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  1. Assalamu alaykum sister . I just want to say that i am a skinny girl so i am afraid that i am gonna loose more weight .
    What should i do ?

    • For anyone who is not wanting to lose weight, you should still eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables. You should eat a balanced meal or meals according to what’s recommended for you and exercise daily. Exercising is not to lose weight, it’s for a better health.

    • as salaamu alaiki sister,

      I was in the same boat and my research led me to strength training. I found to be the most useful resource out there for this issue (don’t be fooled by the name! it has a ton of great stuff and alhamdulillah I really began to gain body mass in a healthy way after following their guidelines). I like that the site encourages you to work with what you already have and to eat in a healthy way rather than rely on protein shakes and supplements entirely (as is the focus of most weight gain programs).

      Check out their bit on intermittent fasting:

    • Salam dearest sister. This 30 day meal planner and excersise video? It’s exactly what I need and I’ve printed off already and can’t wait. Very very helpful. Excellent planning May Allah reward everyone for their endless hard work and effort IA

      All the best

  2. Jazakallah Khair. You have no idea how much this article is and will be useful for me In sha allah!! Emailing right away requesting for the pwd :D
    May Allah reward you!

    • JazakAllah sister, I’m happy to know many will benefit IA. Keep me in your Duas.

      You can follow me on FB at Zarah’s Now Or Never for daily updates and posts from me.

  3. Mascha Allaah, Allaahoemma baarak! Thank you so much for this program … I have mu intentions set and this is more than welcome. May Allaah

  4. Assalamou aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sister Zahra! Mash Allah! Your article is exactly what I need for this Ramadhan. May Allah (swt) reward you. I would like your advise on something. Will this plan work well for a breastfeeding and working mum. Alhamdoulillah I have a 10 months old baby who is already on solid food but still breastfeeding. I also express milk for her to take during the day. Alhamdoulillah she loves food. Please can you advise me on how to maintain or even increase my milk supply during Ramadhan. In sha Allah I am going to follow that plan and will let you know how it works. JazakAllah :-)

  5. Assalamu-alaikum Zara

    This is a great article, jazakAllah khair. The recipes and meal ideas are great.

    I am just concerned that each of the days have very very little calories, and seem like they are far below a healthy calorie day, even if someone is trying to lose weight. To do it when fasting and also doing daily exercise seems a bit dangerous.

    There are very very little starchy carbs OR healthy fats in the meal plans, alongside working out. If the article is aimed at only those who want to lose A LOT of weight in ramadan, it still seems a little unsafe.

    What do you think?


    • totally agree! With these long fasts and especially those who are going out to work , it seems practically impossible to follow this one.

  6. SubhanAllah may Allah swt bless youu for this article!! You saved me so much time by creating a meal and fitness plan. JazakaAllah khayr sister for this original and beneficial article – I have not found one like it anywhere, having done the work for us already.

  7. Assalamu Alaykum! Thank you very for your article. İt is very useful. And the menus are so healthy. May Allah bless you!

  8. Assalamualaikum..i would like to thnku for this wondeful nd infomative article ….its goona very useful for me during this ramadan ….i espcially appreciate u for giving such useful infomation thnks and God bless u for ur wonderul job

  9. Aaaahh !! Finally its out… As expected its awesome Zarah & I’m sure its going to help many of them going to find it beneficial.. .. Love you to the moon and back .. ZNON Always <3

  10. I was just wondering how the smoothie should be made? There are so many kinds. Thank you for this great calander! Since I am a convert I don’t always know what to eat during the ramadan. so Thank you again!

  11. Asalamwailkum, how much weight can you lose if this plan is followed completely and entirely? An estimate is good I know it’s hard to really say. JazakAllah khair!

  12. I was told you are NOT allowed to eat or drink anything after Suhoor until you break your fast at Maghrib. I’m so confused now :/

    • Don’t be confused-You are right from suhoor to iftaar( at daytime) one must abstain from eating, drinking, sexual intercourse, and foreplay that leads to ejaculation, and other things. But from iftaar to suhoor (at night) all of this is allowed without restrictions- of course intimate relations and foreplay are only allowed between the husband and wife. This plan recommends exercize, snack, etc. all at night when it is allowed.

      • Thank you for clearing that up! I greatly appreciate it. This will be my second Ramadan and Inshalla I will learn more this year!

