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  1. Awesome info brother! I am a Muay Thai teacher by profession and fighter as well and I have many students that can benefit in this work out this month! Jazza Allah Khair!

  2. I knew all those points mentioned but i was looking for some authority to conclude this and i found it atlast!Thankyou loads off!

  3. The best time to do strength training or just about anything else during Ramadan is around 1-2 hours before iftar. I have been doing calisthenics and Bando kickboxing fasted the past few years. Kickboxing is basically HIIT, so it’s actually kind of surprising how good the training feels after fasting and going to work(I do manual labor, not a desk job). My recovery is insane during the training. With calisthenics, I was not only adding repetitions but able to progressively move to more difficult variations of push ups, pull ups, Squats and leg raises. All of this fasted. You do not want to fill your feeding window with exercise. It takes time away from ingesting the calories you need to fuel your workout and grow. Nor do you want to hinder your ability to REST. You need to sleep to build muscle and burn fat. Lack of sleep is a serious hindrance to a faster who is training. Train before but close to iftar, eat whole foods, and rest/sleep.

    Read up on Intermittent Fasting, and The Warrior Diet for more info.

    Wa salaam