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  1. MashAllah, it seems like a very clear and beneficial article. May Allah bless you.

    Changing the alarm habit is something that I should try doing during these days inshAllah.

  2. Mashallah very realistic and practicable tips … jazakumullah khair for helping and good way…

    • Try to adjust the prayer time calculation method. Sometimes the reason why the fajr clock is off is because its uses a different calculation method. Worse comes to worse, manually use your alarm clock and adjust it to wake you up 10 minutes before athan.

  3. Thank you for the great tip. However I’m just wondering how do you adapt to the decreasing hours of sleep? If you get up at 2:30am then perform Tahajjud and Fajr prayer and so on, do you go back to sleep at any time in the morning? Thank you.

    • Excellent article.
      If you can manage a power nap of 1-1.5 hours in the day time, before or after the zuhr prayer, then it would be best for you. This is what I do on weekends when I am not in the office. However, on office days, I take a power nap of 1 hour just before leaving for office. Through time, I have realized that if your routine is set, than even this 1 hour of planned sleep will offer sound replenishment of energy.

      I am also looking forward to the reply of Abu Productive for this.

      P.S: As per the sunnah, you should opt for a midday nap rather than the morning nap.

    • Great question. Normally, I stay up from fajr till sunrise regardless of the time of the year. (Of course there are days when you’re super tired and you just come home from fajr salah and sleep, but those are exceptional days and not everyday). Then after sunrise, if I have time I’ll take a nap before I need to go to work, or if I have no time, I’ll nap during the day after Dhuhur/before Asr. Hope this answers your question!

  4. Asalam alaykom brother, thank you for this beautiful post , its help me to start it by this night insha allah , just i have a remark in the last of your post there is Hadith : اللهم بارك لنا في رجب وشعبان وبلغنا رمضان
    and i want to inform you that’s , the Olama says : this Hadith is Dha-eef. , Baraka allaho fik.

    • @أحمدWa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah! I’m glad you liked the post, alhamdulillah.

      Yes, that’s right about the hadith, but the dua itself is a nice one to make. :)

  5. That must’ve taken an enormous amount of motivation reach that schedule, Masha’Allah. In Sha Allah, I’ll soon have a settled schedule as well.

  6. Asalamu Alaikum wahrahmatullah wabarakatuhu. Jazakallahu khairan for this insight. I do hav d Fajr alarm and it is way across the room but I may not even hear it atimes when sleep is so ingrained or had a really rough day before. The truth, it is Allah’s Rahmah that gets me up most nights. If I sleep with the mindset to wake up and I want it bad enough, Allah makes me find sleep virtually impossible…and I do love your morning routine. May Allah make it count for you on the day it counts the most.

    • Great point Aisha.
      1. The fajr clock above has two tones, one is the athan sound, the other is a VERY loud and annoying beep. I set the annoying beep to wake me up 45 minutes before athan, but just in case I missed that, the athan goes off at athan time as backup.
      2. It’s true, this is all part of Allah’s Mercy, and we should take the means.
      3. Ameen to your duas!

  7. Jazak Allah khair for this great article! I’m also interested with how you manage your sleep. How much sleep so you aim for? And when do u do it? How do you maintain your energy levels?

    • @Emma – I normally aim for 3-4 sleep cycles each night, each sleep cycle is 90 minutes, so that’s 3 x 90 minutes = 4.5hrs or 4 x 90 minutes = 6hrs. Of course this is night time. During the day, I also have a 20 – 40 minute nap to keep my energy levels high.

      • salam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakato, May Allah bless and reward (you and your team) for all the efforts that you’ve made for the Muslims. Regarding the topic about sleep management, could you make like an article that is more focused about sleep management and expand more about it? Jazak Allahu khair

  8. Jasakallahu kairan for those amazing techniques, definitely will try them. May Allah reward the goodness of this world and the hereafter and make all our struggles for Allah easy inshallah.

  9. Asselamu aleykum,
    Thank you for the tips.
    But, will it be practical if you don’t go to bed after fajr prayer? Sleeping only 3-4 hours a day may cause trouble especially if you work all the day.

