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  1. Mother role plays a vital role in raising a child,if she doen’t fulfil her duty the child can go stray. As i know all the mothers aren’t aware of their dities and some despite having knowledge ignore it completely. If the mother is armed with islamic and non-islamic education then she can raise a child better comparatively.A muslim life is quite different than non muslim.A muslim should prepare for the trial, which is about to come soon and a non-muslim have other priorities during the course of life.
    Life is a name of constant struggle without loosing the hope.

  2. Alhamdulillah! Ma shaa Allah! What a great article! I can’t even begin to describe how spot-on this piece is & has greatly encouraged me as a new mum who just quit her job to raise my child(ren) and also finish my M.Sc. Please do keep up the good work. May Allah reward you abundantly. The esxamples cited are also very iinspiring & will work on incorporating them in my life in shaa Allah. Who needs a life coach when there is Productive Muslim & Productive Muslimah.. Lol. One last thing, please note the du’a quoted above from a weak hadith. Kindly refer to for more details. Allah knows best. Wassalam :)

    • @Aisha – Thank you for your kind words! Alhamdulillah, glad to hear you found this piece beneficial.

      Yes, the hadith is a weak one, but the dua itself is a nice one to make. :)

  3. My challenge to every man (fathers, particularly) who believes that a stay at home mom is lazy or does little at home: let your wife go off on holiday, then you stay at home for a week and do all that she does.

    That’ll quickly change your point of view.

    It’s actually easier, and mentally less tiring, to go to work. Raising young kids at home is an immensely intense task…

  4. Thanks for the beautiful article maashaAllaah. I am a medical doctor; someone you can call a productive muslimah in the hospital. But at home, I dont think I am close to that status yet. Can you please advise me on how to be a productive mum at home and outside home alike?

    • Thank you for your comment Khadijah. Alhamdulillah glad you have found the advice useful. One of the questions I’d ask you to consider is how you can use your knowledge and skills to benefit your family, mA you are already productive outside the home now what practical ways can you ensure you share this knowledge with your children for example? Here are some ideas:

      1. Block out quality time after work to spend just talking to your children
      2. Share some lessons from your work life to help your family also see you as a positive role model both at work and at home
      3. Talk to your children/spouse about the blessings you have in your life
      4. Use our daily and weekly taskinator worksheet here on the website to focus on goals you can work towards both at home and outside:
      5. Set time for family activities in the weekends such as going to the mosque, or the park and use this time to connect with your children/spouse/family members

      Hope these tips above help!

  5. Jazak’Allah Khair! As a new mum, I’m constantly working on finding the best way to use my time is’A. I actually think, I use my time better now then before I was a mum- lol. I know when I can do things and when I can’t for the most part and I only have help from my husband at certain times of the day subhan’Allah – I am studying, cooking, cleaning, playing with my baby, running errands, going on walks for exercise, giving nap times to my baby, most importantly worshiping Allah swt…

  6. “ And remain in your homes” are the words of Allah (swt) addressed to the believing women and the wives of the Prophet (saw). The word in the Ayah, “qarna” means to remain and adhere. Allah has ordered the woman to adhere, to stay, and not merely to it, in her home. She should accustom herself to staying home and not going out. And if she does go out she should feel uncomfortable in doing so.

    A sign of Iman of a true believing woman is her feeling that her home is where she belongs. And a sign of a diseased heart is that of a woman who feels uncomfortable staying at home. Examine your heart for the stirrings of disease. Treat yourself by applying Allah’s command. By rectifying our hearts contentment can be bred and truly appreciated.
    the Hadith of the Prophet (saw) who said, “If a woman goes out of her home Shaytan will attract attention to her presence.” [At-Tirmidhi]
    Meaning he will draw attention to her presence and make use of the opportunity either in tempting her or tempting others through her. If a woman remains in her home then Shaytan cannot do this. The Prophet (saw) also said that if a woman goes out of her home she “appears in the form of a Shaytan and she leaves in the form of Shaytan.” [Muslim]

    Assalamu alaikum.

  7. Very Beautiful article on role of mothers and how to become productive mums. I wish all my sisters understand this and understand that being at home and doing productive work and raising kids is the best form of worship they can perform.

    I once read in an economics book that “people are the biggest asset or the biggest liability” . By raising kids in an Islamic way our sister will create an asset inshAllah which will benefit them in this world and in the next world also.

  8. Assalamu Alaikm waRahmatuh Allahi waBarakatuhu

    Djazzakum Allahu khayran for your article.
    Yes, it is true that many people think that stay-at-home mums are lazy and unproductive.
    Our great grandmas didn’t have to deal with such judgements. This idea has become widespread in the Muslim community as Muslim women started to emulate the Western woman who was forced to leave her home to provide cheap labour during the industrial revolution.
    Since then, a woman status has become proportional to her pay cheque.
    I cannot speak on the behalf of all the sisters of the Ummah. I can only speak about myself and the sisters I know.
    I am a full time home schooler so obviously I am a stay at home mum.
    I have University Degrees and has worked “professionally” in the past.
    No I don’t have an Education degree but an Electrical Engineering one.
    I teach my kids at home but I am also a volunteer in the community. I study myself too.
    I help my husband achieve his career goals. Alhamdulillah.
    Many times women are the invisible soldiers.
    Women are not successful only when they have businesses for cakes and abayas.
    Some of us work on designing curriculums, Muslim books and others on IT projects from their homes.
    Alhamdulillah, being Muslim has made me aware of the great roles I can play in many people’s lives.
    Yes, I still have a pay check even if I do not receive it on a monthly basis.
    I opted for the one -off pay check that I will ultimately receive one day
    I ask Allah to make that day the best day ever. Allahuma Ameen