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  1. WOW! I practically rushed that to learn how you dealt with the teenager. I’ll go back and read it more slowly I promise. It was beautiful how you dealt with him and left him thinking on his own after sowing seeds instead of spoon feeding him. I need to do that with my teens. jazakallahu khairan lilly, you are a fountain!
    Ingredients for success;
    Trust in Allah
    Sallah and Dua
    Be true to yourself, Insha Allah.

    Ok…junkie fix next thursday insha Allah…

    • O apologies, how essential is Sallah to success, its the first thing to be judged on the day of its the supreme success. If you get your salah right on the day of account, that’s when all your other deeds will be enteratined or looked at .Subhanallah! It had been an obligation in my life for so long….its hard to break that….and still hard to succeed at except for whom Allah makes it easy for….

      • Beautiful first comments I’ll always cherish Aisha
        And good lick with your teenagers inshAllah, they come from a different planet with a special coded language Looool
        Next episode is tomorrow inshAllah. Hope you’ll enjoy it too

  2. Masha Allah wonderful episode..sister
    In my point of view the ingredients to success are prayer, patience and a clean good heart (character).
    salah is the most important part of this life. without it I can’t imagine this life. The only hope in our life is Allah(swt). Without his connection And without his mercy we are nothing …
    in my past I wasted my life without praying to Allah (swt). i missed the beauty of salah. Alhamdulillah now Allah guided me. Yet I have to improve a lot in my life. And I believe Allah (swt) will give me..
    sister Jazak allahu haire for your article. it really motivate me . Alhamdulillah
    May Allah (swt) make us success in both dunya and akhira. May Allah (swt) guide us in correct path. Aameen

  3. mashallah lovely article I believe salah is the key to success if you have that you can’t go wrong inshallah ?

  4. Though i feel not sure of what to type, but I simply say “May Allah SWT preserve you for this Ummah and others like you”

  5. Jazakallah Sister for taking this time to write another amazing article with such simple yet profound wisdom that we always need another reminder! Yes salaah is the key to success as the adhan reminds us every day! Much love sis, fatima x
    PS i’m already thirsty for the next episode ?

  6. Jazak Allahu Khaiaran for this wonderful article.
    Success can be achieved through Salah, Sabr(Patience) and Tawakul in Allah(hope), fear of Allah’s punishment and hardwork.

  7. Your words are so impactful yet so ” light on note”. I mean I have read a lot blogs but the way you convey your message hits the right neural and cardiac chords.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a book in a best sellers rack of a bookstore with “Lilly S mohsin” as its author in near future.
    May Allah swt bless you with the best of both the worlds.

    • Completely 100% speechless Azhar…
      I’m so grateful to you and. I Hope Allah will make the dream of the” best seller book ” come true one day
      Just thinking of it makes me smile loooool. May your life be filled with beautiful dreams, success, joy and smiles…

  8. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Personally the three main ingredients to success are:
    1. Motivation
    2. Hard work
    3. Dua
    We have to try our best and leave the rest to The Best of All Planners.

  9. Your articles are amazing mA! I have a suggestion, do a therapy session with someone who feels the need to be validated by others. Someone who seeks fame and attention thru social media in order to be seen, heard and loved and the solution for it.

  10. Alhamdulillah
    Let Allah increase us in knowledge and make us productivr ambassador of his religion.
    Wa Salam Sister
    & Jazakallah Khair

  11. To be sincere to I am really enjoying this site and is making me move closer to ALLAH.
    Alhmdlh I know for sure that if you follow the islamic way ALLAH will clear your ways even if you are not rich ALLAH make you contented with the little that you have. Wallahi through out last year I have nothing I was broke(,I mean real broke) I had nothing but I see it as a trialial from ALLAH subhanahu wata ala. I keep thanking ALLAH for his blessings,beacause I know ALLAH has blessed me in so many ways.Wlh Alhmdlh I am happy and with the little I am earning now and I believe is as a result of prayers.
    Jzk productive muslims more grease to ur elbow

    • MashAllah such inspiring words…
      I have faith Allah will shower you with His blessings soon and replace the hardships with richness, faith and joy.
      He’s the One who says “be” and it is

  12. Wow! You combine writing, counselling, daawah and good manners together so well. These are all wonderful skills for anyone to have. Your fictional clients are like people we meet in our everyday lives, so I can relate to your stories. May Allah bless you, Lily Mohsen.

    • You obviously see the beauty in everything you look at Oiza….
      I never looked at this way honestly.
      It’s such a blessing MashAllah. May your life be filled with beauty and joy

  13. I just read this whole article and it moved me, this is honestly so beautiful and as a person who I going through a tough time right now, this is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever found. thank you so much, I look forward to reading more or your articles.

  14. Asalaam alaykum.

    Salah is a way to joy since u communicate with the master of the world and seek the help of guided on a straight path. In each rakaa we say “Guide us in the straight path” in ALFATHA SURAH. That means even if u hv a big problem that u can’nt imagine where is the solution,through SALAH you will find “SUBRA” and joy inside ur heart no matter what the situation you are.

    JazakaALLAH Khayr

  15. Only successful people are never late for their most important meetings in their lives: ‘salah’. They practice their faith with passion and they stand humbly before their Lord.
    I loved these lines in ur article….it made me stop n ponder for a while…..simple yet beautiful message conveyed.Jazakallahu khairan sister.
    May Allah bless U in duniya n aakhirah.

  16. MashaAllah I find my self getting a pen and a notebook and write it down this series becoz of the slow internet connection here I have a hard times to reread it again.Jazakillah khayr

  17. Sister,

    This was absolutely beautiful, mashaAllah. I sometimes feel like a teen myself, (young Adult now) and I can completely relate to the mindset.

    JazakiAllahu Khair for this beautiful piece.