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    • How we are being disrespect of Allah at the time of our worship and praise Allah within the salah? From the start until end of salah, we don’t remember Allah but instead we only remember the shadow of DUNIA activities. So, do we think that Allah will accept our solat when at the time we perform the solat we don’t even remember Allah and praise towards Allah but instead our mind is carried away towards dunia activities. Don’t we think that is what we called “Syirik Khofi” WHY don’t we realize what we have been doing all these days? the fact is we are not genuinely worship Allah, but instead we worship dunya all the way from the start of the prayer until the end. So why we don’t correct ourself and find ways to be a perfect servant towards Allah. It will be the same, If we bring and present some food having an unpleasant smell to the King, it is for sure, he will show wrath and anger on his face. Let us remember the story of Nabi Adam a.s.; Qabil and Habil. WHICH one of their presentation was not accepted? So PONDER and THINK about our inner self of worship towards Allah during our salah presentation.. Do we think that Allah will accept it when we at the time of salah, we don’t praise him but instead we praise dunya???? So not only correcting our habits late in salah BUT fhe most important how we are not get into “Syirik Khofi”

    • Amazing as always.Impressive as usual.These tips and practical ways give us the boost and way out of doing these things that will help us in both the worlds.May Allah bless you for all these sharing.Take care.jazakallah

  1. Asalaam alaykum

    Jazaka Allah Khayr for the reminder surely we must get out from the meeting even if there is a PRESIDENT as achairperson in that meeting when SALAH time reach. And Allah(SubhannawataaAllah) will reward us for that we should not hesitate to do that thinking that it will bring problem to our work places .We must RESPECT 5times prayer.

    Asalaam alaykum

  2. As salaamu aaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Jazakh’Alllaah khayr for sharing such beneficial tips and reminders, aameen ya rabbil alameen to your d

  3. Ma Shaa Allah, Very nice article. It give me food for thought that how can I root out my habit of lateness from Salah. To place a Salah clock at house is a wonderful idea.
    Our prayers are with you people. May Allah make your time and life productive and increase your knowledge in Deen.

  4. Masha Allah .. very useful and helpful article. May Allah reward you in this world and also in the hereafter.. its like this is what i needed from a long time..

  5. Mashaallah, very nice article, it boost up my mind and I will overcome what comes between adhaan and salah.
    My dua always with you,

  6. Asalamu-Alykum Brother,

    Alhumdulillah what a great Topic which I really almost forgotten by me.
    May Allah Reward you best for this article and your work here and hereafter. Ma-Sha-Allah
    Wallah I was in need of this Akhee…By Allah.
    I didn’t realise this …..very keen to start this article practically In-Sha-Allah.
    Thanks a lot Thanks a lot Brother
    Jazakallah Hu Khairan Kaseera.

  7. This is a really great article! I woke up this morning asking myself, why is it so difficult for me to wake up for Fajr on time? After reading this article, I realized is all about prioritizing!

  8. As salaamu aaykum
    warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Jazakh’Alllaah khayr for
    sharing such beneficial tips and
    Allahuma ameen

  9. As salamu alaikum, jazakAllah khair for this! I was very moved by it. It is so easy to forget or underestimate the significance of barakah in our lives. May Allah be pleased with you and bless you in the both worlds. As salaam.

  10. As salaamu alaikum, Jazakillah for this wonderfull advice and amazing tips. I have a mnemonic, I say to my children when the Athan goes off, “DEAP!!!” (Drop Everything And Pray). :)

  11. Beautifully written and great reminder & just remembered the following verse says ‘mu’mineen’ – believers and not ‘muslimeen’:

    “…Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the [Mu’mineen] believers a decree of specified times”[Qur’an: Chapter 4, Verse 103]

    Jazaka Allahu khairan!

  12. جزك الله for sharing these tips, but… My experience in doing Salah in its early times only has to do with one thing, seems so simple, but it’s great in reward too.

    “Reading the Qur’an”

    And that’s it.

    For me, the more often I spend time with the Qur’an (and longer for that matter), the easier I am in moving out to Salah in its early times. I really feel the effortlessness to go and do Salah ASAP, after I spend some good quality time with the Qur’an. It felt like I don’t need to be reminded nor pushed to do it when its time to do it. Again, this only happens after I spent some good quality time with the Qur’an.

    Sure, some times are harder than others for us to make time and read the Qur’an. That’s why for me, the best times are three: After Maghrib, After Fajr, and times for Tahajjud. Between Zhuhr and Ashr, one could probably read some short parts of the Qur’an like Ayatul Kursi, Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, An Naas, and any other short ayats/ surah you can think of. But if you could spend a goood quality time in those three best times I mentioned, u don’t need anymore push or reminder from anyone else bro. :)

    That’s from my experience at least.

