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    • This video is also very helpful!
      A lot of people leave food and drink and consider it fasting even though they don’t know the real meaning of As-Saum
      Here, please watch this reminder:

    • Useful n motivational tips…. I ll try my bst to take full use of it… In sha allah… Jazakallahu khair brother

  1. Alhamdu Lillahi.Jazaaka laahi hair an for this wonderful reminder. I read the Glorious Qur’an a lot,but due to loneliness, l like reading news on social media,specifically news about the world .I avoid watching or reading articles that are un-Islamic. But,I still like to be better and get very intimate with my Creator and I pray that not only Ramadan but every second of my life,I get closer to Allah (SWT) .Salaam Aleikum.

    • Jazakallah, Bt am a sister with temptation, am really and desperately in need of your help, I need to be intimate with my creator, I tried all I could but failed to address some habits dt kept weakened my Imann.

      • The key, I think, is patience and persistence – along with deep sincerity. You really want to change, so hang on to that willpower and turn constantly to Allah seeking help. We all have our trials, and they make us stronger insha – Allah.

        So try to stay strong. And find some good, practicing sisters that you can lean on for support and encouragement. Insha – Allah you will make it through the trials successfully.

  2. A great motivational article Masha ALLAH. In shaa ALLAH I’ll try my best to replace my social media usage with something productive, not only in Ramadan, but afterwards too. Jazaak ALLAH O Khairan.

  3. Maa shaa Allaah!

    The graphic attention with its title, ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ is so eye-catchy and absolutely relevant.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  4. Jazakallah khairan for some useful tips,brother.This is the first year of me being a stay-at-home mum and there are a lot of distractions.Firstly,my prayers are not made at the stipulated times due to my newborn’s wailings and i never manage to wake up for Fajr as my daughter sleeps at 1:45 am and i have a health condition(epilepsy) which ails me further.The fear of answering Allah is on my mind and it makes me feel ever so guilty and i do not know if i can ever make it this Ramadan as well.

    • May Allah make it easy for you through the struggles. Again, I think the key characteristics to hang onto are sincerity and sabr. Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond what it is capable of bearing, so insha – Allah you are doing the best you can and Allah will have mercy on you through all of this.

      Hold tight to your duas and aspirations, and remember that Allah is always near – so you can, and should, always seek His help through the difficulties. Even if you feel like you are failing, never lose hope, and just keep trying your best. With Allah, everything is possible…

      And also remember to reach out to some good, supportive and inspirational sisters who can support and encourage you. I’m sure there are many who would love to help you through these difficult times – especially Ramadan.

  5. Jezakumullahu kheyren it was beneficial. İn sha allah i will try my best to benefit out of it and i ask the almighty Allah to reward u abundantly

  6. Excellent article and a great effort at motivation. Really appreciate the way I get emails on important reminders. JazakAllah

  7. Assalamu alaykum and Jajak Allah khair. The productivemuslim articles are very nice and beneficial. I myself benifitted reading this articles and trying to follow it. Many many Dua for all. May Allah RahmanurRahim bless you and help you .

  8. Maa Shaa Allah.very useful and helpful tips indeed.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

  9. JazakumulAllah khairan. Very enlightening indeed. My problem is not how to avoid distractions, but lack of content in my ibadah.
    I engage in different kinds of activities like reciting and learning the Quran, praying on time, avoiding haraam e.t.c but it always seem like routine and I don’t feel it like I would want too.

    • AssalamuAlaikum sister! i hope that my message finds you in good health & Imaan. I had/have the same problem & i found to do the following brought (back) this incredible sense of peace and sakina that i desire to have day in day out, through & through:
      As far as the Book of Allah is concerned it always helps me to imagine that i’m in a conversation with Allah. i know what you think: again this general and simplistic kind of advice. But really, imagine that Allah is speaking to you, that he is addressing you directly e.g. when Allah says in the Quran ‘Oh you who believed,’ then listen carefully and be mindful and fearful of what is going to come next (the Scholars of Tafsir say that whenever Allah swt says in the Quran ‘Oh you who believed’ he is either going to forbid us from doing sth or command us to do sth),
      if prayer starts becoming a routine kind of thing then you should definitely go and read about the meaning of prayer. Listen to this amazing lecture:
      if you love reading, read Imam Al Ghazali’s Ihya Addin, the section where he talks about the hidden, inward and spiritual meaning of prayer, is incredibly deep and refreshing mashaAllah!

  10. I understand your perspective, and would like to say this:

    Spirituality would be nice. Feelings of closeness to Allah would be awesome.


    Our obedience to Allah’s commands, staying away from His prohibitions, and striving in His cause – no matter what area of life it’s in – are all to please Him…for His sake.

    We don’t do it just because we want to feel a certain way. If those feelings come, then alhamdullilah – we have been blessed with a gift from Allah. But if the feelings don’t come, we don’t get depressed…we simply keep striving and hope for it in future.

    So don’t be discouraged or feel bored by the routine. Shake up your routine by doing something different – but still ibadah, and maybe that will help. But overall, underlying it all, remember to remain sincere in your intentions, and just keep consistent.

    Don’t make *feelings* your end-goal, because that’s the wrong intention. And pursuing feelings can lead you down some really tricky and dangerous paths (in terms of bidah and actions that hurt your soul – even if they ★seem★ to feel good).

    Spiritual feelings are a beautiful side benefit, but they should never be the GOAL.

    The goal is worshipping Allah and pleasing Him. Always remember that, and seek His help in remaining steadfast on the right path.

  11. A great and beneficial article mashaAllah. Thanks for sharing. Its better late than never eh. I’m most touched with the fourth point: get things done now. The present is always the most important part, and the only chance we’re holding in hands. Biiznillah, may this coming Ramadan be the best we’ve ever encountered.

  12. بسم الله

    May I share this article at our Social Media Network (Fb LINE Twitter (@FaidahIlmu) etc)? and maybe we’ll translate this to indonesian too

    جزاك الله خيرا

    Fadhli Muhammad
    -FaidahIlmu uncomm Da’wa movement

  13. Jazakallahu khair! I think this is something we usually face but usually forget how small distractions destruct our spiritualism. Thanks a lot for reminding us. Happy fasting from Indonesia! :)

  14. Masha Allah. Very nice article to keep away from our distractions and being productive during Ramadan. Jazakallahu Khairan Yacoob for such a nice article.
    May Allah give you strength to write more and more blogs which is really helping us to become productive . Whenever, I do anything I always think that is it productive. I am striving hard to become productive Muslim in whatever I do. Be at Office Work, Personally, Socially, Spiritually. Being productive keeps our spirit upfront and focused to achieve our dreams.

  15. Aselamu Aleykum,

    very helpful article, especially for people like me. wechat and youtube are the most distracting medias in my case. sometimes I literally spend the whole day on youtube. Finally, I really get stressed and depression. I have so much to do but these distracting me so so much. May Allah help me. I request a dua from all of you who is reading this. Jezakumullahu khairen