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    • I am not sure, but I think they mean remembering Allah sub7anahuwata3ala. In the rush of life we tend to forget that. Performing i3tikaf is the perfect moment to do that. (sorry for my bad English, I am not a native speaker :p)

      • Salaam, Jzk for the helpful article. I tried to subscribe to your ‘Trailblazer Uprising’ list but it gave a message saying that the subscription form is not set up properly. Can you please kindly fix this as it looks like a subscription that would be very helpful for me inshAllah. Jazakhallahu khairun once more.

    • Tafakkur basically means contemplating, or pondering over the Quran, striving to understand it with whatever capability Allah has given us..May Allah give us all deep understanding of His Deen and His Words..Ameen Ya Rabb!

      Really beneficial and much-needed article, JazakAllah Khayr waBarakAllahu feek Karem Elsayed :-)

  1. Can you please recommend any nafil ibadah we can do in Shaban or so to say generally in the one month following ramadan kareem? for better preparations of ramadan.

  2. indeed it was a super article… :)
    i learnt a lot as to how planning should be done in order to conquer the month of ramadan successfully.. thank you again for this wonderful piece of work..

  3. As an American Muslim I also had trouble understanding your section worship, I realize there are no English equvilances to some Islamic words, but I don’t know what tafakkur and I’tikaf mean either. Excellent article and forgive me my ignorance.

    • Salams Sr. Layla!
      I’tikaf basically means to seclude oneself in the masjid (mosque) for the purpose of remembering Allah. It’s most commonly practiced by men during the last ten days of Ramadan. Hope this helps!
      PS: If you google the transliteration of the Arabic word, you’ll find its definition In sha Allah :)

      • It doesn’t have to be in a mosque tho and can be practised by women! Even for 30mins,because usually women have responsibilities for home, family and can’t disappear for 10 days lol, she just makes the intention for itkaf and sit somewhere quiet and while secluded you spend the time on things spiritual only and not speak to anyone about worldly things.

  4. Jazakum LLAHU khairan. I expect to do lot, especialy reciting the whole Quran in this coming Ramadhan bcoz I can now read & understand Arabic language Alhamdulilah.compared to the previous ramadhan where I failed to read it all since I couldn’t pronounce the words correctly.

  5. I thank ALLAH SWT for someone like you created this site writes the posts that benefit many greatly. I have only one request and am joining with the person above. Is it possible to create a glossary for all Arabic terminology that are used like tafakkur and others, so the words are hyperlinked. Should anyone be needing definition can click on the word. Thank you!

  6. Assalamualaykum.

    Alhamdulillah. I’ve read this article and found it very interesting & informative. I would like to ask permission from you to put this article in my blog. The article however will be written in my native language i.e Bahasa Malaysia. Hope you’ll grant me the chance to share such a wonderful information & tips to have a productive Ramadhan ahead with my blog viewers. Thank you very much in advance.

    • @Zurich769 – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah. Glad you liked the article! You’re welcome to translate it and post it on your blog; however, we request that you kindly add the following on your post as well:

      (1) the title of and link to the original English article,
      (2) state that your article is a translation which may contain errors, and
      (3) that the original English content on is the one that is official. (Items (2) and (3) need to be stated in Bahasa.)

      P.S. If you’re interested, there is an existing Malaysian Volunteer Translation Project by a team who works on translating our content to Malay. If you’d like to get in touch with them to work together, please feel free to reach out to us on :)

      • Thank you very much Br. Kareem Elsayed. InshaAllah I will surely do no (1),(2) & (3) before posting this article in my blog. I really appreciate it.

        Yes, I’m interested in the Malaysia Volunteer Translation Project & I will get in touch with them, inshaAllah.

        Jazakumullah khairan kathir.

  7. MashaAllah I love this article its awesome.I wasnt as excited about ramadhanthis year but you have changed my attitude. Im dyslexic so It takes me almost the whole day to read as much Quran as I need to.My mum discourages my translation reading.Saying why cant I do that outside of Ramadan just read the Arabic Quran now. Because they are used to doing multiple khatmah.Which I cant do. I have read the full English and Arabic for 2 Ramadans before but last year I had to give up the English in the very last part to finish the Arabic. Im so excited about therest of your articles inshaAllah!!


