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  1. Assalamu alaikum.
    I always want to know if it is good to sleep after praying fake…specially in the month of Ramadan.
    normally om by the,person sleeping after I wake up for fajr.
    but during the month of Ramadan,I end up doing like that.please advice me on how I should attend to this problem.and here in my place ,we come home after tharaweeh at 11..

    jazak Allah Khair.

    • I know this reply is two years too late, but it may still be beneficial to you or the readers. After fajr is a difficult time to stay up especially during Ramadhan, so I try to schedule a fun and engaging activity at that time, such as talking to relatives back home, or starting on a craft project for 20 minutes. Once I break my craving to sleep, I can start reciting Quran or other Ibadah.

      I’ve also noticed that sleeping right after Sahoor makes me feel ‘heavy’ and sick when I wake up. Giving myself a little time for my food to start digesting before I jump into bed helps alot.

  2. I didn’t know many of these things. I will try them Inchallah and share the experience with you. Happy Ramadan to all :)

  3. Salam alaikum, I usually nap 20 minutes and it is very helpfull to get strength for the rest of the day without wasting time (I mean, when we sleep too long during the day, it is a kind of wasted time which we cannot share with the children and other activities) sleeping too long makes us even more tired !!!!!

  4. Salaam

    Here in the UK the dawn begins at 2:45 am and Iftar?maghrib is at 9:25pm!! So staying awake after fajr is etremley difficult. Further, Tarawee prayers finish at the local mosque at 12:30am, leaveing only a short time for Sahoor.

    What would be the best sleep routine??

  5. Jazak’Allah. These tips were really really helpful. I’m totally setting this routine for the whole month or Ramadan.