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  1. Excellent Brother. Simple and Practical. May the blessing of Allah swt (Glorified and Exalted be He) showers us all during this Holy Month of Ramadhan and beyond. Jazak Allah Khair. May I suggest to you to also please writte the meaning of the Islamic Terms on any articles for new learners to understand, such as, Being alone with ALLAH swt, focus completely on ALLAH and engaged in HIS Remembrance and Worship (Prayer= meaning SHALAT, Dua=Supplications, Dhikr=Remembrance of ALLAH in one’s heart, mind and actions, Fikr=Thinking of ALLAH SWT ie. The Greatness of ALLAH SWT, the Most Mercifull and so on (99 attributes) by simply open our eyes and look beyond/universe/’alam/realm, open our ears and hear beyond, Read Qur’an=Revealation of ALLAH to mankind via HIS Prophet Muhammad saw/pbh, Renewing Eman=Renewing Faith in ALLAH, inclusives His angels, Book of Guidance/Revealation/Al Qur’an, chainch of prophets from Adam….Noah….Solomon….Joseph…David…..Moses….Aaron….Jesus…to the last/sealed of the chaince of the prophets, Prophet and Messenger Muhammad saw/pbh, The Good and Bad Qadr=The Good and Bad Things/not sure this Qadr in english so I put Things….., and The end of the Universe with the Day Of Judgement (PUNISHMENT in HELL- FIRE for GOOD for NON BELIVERS and temporarily in HELL for lazy, rebelious, weak faith BELIEVERS with accute repetitive BAD DEEDS. And, REWARD with HEAVEN for PIOUS BELIEVERS whom tried very hard during their temporary short jouney/living on earth, to learn, understand and improve their knowledges and actions according to the knowledges and guidances revealed by ALLAH SWT to Prophet Muhammad saw/pbh for mankind to follow, in Al Qur’an. .

  2. what about i’tikaaf for women? can it be done at home? what about itikaaf for women with toddlers and infants, can they attend to their needs during itikaaf?

    • According to schools of thought:
      It is recommended for women to do i`tikaf (spiritual retreat) in a specific place in their house, a quiet room, for example, whenever they have the time and are able to do so without neglecting their family duties and other responsibilities.Even when in one’s monthly period, it is recommended in the Hanafi school to sit in a designated place of prayer (musalla) at home, after having made wudu, and make dhikr for the time it takes to pray.Read more here:

  3. i have a silly doubt to ask. what about those who study and go to school/college. we have to be productive and show efficiency there as well as reap the benefits of the last ten days. so can we study in between itikaf? or is that included as a worldly matter ?