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  1. As Allah said in the quran, fasting has been prescribed to you as like how it was prescribed to the nations before you so that you may achieve taqwa
    Allah here used the word “may” meaning it won’t be achieved by everyone who are fasting in Ramadan. So my prime goal is to achieve taqwa as much as I can in the coming ramadan if Allah blesses me to live for this Ramadan
    My personal request to everyone who are going to fast is that don’t make fasting applicable to just your stomach (by not letting anything to go into it) rather make your fasting applicable to your eyes (not to look at forbidden stuffs), ears (not to listen to unnecessary talks and gossips and music), tongue(not to talk unnecessarily and try to do more dirk of Allah). I
    In short make fasting applicable to all your sense organs for the action’s that you do with your sense organs will affect your spiritual heart either for its good or bad. So only a good soft heart can bear taqwa. For Allah has said it is the best investment a person could make. May Allah bless and grant taqwa to all those who have read this message and all those who contributes to this discussion

  2. By the way I meant to say that make fasting applicable to your whole body and not just merely to stomach alone.

  3. I am diabetic .Unfortunately I am not able to fast. I have decided I am going to eat enough to live not eat for the sake of eating. Insha Allah I will develop my nafs stronger. This will also increase my energy and my will power. Good health less burden on NHS. Pray for me please. Thanks

    • Assalamu alaikum, may Allah ta’ala reward you with the highest level of Jannah for your constant struggle, ameen.

    • Shifatullah.I pray Allah grant you complete healing that leaves no traces of the sickness amin. Continue to b strong.

  4. Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh;
    Really I appreciate what you do, and love your productiv topics.
    For this article I’d like to share some ideas which may helps you and me first; ( I’m not that good in English but I’ll try to share my ideas; hopefully I do it properly)
    -First of all dear readers remember that Ramadan is not just a passing season; it’s a another chance for you to change to be better which you may not get it again!! so do your best to not miss this priceless chance.
    -To take advantage of Ramadan In Sha’ Allah we have to prepare for it early we have to get ready and used to do a good deeds during it; for example if you don’t read Quran periodically then try to make a schedule to read Quran once daily at lest ( even one page daily); also if you don’t perform the prayers perfectly or if you are somehow negligent; then try to be more assiduous (even you miss that once make sure that you won’t miss it once again); train yourself to control your words, actions and your behavior & dealings with others;
    Try to change yourself to be better day by day. But the most important point of all this is execution and keep doing that properly and perfectly.
    In Sha’ Allah with a time you will achieve that not in Ramadan only but even after Ramadan (for the rest of your life) also.
    Don’t think that’s impossible or hard and remember that ( A thousand miles begin with a step!)
    And of course always make Du’a (supplication) and ask Allah to help you..

    May Allah help us to thank, remember and worship Him to the fullest.

    Thank you all & may Allah bless you

    • Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,
      We all worship Allaah SWT daily, but sometimes this is done as an automatic exercise, not with full focus and khshua’. This Ranadhan I intend to strive to worship my Creator with the best of my ability that He grants me. To practise ‘Ihsan’, which means to worship Allaah as if you see Him, if not, then know that He sees you! Also Ranadhan is the month of Qur’an, it was revealed to our Beloved Messenger SAW, so I would read more of it , reflect over it and implement its teaching into my daily life, bi idhnillaahi Ta’ala.
      Here’s a detox for Ramadhan:
      1 keep free from eating high calorie flesh(gossip) of others no matter how juicy.
      2 Switch to fat free truths.
      3 Avoid artificial tempers.
      4 Purify your eyes by crying in Dua’a.
      5Do hand reflexology on tasbeehs.
      6Brighten your smile by using a miswaak.
      7 do voice therapy by reciting the Qur’an.
      8Take the weight off your shoulders by paying off your zakah.
      9 Shrug of those extra kilos of sins by repenting.
      May Allaah SWT bless us all in this holy month of Ramadhan.

    • Assalamoalaikum,I will reduce all my unnecessary activities and increase my love for Islam. I will pray sincerely,read Quran and have patience in all my work. Inshallah. May Allah bless us.

  5. My main goal for Ramadan is to perfect my salah with focus as that is my number one issue right now and also to pray the sunnah regularly. And since Ramadan subhanAllah makes me calm and content, I plan it to make it a habit even after Ramadan as sometimes I do get irritated and annoyed easily.

  6. asalam u alaikum all
    this ramadan is going to be the most different and challenging one i have ever encountered. i will be starting my residency as a new doctor from the next month so its going to be quite something.
    so what i have thought as a ramadan prep (apart frm the norm things ) is that i will try to first fit into the duty timings and analyse what i can do in the free time….recall my previous ramadan’s goals and re-plan the undone ones again..
    main thing is to renew my intentions as a doctor..treating the sick is a source of great reward and a sadaqah in a way this ramadan should be a blessing in disguise fr me !!

  7. My goal is to perfect my salah. Make a habit of reading Quran and morning duas after fajr. That I can continue round the year In shaa Allah.
    My inspiration this ramadan is that I do not fast accept by the blessing of Allah tala the most Merciful. So if I keep my entire body and soul conscious of Allah I will be able to get through most productively and with agility like any other day when my stomach is full.

