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  1. All you lovely people. Can someone help me to get a mentor for myself who can guide me in planning and following Farman e Illahi and Sunnat Rasool. Thanks

  2. Masha Allah. Jazakallahu khairan for sharing the knowledge. Join us in your duas. Wasalam

  3. Thank you so much for this, I am going to share this so that more people can benefit from encouraging words and advice! Jazakullah khayr

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum, Jazakallaah Khair to the authors of these encouraging & helpful articles. May ALLAH (SWT) give you all the best in this life & the hereafter . Aameen. Some of us are alone of this journey with little or no encouragement because there are no like-minded friends available. I am grateful for ProductiveMuslim team. Alhamdulillah. The writer whose reminder was about keeping the Sunnah fast… Maa sha Allah I remembered yesterday & I’m fasting now as its Monday. The discipline that you gain from fasting Subhan’Allah cannot be gotten otherwise. Allah (SWT) is really merciful.

  5. Jazakallah for such a inspiring article to boost our Iman before Ramadan. Allah(s.w.t) may accept this good deeds from all of you . Walikum assalam.

  6. A wonderful article! I will read this any time I need a Iman boost! We all need reminders when evil tries to make us forget, thank you all for such a beneficial article.

  7. Alhamdullilaa, thanks so much for this word you all are awsome i want to be your friends. Abu productive may ALLAH bless you for your work and guide us all to jannah. Am happy iam associated with productive muslim, it makes me pounder on ALLAH a lot. And as well it keeps me going

  8. Assalamu alikum,inspiring articles by the authors and may allah give u all success in hereafter n dunya.inshallah trying hard to implement all your tips.may allah give us strength to boost our iman.jazakallah khairan.

  9. Masha Allah,barakAllahu feekum for your advice.I sometimes struggle with Music and can’t help to listen and sing along to it especially in the public transport system where Music is played in the buses.I was a lover of music in my jahiliyah days as a Christian.i’m still fighting that urge.Your Duas too will be apprectiated.

    • Ismail:
      I would advise you to keep your own personal mp3 player with earphones for public places. In terms of fighting off music, maybe go in stages. Try vocal-only nasheeds to replace the old music (e.g. Maher Zain; Zain Bhika)…rather have that in your head than non-beneficial materials. Then wean yourself off nasheeds and replace with melodious recitation – e.g. Sh. Shatri.

  10. Jazakallahu khair for teaching me this thing surly i will flows this make my life more beautiful in way of Allah

  11. Congratulations and many thanks to the famous Imaan Boosters for their wornderful articles which I am sure, will wake up the dormant muslim world on the eve of Ramadhan and help their Imaan to climb up quickly.

  12. MashAllah this is such an excellent article . JazakAllah khair to all of the authors for touching our hearts!

  13. Congratulations for articulating the best piece of writing to boost Imaan. May Almighty Allah reward you for making this sincere effort that would surely help the believers in improving their deeds to please Allah SWT.
    As regards downward trend in Imman is concerned, I beg Alllah for His mercy expressing my helplessness and I get an immediate relief. However, I have to frequently taste the boost in Imman and repentance on its decrease. In all the situations I yearn to my Allah and defeat myself believing that I stand nowhere without His mercy and I am stick to it.

  14. All those tips are amazing. Mashallah. Jazakum Allah kheir. Lilly, I especially love your tips especially the weekly reciting of Surat al Kahf (which I try my utmost best to do) and also treating others the way you would like to be treated, without expecting anything in return. To me, that is the best mindset to have and incorporate in your daily life.

    Thank you for beautiful reminders.

  15. This comment is for Lilly…..I posted this on her website as well but I just wanted to purchase you prophets to Islam series but they are listed at $999 for one book…..just wanted to know if that was the actual price or whether it was an error……I’m sure it’s an error.

    Ps. Love these tips ….extremely beneficial

  16. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuh. Barak Allahu Feekum to everyone who shared their very helpful advice here. I took my shahada last August Alhamdullilah so this will be my first Ramadan In Shaa’ Allah I am so excited and looking forward to it. Muhammad your article’s have been of immense help to me and my Imaan, after reading articles I feel so pumped up and my brain filled with great new knowledge. Jazak Allahu Khair and may Allah SWT reward you all my dear brothers and sisters as well as keeping us all on the straight path to Jannah Ameen. ♥♥♥♥♥

  17. JazakaAllah khair everyone! This definitely helped me boost my Iman just by knowing that there are such beautiful people out there trying to help others in the way of Allah, may His peace, mercy and blessings be with all of you.

    I would like to know how to get my self into good routine, I want my time to have barakat, there’s so much I want to do but I always lack the time, mostly because of my bad routine! Can anyone help me motivate to sleep early please. JazakaAllah khair.