    • Wa alaikum assalam,

      1. You should sleep as early as possible at night.
      2. Nap during the day, at least 20 minutes before/after Dhuhur.
      3. If you’re extremely tired and your body is fatigued, then yes you should sleep and not harm yourself.

      Hope this helps!

      • My Question is that as i m science student and i have to study hard so i cannot go to sleep early…so then can i really wake up ealy for fajr or 45 mins before fajr..plzz reply must

  10. Assalamualaikum !! THANK you for your GREAT tip !! Excellent idea !! May Allah help us
    (all muslims ) to follow it ,so that we can easily perform our Tahajjud prayers .ameen.
    Lets pray that all of us prepare for the great month of Ramadhan which is fast aaroaching.
    May Allah bless one & all .ameen.

    • Assalamualaikum !! THANK you for your GREAT tip !! Excellent idea !! May Allah help us
      (all muslims ) to follow it ,so that we can easily perform our Tahajjud prayers .ameen.
      Lets pray that all of us prepare for the great month of Ramadhan which is fast approaching.
      May Allah bless one & all .ameen.

  11. Assalamualikum
    Brothers I use “My Prayer” app on my android phone. It has the same feature as Azan clock.
    It helps me perform my night prayer regularly.
    It is light on resource consumption and I love the interface.
    Hope this app help other as it helped me.

  12. JazakAllah khair – brilliant and simple advice; may we all benefit from this inshaAllah. May Allah swt reward you in your attempts to ‘Productivise’ the Ummah :)

  13. This article hit home, as I could really identify myself with the issues discussed and the practical tips are realistic in the sense that it acknowledges the great variations in fajr time over the seasons.JazakAllahu Khayran! Really useful tips and I will work on changing my habit Insha’Allah as that seems to be the primary issue for the inconsistency I am experiencing.
    May Allaah bless you and accept all our efforts to please Him. Ameen

  14. Asalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, sometime during winter last year I decided to start fasting on alternating days and subhanAllah, it’s amazing how much easier it is to wake up before Fajr with the added motivation of a little water for the day – Though this isn’t usually practical advice to give others in terms of how to wake up earlier, so jazakAllahu khairan for the more practical approach I can recommend to others!

  15. Awesome breakdown of events – both for micro-managing and changing my snoozy-time, into productivity-time!! Thank you for this Wake Up article.

  16. Jazakumullah khairan kaseera for the beneficial article. I am inspired to wake up for tahajjud now. I will check out other articles about tahajjud and fajr on Productive Muslim.

  17. msA Abu Productive, thanks a lot for the wonderful article … i have been struggling to come up with my routine for quiet some time and this definitely help BUT what about the rest of the day … do you sleep after you finish your routine (i have a 9am job so it’s very hard for me to nap or sleep again whenever i please) … also how early do you go to sleep at night
    jazakum Allah khairan

  18. Barakallahu feeq , Indeed it has become incumbant on duaat to plan their tazkiyyah ; an it starts with tahajjud!!!, THIS IS A DYNAMIC ARTICLE AND WILL INSTILL WELL-PROPELLED EBAADURAHMAAN!!!.. JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRAN.

  19. Good tip. jazak Allah Khair. Most practical is to get up at a fixed time and keep the length of tahajjud prayer changing.

  20. zajakallahu khair for this beneficial writing. I am from bangladesh. could you plz help me to get the alarm clock you mentioned above to facilitate my fajar wake up?

  21. Jazakallah hu khair for such a lovely routine pray for me that this routine works out for me to pray fajar

  22. A wonderful sharing. Jazakallah! Ramadhan is coming very soon and now I am trying my best to get used to wake up early in the morning. Unfortunately, I don’t have the desk Fajr clock so I just used my phone. It works! Alhamdulillah. Everything that we do depends on our niat. Well, innama a’malu binniat. May Allah give us the strengths. inshaAllah :)

  23. Aslamoalaikum to all readers and writer of this article. Although i am not so much perfect in English but i read regularly all the articles written by the Abu Productive. Really I am too much glad to see and read that so many of my brothers and sisters taking part in Abu Productive efforts by appreciating and commenting on his work. I pray from the core of my heart for all, Almighty Allah guide us to right path and give reward to everyone for his/her efforts to follow the Quran and Sunnah.I appreciate the efforts of Abu Productive to give us the tips on our daily routine jobs and our religious duties and obligations. Wish all the best to all. Maa Salamah.

