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  1. Your article was great! I loved reading it and especially the fact that you are like your Nanny with your love and interest in horses. Your mom has said you and your brothers may go trailriding when you visit soon; I look forward to it. We are going to have such fun!

  2. It is very pleasing to read articles which are on productive hobbies when most of the people of current era are indulging in unproductive habits, behavior and hobbies. I thank you for this beautiful article.

    Hope our Muslim community will take heed of these and come out of their so called “modern” shameless hobbies.

    I would request writer to come up with more productive hobbies for our Muslim Ummah which is not very costly and could be done by most of the Muslim population living around the world.

    • @Ansari – ​​Thank you for your question. I would advise you to consult a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) as s/he would best be able to answer your question.
      ​In case you may not know of one, you may ​alternatively ​consult ​authentic fiqh Q&A websites​ such as​

      I hope this helps.

  3. I really love what you said about how you will not learn everything in your first lesson with horses. I’ve been wantint to learn more about horse riding and care for a while now, but wanted to make sure I was well informed before I took any lessons. Horses are very interesting animals that require a lot of care, so it makes sense that it would require more than one lesson to learn everything about them.