  13. You were saying about lateness for solah at a masjid..At a masjid! For some of us, we are even late for the period of Solah itself like praying zuhur 5 mins before Asar, some even a minute before the other prayer time starts!
    You are setting the benchmark even higher! Eeek!

  14. Jazakum Allah Khair
    Happiness and difference after these tips put in action can’t be described in words.
    May Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla make us all of those who are in the front rows in this life and the next.Aameen

  15. This article was just what I needed.
    Subhanallah may Allah bless you.
    I received this message many times over via whatsapp.

    It really hit home.
    JazakAllah khair

  16. as Salamu aleikum,

    this article is so awesome, may Allah reward you.. inshaAllah I’m going to print this one.

  17. Walekumasalam everyone
    And Asalamalaikum
    This article is really amazing and the fact that we thought somehow we attended salah is the real fact ,there’s a lot of things we need to focus on as our priorities are changed we try to accommodate salah during our work hours rather we should adjust our works according to salah timings
    It’s a great article
    May Allah grant hidayat to all of us

  18. MashaAllah. Few years back,I used to plan my life around salah. But with family,work and all, it’s now the other way round. Subhanallah! U have spoken directly to my conscience and I feel deep regrets for allowing things to go bad. It’s worse during maghrib,when I’m trying to finish up in d kitchen and feeding d children. It’s just d work of shaytan,cos Allah already said in the Quran that even our children are a test for us. Insha Allah,I won’t be caught in that trap anymore. Pls continue to do what ure doing. Jazakumullahulkhair.

  19. Subhanallah, thank you so much for sharing this gem filled advice. I just started working a few months ago and I can see myself and my team falling into some of the mistakes of being late presumably for the sake of productivity.

    I think a good.point to add is that whenever we sacrifice something Allah gives us back something better. So if we sacrifice that last task we want to do after the Adhan which we think will take only 10 minutes, perhaps Allah will reward us with energy to be productive 20 minutes or more!

  20. Ma sha Allah…Excellent article…..just the right need of the hour reminder for all of us…..May Allah bless u and reward u abundantly….aameen…jazakAllahkhair.

  21. I really appreciate this article. It does touch my heart and wake up my mind. I have always want to and plan to pray on time. This article really benefit me to strengthen my iman so that i could apply it in my life. May Allah bless the author.

  22. Alhamdulillah for this post.. yes, it is true, when you abandon or late for Salah, our life is kinda miserable and messed up. I’ve once in this situation, i feel no barakah or blessing with my life and it was totally disaster. my life is not peace at all and doesn’t seems right even tho your life goes smoothly and well but there is no barakah in it, you can feel the emptiness and wondering what im doing right now… Alhamdulillah, now im fixing my Salah and reciting Quran with tajweed.. Let’s take Salah as we need Allah all the time and tell and pour our heart to Him, and not just as an obligatory prayer.. Do pray for me..

  23. Alhamdulillah for this post..
    Thank you very much may reward you Al-firdous.
    Also we gotta stay in wudu all the time, every time we go to toilet we make wudu so when adhan call we are 50% ready for salah.

  24. Jazakalluhu Khairan. Mashaa alla. Allahu Akbar. Thanks so much for this wonderful reminder you and all your wonderful crew are sharing with us. Inshaa Allah, it is our prayer that we would be able to implement them for a change in our life. We also pray that you receive equal barakah for what you people are doing. WA salam.

  25. Subhanallah may Allah bless you.
    This article really benefit me to strengthen my iman so that i could apply it in my life. May Allah bless the author.

  26. Jazak Allah khair for such a timely reminder. I was wondering that sisters who dont go to jumuah Salah , do they get the same reward as being close to Allah?

  27. Assalamualikum, thank you very much for nice article. I will try to follow it inshAllah .
    Apart from this topic, can I/ We get some articles Regarding authentic rulings of keeping beard. Thanks in advance. Assalamualikum

  28. Assalamu ‘alaikum brother,
    Last hadith from ibn majah is da’if. Should we practice something based on weak hadith?

  29. Masha Allah! Jazak Allah Khayr for the reminders, It’s really beneficial. May Allah increase you in knowledge

  30. I’m speechless! May Almighty Allah in His infinite mercy make it easier for us.This is really my weak point.My Rabb! help me through.Amin wa Jazakumllahu khairan

  31. I’ve been wandering my thought for the guilty feeling of delaying salaah recently.This is very useful.I’ve got the answer for my question.Jazakallah.

