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  1. masha allah
    such a wonderful effort to help muslim community..
    May Allah subhantallah reward everyone behind this and shower his blessings on all of you….

    • masha allah
      such a wonderful effort to help muslim community..
      May Allah subhantallah reward everyone behind this and shower his blessings on all of you….

    • masha allah
      such a good effort …
      Allah bless all of you who are behind this wonderful attempt

  2. Masha Allah! A very beneficial knowledge to everyone. Jazakallahu khairan and please keep us in your duas. Wasalam.

  3. assalamoalikum,

    you all are doing a great Job.
    Jazakallah khairan.
    May Allah shower blessings on your team for such a awesome work

  4. Assalamualaykum
    Masha’ Allah may Allah bless you .. you are such a great team ! .. Jazakum Allah khairan .. keep up ! :)

  5. Alhamdulillah. Jazakallahkhairan may the Almighty Allah continue to support you in all your endeavors.

  6. SubhanAllah, what a great work from your team. May all of us benefit from this and make this ramadhan a memorable one.

  7. Mash’Allah! wat an amazingly packed tool box! all were really good but i liked the Ramazan Battle plan most! its just great!i cant wait to grab that n start over!
    May Allah bless your noble work n reward you all immensely for this!

  8. Masha Allah. You’ve done our homework for us n made the task of planning a whole lot easier. Plenty of choices too, so no excuses! May Allah give us the ability to turn our plans to action, ameen.
    JazaakumulLaahu khairan katheeran.

  9. Masha Allah,good job by ur team may Allmighty give you best reward for this and bestow his mercy on us n facilitate us to gain maximum benifits of ramadhan

  10. Assalamualikum,

    Masyallah.I can feel the ramadhan more productive with the great list to-do and planner.

    May our ramadhan this year and after better and better.


  11. MashaAllah..may Allah bless all of you in Productive Muslim! Thank you so much in helping us around the world :)

  12. Assalamu Alaikum!

    Masha allah. It is amazing to see how we can utilize technology to increase our barakah and imaan. Thank you Bro Abu for all the efforts taken! I can definitely vouch for the Halalify Battle Ramadhan plan. I got it last year and the details and effort needed to create that planner is astounding.

    Insya allah, may we all utilize this month to the fullest.

  13. waoooo, Allah Akbar, may Allah make the task easy for everyone of us, Jazakumllahu kairan

  14. Masha Allah.

    the ramadan tools, the doodles are awesome reminders. Love it.
    it energises and motivates me to stay focus in becoming more productive muslimat this year, In shaa Allah.
    barokallahu fikum to all brothers and sisters to contribute to this effort.

  15. Assalamualaikum…

    Syukran for sharing the great info.
    The tools help me a lot to improve my lifestyle.

  16. a Salam alaykoum
    I have a question: how can we wake early and not return no sleep if the Icha prayer is at 22.45 and fajr at 5:05
    We have nearly 6hours of sleep and its not that much..

  17. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    Maashaallah, Allah Bless all you in the team & your family… may blessings keep flowing into all of your life.. You have made the life of so many many Muslims so easy and have also given us a feeling that the religion is not a burden it is a way of living…….
    May Allah bless you

  18. MashaAllah!! Jazakallahu khayran katheera to all the members of the Productive Muslim team for sharing the above and making things easier for the Muslim community.

    May Allah, the Almighty bless you all abundantly, grant you all success in all your future endeavours and admit you all into Jannatul Firdous. Aameen!

  19. Assalamualikum. I’m finding it difficult to download many of the Ramadan tools, worksheets n app from the article. The links are empty.
    Please fix this. I’m eager to make my this ramadan most productive ever.
    Plz jazakallah

  20. Assalaamualaikum…I have been following productivemuslim since a long time and I really appreciate your sincere efforts in helping the Muslim brothers and sisters….alhamdulillah its amazing the quality of resources you brought forth…may Allah grant you all lots and lots of barakah and help you succeed in this world and hereafter….aameen…jazakAllahukhayran.

  21. Maa_shaa_Allah! Great piece but my problem is I hardly have time to read them. Any help for me??
    May Allah reward for your efforts.

  22. jazakallah khairan katsir. productivemuslim :)
    just wanna ask, do you mind if i try to translate those artworks to Bahasa Indonesia? hope that it would make it understandable for people here. Thanks :)