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  1. Masha Allah …very nice comprehended productive message..i really love this article…in sha Allah i will definitely work on in ur tips…jazak Allah u khairan sister :)

    • Thank you for reading. May Allah increase your knowledge and mine too. and make us best in behaviour. Ameen :)

  2. Being sweet all the time helps a lot but only when the sweetness comes directly from the heart. when you pretend to be happy when you are not, when you hate people at heart and don,t show it off…the sweetness poisons your relationships to degrees unfathomable…so always think positive and love people with all your heart and that will insha allah reflect in your behaviour too. after all everybody is accountable to Allah only so why should we lose our temper and cool at slightest provocation!!!!. Thanks for the beautiful article. Jazakallah khair

    • that kind of sweetness poisons your relationships to degrees unfathomable.. for sure. One must let it go with a pure heart. Thankyou for reading out :) Bless you.

  3. Dear Pervisha. JazakAllahu Khairan for the reminder. I’d like to share the following three duas which all of us could benefit from InshaAllah.

    1) Allahuma ahsanta khalqi, fa ahsan khulooqi. It means, “Oh Allah, You perfectly created me, so perfect my character.”

    2) Allahuma alhimni rushdi, wa aidhni min sharri nafsi. It means, “Oh Allah, guide me to straight conduct and save me from the evil of my soul.”

    3) Allahuma inni a’oudubika min munkaratil akhlaqe wal a’amaal wal ahwa. It means, “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from bad character, deeds and desires.”

  4. BarakAllahoufiki for this article!

    One small tip I could give is to not talk too much about yourself. If you do, you might become egocentric and not listen enough, and also you could say things you might regret later (not bad things, but even just something too personal).

    Like this sister is telling everyone she likes this brother. Even though she only tells her closest friends, what if this brother in question is interested in one of her friends? And then proposes to this friend? The friend would be quite embarrassed between choosing the brother or the sister. If she chooses the brother, then not only the 1st sister but also everyone else who knew will be angry at her.

    And all of this could have been prevented by not disclosing too much – the Prophet (sws) also adviced people not to talk about their plans –> best advice ever.

  5. Thank you for an informative and practical article.

    I would strongly encourage people to greet others, Muslims and non-Muslims.
    There are numerous hadeeth supporting this easy yet powerful act. Greeting with sincerity and making eye contact with the respective person will not only maintain relationships but has the potential to start good relationships.

  6. Asalamu Alaikum wr wb sister! Jazakillah khayr for this wonderful article. Exactly what i needed to read right now. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us patience, good speech and manners. Ameen.

  7. Just what I needed to read, and such a beautiful reminder. The comments are a lovely follow up too – especially sister Jo’s.
    It’s going into my favourites! JazakumAllahu khair.