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  1. Jazakallah khair for this great post! I believe that for those of us living in non muslim nations that volunteering is a great way to show the beauty of Islam!

  2. Hi Mohammed,
    We have seen an increase in the number of Muslim volunteers participating each year who have, asides from supporting the children, have also been a great asset to our non-Muslim volunteers on the same programme, sharing their knowledge, faith and culture!
    We have a volunteer programme in Marrakech, Morocco which welcomes practising Muslims from the UK and beyond to work in a variety of charitable projects across the city. Each day the volunteer group, escorted by a volunteer coordinator visit one or more projects daily to help underprivileged children where we encourage volunteers to make use of their existing skills, studies or hobbies where they can.
    We also recruit volunteers in Ghana for a small Islamic school which welcomes Muslim volunteers. A group of Muslim volunteers installed washing facilities which has been a huge asset and was in desperate need.
    Anyone interested in joining the Morocco or Ghana programme can contact Original Volunteers directly on 01603 280702
    Kind regards,
    Rachel Lewis
    Projects Advisor
    Original Volunteers