaans where we can invite prominent scholars to come address the ummah. Let us unite to collect and sonate money to orphans and islamic masjids around the world. Let us help with the financial costs to make a muslim child a scholar. I want a way to make use of the hadeeth where the prophet ﷺ explains convey knowledge. I want Muslims in this age and era to be the glory that once was apparent in Spain. Let us drive the ambition fwe have in us after reading this article as fast as possible, before shaytaan once again makes us feel lazy. Brothers and sisters let us start today, infact Now, to make a positive difference to our deed balance. So I request whoever is ready and shares any of the above ambitions please get in touch. (Especially about the Islamic website) jazakallah. My email address is

  18. Salaam,
    Thank you for sharing an inspiring article. May Allah reward you. This website has inspired me to help the ummah by creating a website to help people learn/improve their English or Urdu online. Please visit for free Urdu and English lessons. Our ummah can achieve its potential if we are all educated to a higher level, Inshallah.

  19. Im a youth and I have this burning desire to change the ummah. I believe that I can do it. I think I’m talented at, public speaking. I make very inspirational speeches, and I also write a couple poems about life. I want to start a YouTube channel but I’m Afraid of the the comments and what people might say to me.

    • Go ahead Falah!!! I’ll support you!!!! And guess what your always gonna have haters. Theresvabsolutely no one in this world that can stand up and say ‘everyone likes me’ Caz some people will always be there to put others down. I watch a lot of Islamic lectures from YouTube from great Muslim speakers like Mufti Menk, nouman Ali khan, Omar sulieman, Yasmin Mogahed and while sooooo many Muslims love them for their great work there are others that hate them and they do have people who judge them despite all of their awesome work. Imagine if they chose not to continue just because of their haters? I’ll advise to go ahead and follow your Caz I know you have pure and as long as keep your sincerity Allah taal a will definitely continue to help you!!!

  20. Aslmulykum, I am really really interested in science and I am studying science right now in collage. What can I do to help the umma if I continue to study something like medicine?

  21. Assalamualaikum. I am a medical student. I wish to serve my people. May Allah choose me to comfort my brethren, to give them assurance and In Shaa Allah alleviate their pain. But this demands from me total devotion, commitment etc which I feel is lesser . I wish Allah increases​ me in every possible way to take action and may he fill my heart with ardent consideration and love for my people. Ameen