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  1. Masha’Allah I enjoyed reading your article. Sometimes it seems there are so many barriers which prevent a person from achieving the very best out of Ramadhan but Alhamdulillah you have made very simple schedules which are realistic and prove that you can make best use of your time in this blessed month of Ramadhan, insha’Allah. May Allah grant you and your family a wonderful Ramadhan, and Forgiveness from The Almighty.

  2. As far as Asr nap is concerned, we have been told not to sleep between asr and magrib. Check it out please

    • Dear Rehan, The hadith that negatively describes the nap after Aser is a weak one. you can not take it for granted to prevent doing something. Still, some from ilsalaf said that it is makrooh to protect the sleeper from weswas del shaitan.
      To be realistic, this Ramadan people will work all the day long while fasting, and when they came back home, they will have to waite for magrib! I think having this nap is a biological need. Becuase s/he will fall asleep while doing dhiker or reading Quran.
      If s/he could not have a nap in those long-days of Ramadan, depending on everyone´s schedual, s/he will sleep in taraweeh!
      At the end, this is my personal reflections and tips. Wallahu A`lam.
      Thanks for the note,
      Ghufran Khir Allah

  3. Masha Allah scheduling IS essential to help us keep on track and not get lost in out worldly tasks. Barak Allahu Feek for the great ideas!

  4. Dear Ghufran,
    i am amazed by your wonderful articles. MashAllah. it is really helpful. kol sana we enti tayeba. Jazak Allah alf kheir

  5. Jazakillahu khairan. May Allah help us to make the best out of the holy month, grant us the highest of faith and crown all our efforts with Jannatu Firdaus which is the ultimate success. Amin

  6. wa alekum il salam dear readers. Thanks all, I hope you have started enjoying Ramadan already..
    May Allah suppurt us and give us the baraka in time, Rahma and magfira…
    Ramadan kareem everyone
    Fi amani ALlah

  7. Jazakallahu khairan kasir for impressively tips….

    may Allah reward you with Mardhatillah insyallah

  8. Ma shaa Allah , great article and good tips!

    JazakaAllah kheran, May Allah reward you with firdous for your effort .
    Ramadhan kareem!

  9. Salaam!Just wanted to let you know that I was inpisred by your website and it’s content so much that I decided to change things up a bit for my family’s Eid celebrations this year!Growing up we had the traditional get togethers etc but I wanted my girls to have that memory and more when they look back at their family life. I tackled some DIY projects and personalized their Eid day . my husband benefitted too! Is there any way that I can submit photos of what I did to you and have it on your site? I just wanted to share what a great Eid we had this year!Thanks so much!