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  1. If you are working full time, and especially if your income is greater than, say 30% of total household income, then I think Productivity Hack #6 is “Get husband to help”. Now since I am a brother and do not want to be excommunicated from the circle of brothers I must let you know in advance that we will procrastinate when it comes to helping with dinner, dishes, etc, so don’t lean on us too heavily. However, assuming our wives are also working, it is completely acceptable for most of us to be on dinner duty twice a week or so, take the kids out for some Dad time, as well as consistently help with chores. Just drop a few subtle hints in advance, here and there and you will find that we are more than happy to shoulder some of the burden.

    • Assalamu alaikum

      Productive Muslimah Content Co-ordinator here – JazakAllah khayr for this comment! Very refreshing :) may Allah reward you for supporting your wife in such a manner :)


  2. Alhamdulillah.. this is what i need to rearrange my time to be better single mum, civil servant, and muslimah.. Khairan katsiira sister.. May Allah bless you and your beloved people for this kindness.. Salaam from Indonesia..

  3. Great tips barakallahu fiki, I use my lunch break walking while doing dikr, or listening to
    Inspiring scholars, it boosts my energy for the rest of the day,
    Also, I am applying a great tip that I read 2 years ago on productive Muslim, I wake up every morning half an hour before fair pray a couple of rakaas and read a couple of pages of Quran, the best energizing part of the morning, it is calm and peaceful,
    Also reading 2 pages or more after every prayer makes it 10 pages a day and keeps quran alive in our hearts.
    I have a son who has autism, so once a week, I run a sports program for him and other kids with autism, it is the best part of my week, seeing these kids growing and learning great skills while having fun is so rewarding Alhamdoulilah
    May Allah keep us all patient and grateful in all situations

  4. Jazak Allah sister. I particularly like the idea of planning for the week ahead as opposed to the day ahead. I am excited to try it. Insha Allah

  5. @Sister A: Here are some practical tips on finding a mentor – write up a list of people who are in your circles of influence, these could range from family, friends, colleagues etc Then ask yourself, which of these people do I respect and admire? Do they have strengths in the areas I have weaknesses? Then shortlist some of these people to ask them for their time and advice as a mentor, at first it could just be one hour a month but then if you needed more advice of assistance from them you could arrange to meet them more regularly. The role of the mentor is to guide you and help you excel iA in your goals. Hope that helps! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and tips above, I pray we can all be productive in our work using these tips! ;)