  24. Although I seldom comment i always am excited about receiving mail from you. Whenever applicable I practice it religiously. And it has worked. Jazakallahu khairan.

  25. Assalamualaikum and JazakAllah khair for this beauiful article…InshaAllah planning and praying to get into the tahajjud habit and surely your advice will help me a lot..

  26. It still did not work with me,,,,, by sure, just because of my own fault….. I am at loss how to set my “going to bed” time. finding it very difficult to go bed early. Here in the cradle of Islam, un fortunately many of the activities (social and family – sure, all in the halal way) starts after magrib/Isha… hence ending up reaching hope by 11 and sleeping by 12 or 12.30 ?!. I know it is against what is being taught to us by our leader ( not to engage in any thing after isha except urgent or emergency)…. Neverthless, I will try my best to stick to your tips and In Sha Allah will attain it or at least near to it… ( if no perfection, near to it !)

    • @Ahmed –> Don’t use the excuse that social activities start after maghreb/isha for you to stay late. Excuse yourself from social engagements that are late and explain that you need to sleep early. Initially, people will get annoyed at your change of timing. But after a while, they’ll respect you and keep that in mind. One thing I started doing is socially with people early in the morning with a breakfast outing :) It’s awesome!

  27. Assalamu alaikum. JAZAAKALLAHU KHAIRAN, Also siwaak before going to helps the brain, ablution and azkaar before u sleep also help. Engr Ibrahim yakubu

  28. Jazakalla for the article. I find doing Fajr in masjid is my most pressing development need because:

    Once I do fajr in masjid my whole day is blessed and productive.

    I heard from Yusuf Estes talk the Hadith that if one does Isha in Jamah in masjid the reward is half the night in prayer and the same if Fajr is done similarly.
    I found getting a fajr buddy useful – got someone who goes to fajr in masjid to give me an alarm call

    Nouman Ali talks about  waking up and studying Quran at fajr ( it’s on YouTube). He mentions that something he made a habit many years and it got me motivated.

  29. Assalam o alaikum, indeed a great advice.. JazakaAllah khair , may Allah help us all to wake up for fajr .

  30. Ma shaa allah, v gud advice. Can u tel when wil b the best time t sleep? I am used t sleep late which is not a v gud habit :/

  31. Masha Allah, May Allah bless you for your good advices. I recognize your advices.
    Some of them are not new to me, İ practised some for years. But now getting older ( 62) and sleeping late or less, I drink a glass of water before sleeping and 2-3 hours later İ have te get up to go to the WC and then I take( when İ am not too tired) woedoe and can prepare myself for night and morning prayers and worship. So this glass of water is a big help!!!!
    Selamlar Maryam Scholten from Turkiye

  32. Amazing tips.ive doing this :- put 6 similar alarm clock in a bag but only activate 1 of them.when its ringing,try to find which clock is ringing. It makes me forget my bed.

    For backup, i use apps Alarm is so annoying.u shud try it too!

  33. MashaAllah brother. The article is sound.
    I know how difficult it is in UK and Europe to maintain Fajr with the change in seasons.
    Though Alhamdulillah Allah has placed me in a country like India where hardly there is a shift of 1 hr throughout the year, I struggle to wake up for Fajr.

  34. alhamdulillah this is the best site for making u really productive may allah bless this noble work thank u sooo much for this tip i was desperately looking for this..:)

  35. Mashallah, great article and advise too. But now post marriage with rising joint family responsibilities…i really find it hard to resist ”afternoon nap’. Problem occurs when i wake up and work right from fajr and some or other things go round and round whole day, sparing little tym to take afternoon nap and sleep early at night.
    How to manage such fluctuations? Or how to bring about change?

    • @Sana – That’s quite challenging. Quick tip: work from fajr till sunrise, after sunrsie take a short 20-40 nap and this would help you stay alert throughout the day. Try to arrange meal times and other family responsibilities to occur either early around Dhuhur time, or late close to Asr/after Asr, so that you have sometime between Dhuhur/Asr for nap. Hope this helps!

