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  1. Jazakum Allah khyrn for this, really heart moving!

    i would like to share this,

    the last days of our beloved prophet peace and blessing be upon him on this earth.

  2. May Allah (SWT) Reward the author of this article as well as the team at Productive Muslims for this excellent article on coping with sadness. The beauty of this article is that it is short, yet it is so filled with meaning and unsaid words, that our brain and heart joins the dots so that we become immersed in Medina 1400 years ago. Even though we did not experience that most sad of events, it is our love for the Prophet Mohamed (SAW) that we shed tears when we read his Seerah and especially when we read about his departure from this world. How can we ever compare our sadness to that milieu of sadness and darkness that enveloped his beloved family and beloved companions who lived with him, ate with him and followed his every command. In contrast, we are soft and easily succumb to minor events in our life; but even if there are major events in our life, by embracing the Qur’an and the Sunnah, we drink from the deep depths of knowledge and motivation contained therein and we find that the fog of sorrow and sadness slowly lifts away from us and we give abundant Shu’kr to Allah (SWT) for Choosing us to be Muslims – there is no treasure in the world greater than the Kalimah on our lips. Masha-Allah (SWT) for a truly inspiring story with a very apt example. May Allah (SWT) Reward you. Ameen

  3. But I cannot stop from this feeling.. I really feel like I want to run run run until reach on the highest mountain n shout looouddly ‘ Iiiiii waaant you Allah!Seriously