  9. This article is really a catalyst for my determination to make some new changes this upcoming Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Thank you! Jazakallahu Khayr. I really can’t wait to read your upcoming articles for Ramadhan series.

  10. Thank you for the article, I found the tips and information very helpful. May Allah reward you all for your efforts. Ameen

  11. Salam alaikom!
    Mashallah I love the article about Ramadan insha Allah I can apply this coming Ramadan. Allah (swt) bless u.

  12. Great ideas to help prepare Ramadan and to attain blessings and rewards during Ramadan.
    JazaakAllah khair

  13. This article really motivated me and summarized Ramadan and how to act in Ramadan to the potential.
    I loved it. After I go home from school, I will start planning my Ramadan in a notebook .

  14. Maasha Allah. A very beautiful and beneficial article. May Allah grant us ability to act on what we know and what we are reminded of. May Allah bless you all and give us the ability to prepare for ramadan the way he wants us to.

  15. Read meaning of Quran in your own language. Goal and intention should be positive change.

  16. JazakAllahu Khairan !! This is something my soul was searching , I will be fasting with a baby this year inshallah. All my previous Ramadans have Alhumdulillah been wonderful, with aims and goals subhanAllah but I was so nervous about it this year, after reading this beautiful article , my heart and soul is pumped up with this amazing enthusiasm and inshallah Im going to get started with it from this week ALLAH Willing . Looking forward to your next articles .

  17. Alhumdulillah !

    Praise be to Allah for making us muslims and giving us such a pure deen to follow which satisfies our souls, our hearts and minds.
    Jazakallah to you brother for your simple but very effective and encouraging article.
    I have been very fortunate to be employed from past 21 years in Saudi Arabia, 20 years in Makkah and now my first year in Madinah, my first Ramadan in Madinah insha allah, a dream come true…..
    This article came to me at the right moment and insha allah with its help I plan to make it a real PRODUCTIVE Ramadan this year…. Jazakallah khair May Allah bless you and accept these good deeds of yours Ameen

  18. Alhamdulillah, Jazakallahu khairan for the article it’s very beneficial and makes one to really prepare fully for awful Ibadah in Ramadan, I feel challenged, May the Almighty accept all our effotrs.

  19. Jazakallahu khairan but I want to ask questions and my question is that I’m living here in western africa and I found this message very good and I know it can motivate my people so can I translate it in my own language and share it with friends? Jazakallahu khairan

  20. Masha’allah, I really like your calculation of the rewards we can earn during ramadan. It’s amazing how Allah has basically paved an easy road for us to earn his rahma.

    May Allah reward you.

  21. Thank you so much for this, it has cleared up so many things for me and I feel more prepared and even more excited for Ramadan now! Jazakullah Kheyr

  22. Assalam o Alikum,
    Masha Allah, very precise and pertinent article when ramadan is at around the corner. I will try my best insha Alah,.

    Jazak Allah

    • Walykumasalam

      Witr is a waajib (next to the fardh salah obligatory prayers) thus it is important to read and it is different from the 12 sunnah prayers
      it is also performed in a different manner

      You can follow up with the emaam after tarweeh prayers

  23. Some really good ideas here. I particularly liked the one about listening to the Quran once during Ramadhan. Such an easy goal that will inshaaAllah have lots of rewards. And I liked the goal of keeping hydrated. We forget to look after ourselves properly sometimes. Lovely suggestions mashaAllah!

  24. Aslam-o-Alakayum

    Brother!! Do write some motivational tips or tricks for people who suffer from chronic pain and illness. How can they get ramadan blessings or stay productive (when they are in constant pain) ??

    Do reply plzz I need help to get my productivity back :)

    JazakAllah khaira

  25. JazakALLAHu Khayr….for helping us to prepare for Ramadhan. May ALLAH reward you and the team for this effort.

    A very helpful pointers to keep us focus and plan for Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.

  26. “Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) believes in us more than we do. The gift of Ramadan allows us to see it for ourselves. ”

    I never thought i would be touched by this article i come across. i have always doubt myself of being a good muslim. It made me realises that God must have actually believe in us, in our, in my potential. I doubt that i could be a good daughter. i doubt of being the best of kind. But, here, i realise that those were just thoughts that are not true. that i could actually change. Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah bless you.

  27. Bismi Allahi May Allah subhanahu wa ta ala grants us the strength to complete this Ramadan. Insha Allah.. Amin