  36. This is great! Jazaka Allahu khairun!
    my experience and a few things that have helped me
    -I keep my phone close and recite the waking up duas. By the time I’m done reciting I’m awake. Sometimes I do fall asleep and I have multiple alarms set as a backup

    -my mom’s advice: Take your shoes off and walk on the grass barefoot in the morning..(studies show it helps with body energy)

    -having a buddy in the beginning, and alternating the days you wake each other up. The day its your turn the other person is counting on you so you feel obliged and are more likely to wake up to call them.
    -when you wake up your budy/they wake you up… don’t hang up until you hear the water from the sink.

  37. I’ve had a weird routine for a while which I could never maintain, I’m will be starting this today inshaAllah! I love the idea of getting up not too big of a difference between summer and winter because that really relapses me to my old ways! I suffer from the same thing, I will walk across my room, turn it off and head to bed. I started to drink a large amount if water before bed which would make me have to go to the bathroom, it works but again, habits!

    I really appreciate this and heads up, you’re awesome!

  38. Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
    Alhamdulillah! good article.I got the solution for which i was waiting for..JazakAllahu khairan…

  39. Assalam alaykum I would like to try and get up for night prayer inshallah but as a mother and home maker won’t get time for a nap so how can I work around so I can get good sleep and not nap during the day jazakallah khair

  40. I also found that as well as the tips above, having Fajr Buddy’s can really help as well. This is a person or group of people with whom you share the responsibility of getting up for Fajr. You give each other a call, or go to the masjid together.

  41. Assalamu Alaikum…great ideas u sleeping
    habit is somewhat differs in me..having small babies
    at hand(if they usually sleeps early they ll wake up at
    midnights) so having sleep disturbed it is difficult to wake
    for ur post may help me in anykind i hope..pls include
    me in ur duas.

  42. These are brilliant tips in shaa Allaah. And may Allaah further increase us and be pleased with us.

    I’d also like to add that one old habbit that has always worked for me is ‘training my mind each night’. For me I am atuned to imagining Tahajjud as going on a visitation- I am seeing a very beloved friend of mine whom I probably have seen for a long time ago. So each time I want to go to bed, no matter how late, I feel happy that in another few period I will be in close spiritual relationship with that beloved of mine. And after Tahajjud, then the few period thereafter and Fajr prayers, I still bask in the euphoria of the ‘journey’ of my previous night visitation which was carried out when many other people were sleeping and everywhere was quiet and calm. Then my mind would flow with the better comprehension and assimilation of the contents of the verses of the Qur’aan I recite during the nawaafil in the Tahajjud; and my supplications I enjoy better. Some water also flow freely from my eyes and my heart, my soul feel the joy of this visit.

    I have been so guided by Allah for more than a decade, so that no matter how late I go to bed, all I need do is to think to myself and at times say it out that I have “x” number of minutes/hours to sleep before my Tahajjud. And in shaaAllah, I wake up ‘sharp and ready’ for another ‘visitation’. May Allaah grant our ‘ibaadah.

  43. As’salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah.
    Jazakum Allaahu khairan for the beneficial article and comments. Do you have any advice on how to sleep early, right after isha prayer, and sleep soundly for 6 hours?

  44. MasyaAllah a great topic indeed.

    I have a problem that i couldn’t find the solution yet. Old habit die hard, yes. I sleep too much, since teenagers. Sometimes i think it’s like the opposite of insomnia. Although i sleep early, i still sometimes miss my fajr prayer (not to mention night prayer).
    I always have heavy and complicated dreams that make my body tired when i wake up.
    Alarm didn’t work so well with me, sometimes i didn’t hear anything until it goes dead itself after a lot of snooze.
    Maybe you can give me some ideas, sir?
    Syukran jazilan.

    • Wa aleikum assalam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuh!

      They have in productive musim an old article saying something: How to wake up for fajr. Also, you can listen to Nouman Ali khan. Also, you should read about the importance of fajr prayer. And other prayers. To remind yourself of the great rewards and losses that we might have if we pray/oversleep the prayers. When you sincerely struggle for it, think about it, Allah will help.
      Also, if you have a mosque nearby and it is quite safe to visit it then you can ask one of your friends who also will want to go with you for fajr prayer. InshaAllah!