  13. Thanks for the advice. I too would like to add I’m a bit concerned at the lack of carbs. As a doctor I have to advise everyone especially those breastfeeding that carbs aren’t necessarily the enemy. You have to just eat complex ones rather than the really fatty ones.. so brown bread instead of chips. Jacket potato instead of spaghetti etc. It’s one of the 5 food groups for a reason. I would urge everyone to please ensure they eat a balanced diet throughout ramadan which includes all of the 5 food groups daily as well as exercise. One tip is that you burn more fat exercising when fasting so if you can manage to do a 30 minute workout just before you break fast that will help more with weight loss than excluding all carbs for a month.
    Good luck everyone

    • I agree! This is a great meal plan for when you are not fasting and aiming to follow a diet plan to lose weight. This specific meal plan does lack essentials complex carbs and healthy fats that will be required during the long hours of fasting. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, avocados, even a little ghee in your food will give your body the energy and fuels it needs.

      Asma, Physical Therapist

      • The plan mentions consuming mixed nuts, granola, muesli, cracked wheat (bulgur) and quinoa in various places. In fact there’s one recipe each with quinoa and bulgur as the main ingredient, the haleem recipe also mentions ghee.

  14. As Salaam Alaiukm, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this 30 day meal plan. I am for sure going to use the meal as a guide for Ramadan. It takes the guest work out of “what will I eat in the early hours”. I need to guest any longer. Thank you for following Allah’s inspiration by creating this plan. You Rock!

    • Assalamualikum dear brothers and sisters.

      I apologize ahead if I can’t reply to you all. I run a website, public FB page and 4 large FB groups. It’s very hard to reply to everyone.

      However, if all the questions are sent in one area, I can definitely try to answer them.

      This is my public FB page: zarah’s Now Or Never. If you comment there, I can InshaAllah see it. I don’t get notifications from this article but trying to come every now and then to help answer questions.

      I look forward to bringing some positive changes into your lives.

      For sisters who want access to the professional 30 minute workout video on my website, you need a password. You can either email PM or myself and when Ramadhaan starts, we would gladly share it. :)

      Zarah Choudhury


      • As’salam o Alaikum Zarah i would like to thank you for this informative and useful Article May ALLAH Bless you sis . I want password for that video i don’t know is it right place or not to ask password but …… Apologize if i irritate u Jazak ALLAH Kher

  15. The recipes are designed for moslems living in the western areas, isn’t it? I am from Indonesia and other than the fruits which we have plenty in our country, I can not find any similar food you mentioned here. Low fat yoghurts are actually expensive, and some ingredients are unfamiliar :(

  16. Jazakillahu khairan sis, I loved this article! I’m all about the 30min workouts, that’s really all I can commit to. Will be trying this workout tomorrow inshaAllaah!

  17. salam sister. It is a very good article indeed.
    I have 1 question on the exercise. Is it better that we exercise 30mins before or after iftar?

    • I would recommend exercize after iftar and Maghrib, so that you can utilize the time before iftar for du’a (the fasting person’s dua before iftaar is always answered, in shaa Allah), and so you don’t delay Maghrib. you can eat a few dates and water for iftaar, pray Maghrib, exercize, then eat the rest of the food.
      p.s. Please make du’a for me also, and all the Muslims.

  18. Assalamualikum sister…jazakillah for such an informative healthy article.can u pls guide be regarding dietry pattern in ramadan for inflammatory bowel diseases.thanku v much .

  19. This is pretty neat! Cannot wait to print it out. I struggle with weight and keeping active. I think ramadan will be the prefect kick off to allow me to lose weight and thereby be motivated to continue the weight loss post ramadan too.

    JazakAllah for this! Would love to start doing the woes out too

  20. As a convert I have always looked for resources as to what foods to eat for suhur and iftar. It’s so overwhelming and I just end up eating whatever. This meal plan is amazing. I love it. I just wish I had found it before. I look forward to using it next year though inshaAllah because I am pregnant this year and cannot fast. I will be trying to incorporate the workouts in though. Jazakallahu khayr an for this post. <3

  21. Assalamualikum, jazakillahkhair for the 30 day meal plan.. I also planned on shedding weight by avoid unnecessary junk foods( im a brother just to clarify) Though I won’t be following it precisely but I do have an idea of what’s good and light during the month… As for the workouts I was wondering if I could get a list of what the exercises involved are so I could look them up on google myself, like a written list…. I’ve got other ones but I don’t think they’re as efficient in fat loss. Once again thank you so much, may Allah bless you with good.

  22. If we are doing our teraweeh at the masjid? How would you advice on squeezing in time for the workout? :)

  23. Do you have any suggestion for us who will do fasting for 20 hours in Nordics countries? What is the best diet during Ramadhan? Well, exercise seems to be hard to do. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  24. For first time pregnant women in hot British summer that aspire to fast, what modifications would you suggest to the monthly plan you attached, in terms of quantity or type of food?

    your advice will be soo much appreciated,

    JazakiAllah kheir Zarah

  25. aslaam o aliakum,

    can you suggest me some protien shak brand that you mention in ramadhan dieting plan?

  26. JazakAllah Khairun! May Allah reward you for the effort you have made in preparing and sharing this with others and for you intent in doing so. May Allah allow us to reap maximum rewards during the month of Ramadan this year, inshAllah!

