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  1. Dear Kareem
    This indeed is another very interesting article and eagerly looking forward to the next part of it. I keep following mostly all the valuable and knowledgeable articles shared by Production Muslim.
    Kareem I visited the link attached at the end of your company Trailblazer and wanted to sign up but due to some technicalities could not. I shall try again soon.
    I am one of those who keep striving hard to become a better muslim day by day, this year there are a lot of resolutions and goals that are set for Ramadan and the remaining part of the year In sha Allah. May Allah bless all of us and guide us to the right path.
    I am interested in the profile that you carry which says “life coach”. Could you tell me more about it. I am seeing a lot of people from all walks of life coming to this interesting area of research and are helping people all over the world.
    All the best brother, I wish you success in all your endeavors and look forward to more learning coming our way.
    Best wishes
    Zeba Khan

  2. May Allah make it easy for us to achieve a productive ramadan,nice article and i will work with the tips inshallah

  3. Amazing writing. really thought provoking. it will help me to aim at Ramdan with renewed enthusiasm. jazakallah

  4. Asalamu aleykum,

    May Allah reward you with paradise and but barakah in the work you do, Masha Allah. Ik am a convert and this will be my first ramadan in sha Allah. I have found so much benefit in productive muslim and especially now when ramadan is almost here. I found it a bit overwhelming but these articles really helps me to focus on a few things and in sha Allah complete these goals in Ramadan. I just wanted to say I am very gratefull for what you are doing.
    May Allah make this a blessed Ramadan for us all. Ameen!

    • Salaams, Sister! Alhamdulillah that you will have your first Ramadan soon, insha’Allah. Last year was my first Ramadan and I agree that Productive Muslim was incredibly helpful. I purchased their Productive Ramadan course and did not regret it. As a fellow sister and convert going into her second Ramadan, insha’Allah, I just wanted to reach out and congratulate you and wish you success. You will be in my duas, insha’Allah. Do you have a community? If you want a Ramadan buddy let me know, insha’Allah.

      • DjazzakAllah ghair sister, for your supporting words. May Allah make this Ramadan easy for us. Sometimes It’s very comforting just to know other people have gone trough the same thing. How did you survive your first Ramadan, I’m so curious! haha. I do have a community and sisters who are there for me when I need them Alhamdullilah, but I’m still getting used to it all. And subhanAllah, I was looking at the other article, and was a bit disapointed I did’nt have a Ramadanbuddy, But now I do! haha. DjazzakAllah ghair, may Allah but Barakah in all you do!
        Assalamu aleykum,

        • Amin! I would love to talk with you about Ramadan. Alhamdulillah that you have a community…and I also understand still getting used to everything. It was during my first Ramadan that I really started to have a sense of community. The iftars and prayers made me feel much more a part of it, alhamdulillah. If you want to buddy up and discuss goals or other things, my e-mail is leigherickson[dot]lmp[at]gmail[dot]com. Please feel free to contact me. The tips found here were very helpful for my first Ramadan, but above all, and in ways I cannot describe, depending on Allah was key. It is such a month of mercy if we depend on our Sustainer.
          Insha’Allah this Ramadan will be blessed for us all.
          Alaykum salaam,
          Leigh/Eruiel from above–didn’t realize I was logged in that way earlier.

  5. very helpful, jazak allah khair. i have always struggled to set goals and therefore hardly achieved them.

  6. Thank you all for the comments! May Allah make this our most Awesome Ramadan ever!

    @Eruiel thank you for reaching out to Jennifer! You are already ahead (see article 3 in my series) :)

  7. I know I am reading this late, JUST to add an amazing article I have truly benefited. I was just doing my goals this added an extra dimension. May Allah reward You Kareem, Ameen

  8. I have set my goals & am now very excited about Ramadan. Excellent suggestions on how to set achievable goals. May Allah set bless you all

  9. Give me refernce of this plz “Even the scholars used to close their books of fiqh and hadith during the month of Ramadan and focus exclusively on the Book of Allah . ”

    And also tell me all scholars do like this or some don’t ?
    if it is so then how people come to know fiqhi masail of Ramadan?
    people needs scholars all the times even in Ramadan too..
    And can we teach people about Ramadan in Ramadan cause many people come in mosque In Ramadan only… Give answer in the light of Quran and hadith only jazakallaahu khair

    • Saif, good question. I’d be happy to clarify

      That was more of a figurative than literal statement. The message is that they focus their study on the book of Allah, not that they neglect the other studies completely. And of course the fiqh of Ramadan is studied/discussed during Ramadan and after. But if you notice most masajid will have a fiqh of Ramadan class even before Ramadan. During Ramadan scholars focus on the tafsir of Qur’an and explaining it to the people who attend the masjid. I hope that answers your question!

      @Suhaila & Fatima, thank you for your kind words and may Allah bless your Ramadans!

  10. My aim and goal for this Ramadan is to learn the meaning of Namaz in my own language. Learn to be honest with myself. Be more practical following sunnat and farman e I’ll a hi . Ameen

  11. Salam, Jazakallah khair for this beautiful article. Sooooo nice Masha llah! Please keep uploading articles like this cause i loveeee them….

  12. Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah and Jazak allah khair. Nice and very helpful article. I pray 5 times salah and in Ramadan also pray Tarabih .I always recite Quran every day & try to complete whole Quran every Ramadan. But I could not finish in some ramadan. Last year my elder daughter (12 & half years old) pray Tarabih & complete whole Quran, Masha Allah. My six year old son do some dua & jikir with me before sleep. Your articles will help me to make my routine more effectively in coming Ramadan.

  13. This is such an amazing article. Great tips. I never realised what a difference it makes to make each goal personal and positive! That really changed my attitude towards my goals. I love it. This article has made me think about my goals so differently and inshaaAllah I feel as if I’m really ready to achieve my goals this Ramadhan more so than ever before inshaaAllah! MashaAllah and jazakallah khairun

  14. I absolutely love the advice in this article and find myself coming back to it again and again to set my goals right! JazakaAllah khayr!!