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  1. assalamu alaikum. I am so happy and I feel like productivemuslim has been one of the best things in life to happen to me. I am this med student and have been in meds for over 3years now and productivity is both a challenge and a goal at all times. Not only do I aspire to work hard for the entire ummah but also want to memorize and bear the quran in heart to help and facilitate all that scientific knowledge qe mug up in meds. sorry to say :P. Anyways May Allah swt shower his choicest blessings upon us. Ameen :) and I hope I can instill all the productivity rules within me and ace all challenges ahead of me :D Jazak Allahu khair. :)

  2. Jazak Allahu Khairan fid duniya wal Akhirah PR team. Thank you so much for bringing this interview from one of my favourite Islamic Speaker Ust Nouman, SubahnAllah!
    I was releived to see that such great Islamic scholars too get mid-Ramadan slump, and we are not alone. hehe :)

    Anyways great Ramadan tips and it was really encouraging MashaAllah. InshaAllah I will try to revive and strenghten my connection with the book of Allah this Ramadan!

    May Allah bless the PR team and the whole ummah striving to become better Muslims.

    Lots of Duas

  3. As salamou’aleykoum !! I’m so glad !!! This is the best reunion ever. Thank you !!!! May Allah swt rewards you both !!

  4. Jazaa khalaahu hair an for the article.Thank Allah (SWT) for Ramadan,a month of blessings and mercies.Also,good to know ust.Nouman Ali Khan does not do his regular schedules.I’ll try to emulate him by not speaking much and just try to connect with my Creator.Lots of prayers and Jazaa khalaahu hair an.Salaam.

  5. MashaAllah, this has been the most comprehensive advice on making my Ramadan the best Ramadan ever. Jazakum Allah khayran for this post.

  6. Awesome interview. Masha Allah

    Some profound statements by Ust. Nouman – ”This is a month of self-improvement”; ”…constant journey towards improvement”;…set goals that won’t stop in Ramadan” and many more.

    In sha Allah it will be a productive Ramadan that improves our lives – mind, body and soul.

    JaazaakAllah Khayr.

  7. Ma sha Allah very inspiring, so many essential points shared and the concluding part was the real punch for how one should be taking Ramadan as. JazakAllahkhair for all your efforts and may Allah reward you with best in this life and hereafter for working hard for the Muslim brothers and sisters

  8. One of the challenges in the month of Ramadhan is productivity rate… the why and how and the focus really help me in understanding and overcoming the challenge.. recently I found many article and post in this website that really would help in becoming more productive this Ramadhan…

  9. JazakallahKhair for that very inspiring and informative video which actually provided all the answers for my questions in detail. It also gave me a lot of wonderful points as how to make this Ramadan very productive than any other ramadan that I have spent. May Allah bless you both with Jannathul Firdows for all your honest efforts. Pls keep providing qualitative videos like this, jazakallah once again :)

  10. Assalamualikum, first of all i’d like to thanks the alimighty God (Allah) Subhanahuwataala to gave me such a great!!! about motivational about how/do about preparation the Ramadan’s coming after i have watched such a good of interview of Ust.Nouman Ali Khan by #ProductiveMuslim may the almighty God (Allah) suhbanahuwataala give a big reward to both of you. #I’m a muslim who from Narathiwath southern of Thailand Thailand. I, brothers and sisters here at Thailand we really wish that you’d come to visit or give a teaching/Dawah us here one day InshaALLAH

  11. Mashallah. I think this really is such a boon for the ummah worldwide.
    So inspiring and there’s some sort of beautiful passion within now

  12. Assalamualaykum Productive team,
    thank you for sharing the interview..
    may Allah bless your efforts with barakah..