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  1. Salam.
    Your article is something I can truly relate to. I myself teach children. And I need to talk all day. Alhumdulillah Allah gives us so much sabr in this month and makes it easy for us. Jazakallah for your article and your beautiful advice. May Allah SWT bless you.

  2. Alhamdhulillah. nicely written article that’s truly beneficial all Muslims who’ve gone through such phase before and during the the holy month of Ramadan. Sharing this message in my Blog in sha Allaah. jizak Allah Khairan.

  3. I like this article. A positive and motivational article explaining and helping us make the most that Ramadan offers. Sometimes we forget why we fast and stop looking at the places we are going wrong which in tern makes Ramadan harder for us. I’m glad that Productive Muslim provides honest approach to this.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Thanks so much for sharing these deep insights and helping and inspiring so many Muslims like me.

    I’m a working professional and I know after a shift of 9 hours plus 90 minutes of commuting taraweeh prayers become a challenge! May Allah subahnuwatala make easy for all Muslims and accept from us.

    Thanks once again for sharing your experiences and deep insights. May Allah reward you in abundance.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan

    Regards from India :)

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I could relate to it so much and you really helped clear my ideas. Thank you

  6. I would like to share something about my diet. I wasn’t a steady faster the past years, it was a few days of the month only, then not making up after. Last year when I tried fasting I couldn’t, I found out later that summer that I had digestion problems and I had to change my diet – no soda drinks, no sugar, etc. more of FRESH fruits & vegetables, semi-vegetarian diet (once a week or once a month meat – watched an interesting video about our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his diet, here’s a link ).
    And this year, alhamdulillah, I am fasting with ease all days, barely getting hungry, more energy throughout the day, just by eating healthy, watching it all what goes into my body. You have to think: in this era it’s much harder to find healthier food in stores, its not like 100 years ago, nevertheless 1400 when the message was revealed to humankind when we had definitely much more quality over quantity. However if we search and make an effort we will be able to find nutritious food.

  7. Assalam alikem,
    I wanted to tell you a lot after reading your inspirational article sister Zaynab , but when I started writing this post I couldn’t find a word of what was in my mind to say so Jazak Allah Khair for this supportive and encouraging article may Allah reward you the best of everything in dunya and in Akhirah ameen .

  8. Beautiful reading. I particularly loved the the phrasing that pushed the message even deeper in for me….very apt on the hunge being akin to understanding poverty…used that for my kids, guess I should change that now with age….
    Jazakallahu khairan….and to the entire team..great work!

  9. I’ve often felt anxiety prior to Ramadan, almost exactly as the author says. How am I going to manage with the thirst etc. Through the Grace of Allah the anxiety goes away by the first day and I realise that I actually feel better. I came to the realisation this year ,in a much deeper way, that I’ve wasted too much time in previous years and that I should intensify my efforts to learn more about my faith and improve my practice. So far I’ve learnt additional duas as well as increased my concentration during salaat. I have intentions to learn a new surah as well. Jazakallah for your inspiring article.

  10. Salamualaikum. Really great article. I had made goals for Ramadan, Alhumdulilah few of them are accomplished. But it turns new ones keep up coming as i search for something on the Web i then decide to go for it. It is important as you mentioned not to go overboard with all the goals. Also. i just thought to reflect on the achievements i made during these past days of the Ramadan which i would inshallah after this comment !
    Lastly, keep up the great work. ProductiveMuslim indeed has one of the best thinkers and intellectual minds striving to share some of their beautiful knowledge with us in the best possible manner. JazakAllahu Khairan.

  11. Yàa Alhamdulillah sister Zainab great article . It’s boosting our moral. Yes as you say it feeding our soul fasting means. I am from Srilanka.

  12. Jazakallahu khayr *of course thats not just what i wanna say* jst short of words(Great Article).May Allow endow you with more wisdom and beneficial knowledge

  13. Ramadan was challenging during summer. Couldn’t balance my social life after iftar. I was way behind with Productive Ramadan course. This time am looking forward to focusing on quality of ibadah more than quantity. I really hope we all do better this Ramadan a Insha’Allah.
    Thanks alot for your share Sr. Zaynab. J.A.K.

  14. Mash Allah

    This article is describing my very first Ramadan before I engaged in reading more, I’m beginning to understand more of Islam. As a converted Muslim to the Islamic Nation I’m becoming more aware of my actions and speech upon those who done bad to me!

  15. MashAllah such a wonderful article! I have printed out the worksheet and heart detox challenge. I am super excited for this. May Allah reward you all! <3

  16. Mashaa Allah, very good article. I decided to translate it into french for the franco umma. Would have your permission to publish it. Of course I’ll let a link to the original article.

    BarakAllahou fikom

  17. As a new muslim this was very helpful to understand the practical ways to address fasting and the sustaining during the whole month for commitments. Thank you for this and asalamu alaykum.


  19. MasyaAllah, thank you for this great article.

    This is honestly what I struggled with before Ramadhan and now that it has started, I’m still feeling a little bit of stress. I try to keep reminding myself that this could be my last Ramadhan and if it really is, I have to give my all.

    Thank you for reminding me that Ramadhan is a month of benefit instead of hardship. I needed that! :-)

  20. Alhamdulillah though I’ve started to read after eighth day but very useful tips for starting Ramadan.
    Jazak Allah Khair.

  21. Allahouma barek,, What a beautifull writing, May Allah soubhanna wa taa3aala reward you with the highest of the highest

  22. Very good article with some beautiful tips. I will try to learn an ayah every day of the Ramadab.