      • You might have a heavy head before going to sleep because of some stress that you get during the day. Maybe at work. Or perhaps it is because of watching too much of TV shows. With me it mostly happens because of the TV, which hard not to watch because my mom watches it.

        And the best of the things that are on the Earth to be calm is salah or rading Quran before going to sleep. Maybe you could do tahejjud and witr before sleep. Or read the Quran. Or at least listen it for 3o min. Your mind will refocus from duniyah matters to the akhira matters. If you don’t know arabic then read in English. InshaAllah, that will help!

        Assalamu aleikum!

    • try not to miss morning and evening dikr even if u missed the morning…especially keep saying: “O Allah I seek refuge in you from disability and laziness”….and never stop trying…everybody is different, so what works for others might not work for you…keep trying new tricks until God guides you to the routine that works for you.

  45. Wa aleikum assalam wa rahamtuLlahi wa barakatuh!

    MashaAllah and jazak Allahu kheiran for your reminder, work and advices. I want to mention that for me it is little bit challenging to do lots of prayers in the morning. I think it is aslo because I have hit my low. My eman dicreased lately and my morning routine suffered greatly. My alarm got married)))

    My alarm is my younger sister. By the will of Allah she is very sensitive to any kind of electronic noises. So, she heard all the 1000s alarms that I would turn on. And at the same time I wouldn’t hear any of those alarms. NONE. But! I would wake up immediately when my sister would get up and reach for the alarm to turn it off. By the will of Allah I wake up because of noises made by a human. Voice, walking. That’s how it worked.

    Then, when she got married I was terrified. Esp because Ramadan was coming. I asked one of my friends to call me every morning and make sure that I am talking to her and am in my mind))) AlhamduliLlah that worked for me. However, I wanted to wake up by myself. What helped was the short reminder from Nouman Ali khan. He said there something like that: “Youth! You are not going to achieve anything if you won’t go to sleep after isha prayer. The 5th one. That stuck in my head. And I tried and it helped greatly. At least I wake up, at least I can hear. AlhamduliLlah.

  46. Also, it is hard for me to do tahajud in the morning. Because I burn out fast and then fall asleep at 8 am. I am not working right now, and when I fall to sleep I will sleep for 2 hours or 3. That is till 11 am. Which is NOT good, ’cause I have some things to do.

    Plus I can’t go to sleep normally (I will have a heavy head, busy with some junk) if I won’t pray tahajud and witr before going to bed.

    So, I tried to pray witr, but cause my fajr is not managed yet and I don’t wake up before but mostly 5-15 minutes or more later I am not able to do 2 rakats sunnah + witr before fajr.

    But I will try your tips. I will think about it and thank you for the reminder. Now, my goal is to wake up first on time for fajr, then at least 5-10 min before fajr, inshaAllah.

    Jazak Allahu kheiran wa baraka Llahu fika for your helpful advices!

  47. Assalam,

    This is indeed a practical way to set a morning routine. Am sharing this with my family too and trying it out. May I know what time you get to sleep?

  48. One of my way to wake up early before Fajr Adhan is put my alarm far from my bed. So, in order to put off the alarm, I have to move away from my bed.

  49. Assalaam u alaikum brother,
    Kindly guide me as i am very upset. I have two teen age kids who only pray when i get after them.
    My husband is not a regular praying person mostly missing on fajar and isha.
    How to keep my kids on the right path? Specially my son whom i would like to go to masjid. Inshaa Allah!
    Please help:((((

  50. this is such a helpfull article mashallah.. i always get up after fajr has started…usually pray in the last half hour !but from today onwards inshallah i will follow ur advice and get up earlier to worship allah most high i hope with his help i am able to do so….thanku for shareing ur expereince as its really opened my eyes alhumdulilah…

  51. Jazakallahu khair sir….it’s a bestest solution to d problem I was facing… trying to tackle it many wid dis I hope I can….

