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  1. Oh My Allahh these foods and recipes definitely look delicious and healthy!!
    Now I’m getting so hungry!!:)
    I’ll definitely try one of them; especially soups are my favorite during iftar! Chicken noodle soup is also a great option!
    Jazakallah for this very beneficial post!

    • JazakiAllaah khayr dear sis, hope you do try them =) may Allaah bless you aameen. Please remember me in you ad’iyah ♡

  2. Barakallahu fiek that was very beneficial sis :) I’m Morocc and and I’ve never heard of shakshuka bel Kefta but it looks yummy though.

    • Shukran ukhti, wa feeki. Alot of people call it matesha wal beid/bayd =) the actual name is shakshuka. May Allaah bless you aamen ♡

  3. Jazakillah Khairan Sister for this article. It came at the right time, I’ve been trying to explain how we need to be out of Kitchen this Ramadan to other Sisters when I read the article, ‘Ramadan the month of self indulgent Iftar Parties or Self-Restraint.’ This gave me practical ideas to explain more on what I wanted to convey. And especially the society I come from, the womenfolk are left to the Kitchen with little or no time for a Productive Ramadan.

    • JazakiAllaah khayr for reading dear sister. Yes it is such an important issue that meedss6 to be addressed. May Allaah bless you aameen. Please remember me in your ad’iyah ♡

  4. Jazakillah Khairan Sister. i really appreciate your effort may ALLAH SWT reward you abundantly. is it possible you make a video of this article.

    • Wa iyyaki. JazakiAllaah khayr for reading =) may Allaah bless you aameen. Please remember me in you ad’iyah ♡

  5. I’m highly grateful to be part of this institution. You have seriously work out a lot in my life. May Allah (S.W.T) reward and promote this medium to be a window for us and others to live in accordance to Islamic ways. JazakAllah khair