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  1. Jazakallahu khairan sister for sharing your knowledge. May Allah azza wa jalla bless you

  2. As a full time working mama this is exactly what I need – ideas and tips how to have organized Ramadan

    May Allah subhanehu we teala bless you…

    • Maa shaa Allah baaraka Allahu feekum sounds very practical tips for working mothers. Alhamdulilah I used to have some of those tips which really make me smile..
      May Allah bless us all and grant us Ramadhan. Ameen

  3. Assalamu alikum sister, very helpful article,jazakallah i am asian our food is not prepared instantly ,it will take whole day to prepare or much time to prepare, we cannot prepare them in advance like biryani, haleem,chicken recipes etc.

    • Salam sister,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Contrary to some people’s belief, cook-ahead meals are not only limited to certain cuisines like Western or Middle Eastern. So it would be helpful to know the kinds of dishes that can be prepared in advance. In general, a lot of foods freeze well especially the liquidy ones like stews, soups, puree. Even baked goods like cakes keep well in the freezer.

      I am from Asia too. Where I come from (Malaysia), there are plenty of local dishes that make excellent prepare-ahead meals. They include stews and soup-based dishes like gulai lemak or rendang, curry, masak kicap, masak singgang to name a few. Some of them are easy and quick to make too.

      There are even dishes that don’t require any refrigeration at all and can still keep well in room temperature for weeks or even months, like beef floss or as the Malays call it “serunding”. Below,I have provided links to the recipes of 3 asian dishes that can be prepared ahead of time, just to share some ideas with you.

      That said, not all dishes freeze well or have long shelf life, for instance salads. But even so, it helps to know that you can prep the ingredients beforehand (maybe a day before you plan to use them) and set them aside in the fridge to be put together later. Other tips for fast and easy cooking include buying cut vegetables (they cost more but will reduce your workload) and investing in ready made products like sauces, pre-mixed spices or curry paste.

      Again, thanks for your comment. After reading it, I realised I might have left out some important points, so I hope this helps.

  4. Asa dear nikhath i am a full time working mom. I would like to share some tips i got from my mom. For desi dishes grind garlic and ginger and freeze them in ice cube tray. When frozen take them out and put in freezer in a shopper etc u can also freeze grinded chilli, lemon juice etc so your cooking time will decrease. For biryani make the chicken gravy in a large amount and freeze in portions then when u want to cook biryani just put in the rice. For haleem cook lentils and meat separately and freeze in portion s qhen needed mix them and cook them , similarly u can partially pre prepare almost anything. Best of luck

  5. MashaAllah Sister!! Such a well-detailed article with awesome tips. Jazakillahu khayran katheera for sharing it here. May Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) reward you abundantly and admit you into Jannatul Firdous. Aameen!

  6. jazakallah khairun for a most informative article. i particularly liked tip 6 as regards iftaar parties and the “bring and share” as this would lessen the burden on the host re:preparation of the meal.
    Your article has made it clear that by simply planning your meals and grocery lists prior to Ramadaan alot of valuable time can be saved.

    • Yes, whether it’s Ramadhan or not, I believe that planning is very important if we want to be more organised. Not only in the kitchen but in other aspects of our lives as well. Thank you for reading my article! May Allah bless you always :)

  7. Wonderful article. This is the time when I also begin to make pickles, tomato sauces and broths, they cut down on much of the kitchen work during Ramadan and are healthier and tastier then store bought. Blessed Ramadan for all.

  8. I use a slow cooker, it’s so easy… You just stir fry onions, meat and veg first with your spices, and then put it all in the slow cooker with water or stock, and a few hours later you have a tasty curry. I’ve done haleem, soups, stews, and even slow roasts. Perfect for spending time on other things.

    • I’ve never used a slow cooker before. Would love to try though. Thanks for your tip :)

    • Yes, there are so many useful stuff you can read here (and i’m not talking about my article). Do visit the website whenever you’re free :)

  9. I was smiling the whole time while reading your article! I have already made kebabs for ramadan, cleaned out the refrigerator & and am half way through the kitchen Alhamdulillah :)

  10. JzakAllah Khair for sharing such nice tips. Kitchen is the most visited place in a home. in ramadan this time doubles or even triples. These tips will definitely help us alot. Stay blessed.

  11. Jazaki Allah sister….i love your articles….May Allah reward you sister..
    And may Allah bless Malaysia …
    I have met some of the best sisters there…mashaaAllah