  27. First time I have seen an article like this. I am so pleased. I have been worrying about gym as I can only go in the morning because of my son. Normally go 4 to 5 times a week and do quite a bit of weight training. I have bought some weights and home cardio. Hopefully it will be suffice. Thank you. Insha’Allah everyone will have a easy Ramadan.

  28. I used to wonder seeing the great rush at restaurants after Iftar as if the muslim community is born only for eating.This article is an eye opener who eat bellyful during the month.Very good and informative.

  29. Assalam o alaikum

    its a very good ppost.. but
    In your seminar on sleep you were concerned not to have caffeine in evenings and in this meal plan you included one cup of tea or coffee daily… oops

  30. Salaams sister! Just wanted to say thank you for posting such an informative and helpful guide for those of us trying to lose/maintain our weight this Ramadan. May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts iA!

  31. Salam,

    I really enjoyed reading this post, shukran! I have recently been on a weight loss journey and was worried how I would continue to lose weight during Ramadan in a healthy manner which will not drive me to insanity lol. I was very happy to come across this, the recipes and meal suggestions are excellent. However, I have one question…how many individuals are the recipes listed made to serve? As, my family is interested in doing Ramadan in a healthier manner as well! Looking forward to your response, thank you. It seems as though it is made for 1 serving, just wanted to confirm!

  32. AOA ZARA,
    Well I am pregnant kindly guide me as I have plan to fast this Ramadan too ,what food intake is good fro my health during ramadan fasting

  33. Salaam Alaikum. I bookmarked this page a week ago and today I had a look at the diet plan. I must commend your effort because this is the answer to my dua’. I noticed that some of the creative plans had some ambiguous instructions. For exampe in the snack part for day 2 it says watermelon. How much watermelon should I have? Also snacks for day 7 are carrots dipped in fresh guacamole. I would really like to know the portions. This plan is geared towards women would you advise whether the diet and workout is suitable for a man. If not would it be possible if you could direct me to where I can find what I need. Jazaki Allah Khair!

  34. Good article, but I have serious concerns about this food and fitness plan. Please can you tell me what qualifcations you have in nutrition? And what about further qualifications in PT? I too am a PT and I would never recommend this exercise regime to anyone even out of Ramadan. The first day of rest is 21 days in…very odd. Where did you get this research from . I would be very interested to know. Remember in Ramadan, we are not only low in blood sugars but slightly dehydated and suffering lack of sleep. Our circadian rhythm changes and hormone levels fluctuate from the norm. To impose this kind of regime on a person is quite dangerous, unless that person is an athlete or advanced exerciser .

  35. Assalamu alaykum.

    Regarding About the 30mins workout video password , how can we message the sister to get the password if we dont have Facebook account? Like is there any other way for those who dont have Facebook?
    Please reply as i would like to take part in the 30mins workout. Jazakallahu khairan

  36. Thanks for your help. But I don’t see this as a realistic or logical meal plan. I mean for someday you only include a bowl of lentil soup and dates as the iftar meal. Do you even think that is possible??
    We are fasting 16 hours a day sweetyyy

  37. AOA thank you for such a great plan ! Can you please let me know how many calories plan is this ? If i want to lose weight (my current BMR is around 1230 kcal, delivered a baby 8 months ago and have been struggling to eat healthy), should i follow your plan without any changes ? Jazak Allah Khair

  38. It’s a challenging program, It should have a positive impact on your system and /or your lifestyle .It sounds impossible,But try to break that “Impossible” for a better living. I know that this Post in Ramadan for many sound ridiculous lol . Habitually, majority of Libyan families especially in this holy month of Ramadan ,they overuse the consumption of fatty food ,I hope they wake-up before they end up with a serious health issues and sometimes lethal for those who suffer a chronic health problems.

  39. this is really good article,, i personally feel that this is the time to clean your body as we know that fasting help to clean our body a lot and this is the time when you can make yourself much more fit in this month,, but people do opposite, they eat a lot,.. nice plan chart, nice tips, nice format,,, i can say that this ramadan will be bit difficult for some muslims because this will bbe really hot and specially for preganent women,, i hope that lots of people will take benefit from this lovely article,, thank for this information,,

  40. Masha’Allah. A beautifully balanced ZNON Ramadan. I just finished a webinar that directed listeners to your article. Jazakillah khair for your efforts in putting this together.

  41. Assalam Alaikum;
    I saw your “Ramadan” plan but I don’t understand if you mean this plan is before Ramadan or after because during Ramadan you can’t eat or drink anything unless you need take a prescription, I’m sorry but this plan don’t work with me because you broke all the Ramadan rules, Have a great day may Allah let you see the right in this days. InshAllah

    • WS,

      I wish you actually read it before making a false accusation. I doubt PM would ever promote something against the rules of Islam.