  52. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for this article. I have been practicing to be a better muslimah for the past one week and now. Thanks for ProductiveMuslim for your great effort and hard work, it moved me and make me realized that after all this while my life is kinda miserable for not practicing Islamic lifestyle. First thing I changed myself was starting with pray on time. After that, it follows by trying memorizing Quran, Al Mathurah, performing sunnah prayers. My life totally changed completely. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. Do pray for my istiqamah and gaining Tawfeeq and Hidayah continuosly Thanks again!! Jazakallah khayr!

  53. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh! May Allah in his infinite mercy grant the writer of this article increase in knowledge and eeman. Aameen.

  54. thank u for sharing that way , insha Allah let me also try, but I would be glad if u had an answer to this, we all sleep nearly by 2 :30 am as sometimes baby will not sleep early so in such situations how can we get up , is it o.k if we don’t sleep and yet can we pray tajjahhud?

  55. If we are feeling unable to wake up early, pray Allah S.W.T to give you the will & strength for same with real intention to pray Fajr salah, In sha Allah, you will soon be get this solid will & strength to follow productive mornings. Ameen.

  56. Jazakallahu Khair Brother. I do have bi-iznillah similar habits from my childhood. I used to wake-up for studies early morning at 4 AM since my childhood. I never know about prayers till i am 15 years old. By the grace of Allah, being in India the time won’t shuffle much. Getting up at 4 AM is enough throughout the year to have ample amount of time to pray Tahajjud and supplications by Allah’s permission. Very nice article. May Allah bless and help you and your team. Your team is doing a great task.


  58. Very useful and practical(Alhamdulilah), jazakallahu for sharing and may Almighty reward you’ll, Hope this will help us all inshallah, Please add us in your prayers too

  59. This is the best article……It Answered most of my questions related to Waking up for fajr prayer…Thank u sooo much..Jazakallahu Khairan

  60. Asalamu Alykum wa rahmathulah wa barakathuh
    thank you for the beautifull inspired post , i hope this helps me
    the time is different really ,,,, and thank you may Allah bless you brother

  61. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Jazakumullah khayran for this inspirational post Alhamdulillah
    I had learnt that it was the practice of Prophet Muhammad SAW that he took a short nap after the tahajjud salah and before fajr salah.

  62. Alhamdu lillah, this steps is exactly what I have been doing for almost 5 years. In my place we normally pray fair between 5 to 5:30 am , so I normally work up 4:30 everyday, in one hour I will do my tahajud ,witr and 1 hisb of Quran recitation, but I have another problem, after fair prayer and morning azkar I normally go back and sleep for another two hours before going to work. Please brother if there is any problem with that ? Advise me pls. Jazakallahu hair.

  63. Asak,
    Mashaallah, I would like to add one saying of elders that if one recites last two ayat of surah kahf in the night with the intension of waking for tahajjut, then he will be able to wake up at that exact time. Pls try it. Very beneficial article by brother, inshaallah will try to bring it into practice. Jazakumullahu khairan.

  64. Asalamualaikum. I once read somewhere that to practice waking up at the sound of your alarm in the morning, you can practice that during the day by setting your alarm for like 5 minutes later then lay down and pretend sleep. When the alarm goes off 5 minutes after do what you wish to be able to do in the morning. Like get up and go to the washroom etc.. It’s a way to train your body and mind.

  65. Salam alaykum
    Alhamdulilah, I have learnt a lot from this article. also, it has really opened my mind to adjust on my timing and alarm setting.
    Jazakallahu khayran

  66. Salam, does the time you go to bed vary as well? If so, what times to do you sleep? And do you sleep during the day ie after dhuhr/asr? I really liked this article, and definitely would love to start doing these things but I’m just not sure I’ll get enough sleep.

  67. I am really having problem in waking up for fajr prayer. InshAllah I am going to adopt the technique you mention above and I hope this will make life blessed.
    May Allah bless you.


  69. Maa sha’Allah very Beneficial , i really do like this site , May Allah swt bless you & the group .

    Keep on going with this amazing work.

    PS i had a my iman down for a second and thought you know go check how to come closer to Allah swt and first thing Google showed me was ProductiveMuslim i had a big smile wallahi cause i remember watching some of your videos back in the days when i would slip , subhanna’Allah nd i can not be more then Happy to be back and actually find your Page.

    as salaam alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathu From Your Sister in France