  32. AAWW Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    InshaAllah you and your loved ones are in the best of health and iman. Amen.
    My tip would be to set up individual alarms for each of the five prayers — 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE ADHAN —
    I do this to have time to use the restroom, make ablution (wudu), set up my prayer mat, my beads for Dhikr, when at home to put on my praying garment (abaya/yelaba/etc) and my hijab.
    I like to listen to the entire Adhan sitting on my mat, them make a short Du’a (my IPhone app has it included), and I make a Du’a for my family, myself and to thank Allah SWT for all the blessings, then to get more rewards, even when I am alone at home, I called the Iqamah. I learned that a Du’a between the Adhan and the Iqamah is most pleasing to Allah SWT.
    These 10 minutes give me the time to disconnect from the Dunya, to get ready to communicate with my Creator, Allah SWT, to silence my mind, to remove thoughts and worries aside.
    I try my best to achieve Kushoo during my prayer, for that reason and seeking Allah’s rewards I try my best to pray sunnah (optional/additional) prayers before Fard (obligatory) prayers.
    During a meeting with two brothers, my 10 minutes alarm went off, I asked them to allow me to leave but one of the brothers said to me: Why do you want to leave so early?, still there is time, at least another 20-25 minutes to the Iqamah. The meeting continued. I was upset when few minutes later we heard the Iqamah and we had to run to pray. I was late because I had to make ablution. When we returned I said that next time I would just leave. The same brother asked me: Why? I said “because I am nobody to make Allah SWT wait for our prayers.”
    That situation also taught me a lesson: keep company, work, study, be around people that would encourage me to pray on time, to be better at my deen and to stay away from those who have bad habits, do not acknowledge it and do not see the need to change those bad habits.
    InshaAllah my suggestions would be of help.

  33. Assalam-o-alaikum, Masha ALLAH an amazing article with beautiful ending Dua. May Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) make us all of those who are in the front rows in this life and the next. Ameen

    Very practical tips. Jizakal Allah Khair

  34. My was amazing reading it.It was much required.Thankyou so much.May Allah give a very long and healthy life and keep you steadfast and you keep writing such prolific articles.highly appreciated!!!!

  35. This is a good avenue where one will continue to learn alot about Islam.
    May the Almighty Allah guide, protect
    and forgive all your sins. May HE guide you to straight path. Allahumma Amin.

  36. Jazaakallahu khair for such a beautiful post. In sha Allah may Allah give us all the thoufeeq to fulfill our prayers at the earliest in the proper way. Baarakallah.

  37. Jazāk Allāhu Khayran brother for such a wonderful article.
    May your effort be blessed immensely by Allah swt.

    I wish that the article can be translated to good quality Malay language so that I can share it further with friends and family who find it hard to understand English. Do let me know if it is available.

  38. Subhanallaah!akhy is like you’ve studied into my state right now.I’ve found myself struggling to attend salah on time even the jamaa.Especially fajr.I sometimes even wake up early but still miss the jamaa.Jazakallah for this reminder and the tips.I’m gonna strive In Shaa Allah to be on time for salaah.

  39. This stood out to me, “If your kids see you are careless about salah and do not drop what you are doing to get ready for it when the adhan goes off, guess what the children will learn!”

    As a Mother, this is so important for us to realize our children follow our example more than they follow our words. Inshallah I am going to look for salah clock online!

    When I first took shahada I remember I used to be so fast, I heard the adhan and instantly I dropped what I was doing, hit save if need be and got ready. Fast forward 2 years and I have fallen into that same trap of “let me finish this last email and document….let me complete this task real quick it will take 5 min (30 min later…still on it) Inshallah I will improve in this. I said from day one as a Muslim that I felt salah was integral to one’s faith, to one’s mindset etc.

  40. Subhanallah,it’s like you’ve read into my current spiritual state akhy.Wallaahi i’ve found myself procrastinating to salaah and even been missing fajr salaah in jamaa.Jazakallaahu khayr for this reminder and naseeha,I’m going to take your tips into action and hopefully In shaa Allaah will make some changes.Your duas.

  41. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,
    Jazakallah khair for this beautiful reminder. The message is so profound and motivating. May Allah make us among those that perform salah not just on time but also with khushu. Ameen.

  42. Wow. That was an excellent article.

    In Sha Allah, I’ll try to be more on-time with my Salah from now on. I really like the idea of you booking some time before the actual Salah to prepare for it.

    Please include me in your prayers, brother!

  43. Alhamdulillah .

    Thanks for the content of this article.
    Very useful & motivating.

    Well !!!! Right … I once felt it, when we neglect & ignored the prayer (sholat) of life to be like having many problems, & not calm . 😢😭😖

    After the prayer is on time, the heart becomes calm, worries lost . 😊😍

    Many thanks to Allah for guiding me in every step of my life . 💚