      Please read the plan and article before misinterpreting it.

      Where is it breaking rules of fasting? It’s suggesting what we can have for Iftar and Suhur. How to pick the right snacks in between Iftar and suhoor. When to workout after Iftar, etc.

      Please take time to read something before making a claim against another Muslim.



    • Asalaamualaikum sister. This Ramadan plan is during Ramadan. It would be best if you opened the plan and check out the meals for IFTAR & SUHOOR laid out amongst exercise plans. There are no Ramadan rules that are being broken…if you have any concerns, you can ask me i am an Islamic Scholar ( Alimah). Let me know your concerns so that we may be able to clarify your doubts sister. Jazakillah khair. Asalaamualaikum.

      • As salan Alaikum:
        I have to apologize for my ignorance, I didn’t see or pay close attention to the schedule and I’m sorry may Allah forgive for my mistake and insolence, God bless you. Ramadan Karim

  42. can I get a 30 day meal plan for diabetic patients to control their diabetes and safely observe fast durin the Ramadan fast.?

    • With regards to a diabetic diet plan(or specific disease related diet ) it is better to consult with a Registered Dietitian who is legally and clinically trained to do so, and can make you a specific diet plan.

  43. Nice article and thank you for sharing this valuable information. I would like to know that what is the ideal time fro exercise in ramadhan


  44. Could you please explain the Ramzan menu! How can I have a ‘snack’ and also have the after workout smoothie etc if I am fasting?

  45. This is fantastic! I am really bad at creating plans that are realistic and easy to follow, I will give this a go tomorrow In Shaa’ Allaah so I can practice this before Ramadhaan. The food recipes look easy to follow and not so expensive to buy the ingredients. Hope it works with also finding time for Tarawih. Jazaakum Allaahu khayran!

  46. Assalam aleikum sister i just want to say that thank you for providing this joining it so dat i can keep my body fitness and healthy coz am very fat 🙈

  47. hey my name is sumeiya, just saw the schedule and I’m so excited to start with this routine but I wanted to ask you almost how many calories will I be able to lose ??? :)

  48. Hello !!
    Great article and information ! I have an athlete that I am working with at the college level. He’s playing a forward posistion in Rugby. So he has to be strong and heavy. Our off season work outs start Tuesday and they are some what intense. What suggestions do you have that I can pass to him ? The coach wants all to follow this work out but I want to make sure he is able to perform and not get sick. If that makes sense. I am familiar with Ramadan but never been asked to accommodate a high performing athlete. This will be great to know! Thank you soo much!!
    Regards, nikki

    • Hello,

      Thank you for appreciating my article. I’m glad it’s helping people around the world. Please message me at zarah’s Now Or Never on FB. I don’t always see comments here. Hope to help you all out with your questions.


  49. Aslamulaikum

    Great advice
    but with long fasting hours in the uk I am struggling to find the time to exercise, as the time after iftar is so short before its time for isha and night prayers.

  50. Very nice article. I’m able to go to fitness 1 hour before iftar because fitness saloon close at 10.30 pm-early time. Working with less weights and keep cardio moves at minimum. I was afraid at the beginning but I realized that still my body has energy to do it and at final I feel great, having water and banana at the begining of iftar and having my meal(Chicken & salad usually) in 15-20 mins later.

  51. Salaam Sister Zarah,

    I pray to Allah that your in the best of health Insh Allah.
    Just a quick question regarding the 30 day Ramadan meal plan,the recipes that you’ve posted,does that consist of 1 meal per person? I am following it through,and AlhamdulilAllah loving it. The reason why I am asking,so I don’t consume too many calories. Also is ZR30 the 30mintue run video on YouTube? As I am following that,2 hours after Iftar…
    JazakAllah khier dear sister. May Allah reward you abundantly and grant you the best of both worlds for your great efforts along the entire Muslim Ummah ameen Ya Rabv.

  52. Hi Sister,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Ramadhan meal and fitness plan with. I was trying to follow during the Ramadan and thought very helpful. May Allah reward you his Janna. I was wondering if you can share a 30 days meal and fitness plan for a Non – Ramadan months. Sorry, dint wanted to sound like am asking for too much but was looking what to have in the morning, lunch and dinner and what type of exercise.

  53. As saalamu aleykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu, jazak Allahu kheiran for all good info you put here.The picture you put in the website here with Ramadan meals I can not read it since is not readable, even if I downloaded so maybe you reattach a readable format so anyoane can see it.

  54. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this article and the meal plans. This is super useful and I totally agree with you regaring the heavy meals that are not making any sense in Ramadan.
    I just have a question: your plan includes a snack everyday. At what hour is that snack meant to be taken, in order not to ruin the Ramadan?

    Many thanks,