  8. I had just sent my comments for Ramadhan but it is not showing like all the other responses of the readers.
    Please advise.
    Jazak Allaahu Khayrun

  9. Assalaamu alaikum .Ramadan is no doubt a holy month in which every Muslim should strive hard to get the full rewards bestowed by Allah azza wa jalla. The piety and practice obtained should thereafter should continue in ones whole time inshaAllah. Amin. May Allah azza wa jalla bless the ummah to get the rewards of ramzan mubarak and not be at a loss.

  10. Salam,

    Can everybody please make dua for me that I do well in my exams. This Ramadan I want to perfect my salah. And memorise some surahs. I also like to get rid of my bad habits. I want to be a good role model to other sisters and be of the righteous.

    I pray that we all become better muslims, and that allah keeps us on the straight path.


  11. Assalamualeykum in sha allah in this ramadan my prime goal will be to understand quran and benefited from it. İ think and it is my wish that by the time i have a good understanding of it my connectedness to Allah will be enhanced further letting me improve in other issues also. To do so, i wont read quran as i used to in the previous ramadans rather i will read tafsir books like tafseer ibn kaseer and others. İn addition to this developing a habit of rememberance of Allah is also in my list as the achievement of the first goal will potentially cause me to succeed in this one also. May Allah the Almighty help us in doing good and utilize the opportunity in this ramadan finally earning his pleasure

  12. Salam..

    I have yet plan for my Ramadan Routine. But reading this article made me strive to prepare for it early. If Allah permit me to meet the holy month, I need to plan to be productive while having my routine as working muslimah and a mom to 2 very active toddlers. If anybody here have any tips, I would appreciate it and for anyone who is in the same boat. Let’s try our best to reap the benefit of the month and carry the routine throughout the year with Allah help. InShaaAllah.

    • Assalamu Alaykum sister. Although I’m not a mother experience tells me that you should try to do everything e.g. extra prayers and making dua whilst the children are asleep as that is the only ‘alone time’ you get as a mother. Also this might not seem like a lot but you should try to re-new your intentions for every action you do even if it is simple things like i’m cooking to feed my kids so that they may be able to live and grow as pious/religious children etc. Another thing you should strive to do is remember Allah during all your actions for example when cooking you can listen to the qur’an in the background. I hope the information helps you and is useful to you sister.

  13. Assalamualikum , I am trying to over come my temper tantrum that suddenly arises with fasting . I want to be good in my ikhlaq along with my ibadat .

  14. Taqwa, the aim of sawm has been given various definitions: fear of Allah, God-consciousness, mindfulness, but my favourite description of Taqwa is that ascribed to Ibn Masud (Al Hakim, Ibn Kathir) because it gives a ‘3D image’ of the meaning of Taqwa with positive and negative scales. You can actually reflect on where you are on this scale. Ibn Masud said Taqwa of Allah is:

    “That He is obeyed and not defied, remembered and not forgotten and appreciated and not unappreciated.”

    My aim this Ramadan is to try my utmost to attain the highest possible score on this scale. May Allah help us all to attain his pleasure. Ameen

  15. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.! :D

    My main goal this Ramadan is to create and publish a Mock Magazine on my profile to benefit my female friends on Facebook. When I think about my non Muslim friends and my friends who are not embracing their Islamic identity completely, I understand their hesitation because of these main issues:

    1. Many of them only know about Islam based on what they see in the News (extremist groups, violence, etc.)
    2. The way people teach Islam is sometimes harsh. We need more sunnah, kindness, and sweet words to convey the message of Islam :)

    3. YouTube lectures specifically dedicated to sisters are (in my opinion,) very few. Most of the time, lectures are given by men only, and although many Muslims find it okay, some non Muslims might feel that there is male bias in Islamic teachings. Muslim women need to speak up more inshaAllah. (Kudos to sister Yasmin Mogahed!)

    3. We need more female perspective regarding some issues: Let’s talk about Jannah for example. On most Youtube videos, people would talk about Jannah in terms of the rewards for men, and rarely for women. And when women get praised, they get praised for being good wives and being good mothers. What about single Muslim girls? Who speaks for them? This creates a lot of frustration for those of us who have to pursue long studies.

    The Mock Magazine’s objective:

    1. Post personal development tips, natural beauty and health tips, articles about real life struggles for women ages 16-to 34.

    2. A female perspective: Emphasize the reward of doing good, of striving to serve mankind, to be a good servant of Allah, regardless of one’s marital status inshaAllah. Encouraging single sisters to discover their identity and become self-confident before looking for a suitor.

    3. What will women have in Jannah? Whatever their hearts desire inshaAllah! :) Hadith and verses to encourage sisters to build their own Jannah. (Reciting al ikhlass 10 times to get a home in Jannah for example). The only limits are those of our imagination. <3

    It's just a refreshing way to spread Islam, in a safe environment, where sisters can exchange, and feel self-confident and appreciated by Allah, at any stage of their lives. That way also, my account on Facebook is not "just another account", but a garden, a fountain where every soul can benefit.

    For any sisters who are gifted with the love of writing, I encourage you to join the revolution and start something similar on your blog or Facebook profile inshaAllah :) We need more kindness in our ummah. Salaam!

  16. Bismillahir Rahmanirahim
    First of Praise Be to Allah for giving us this platform to connect and motivate with one another :)
    Asalamoalaikum to all !

    This Ramadan I want to try and perform the small actions that might contribute to spreading Islam and it’s awareness. Also I want to understand the Quran and perhaps catch up with relatives on the phone.

    Small actions that might help in spreading Islam:

    – Writing blogs on different Islamic websites (inspired by Sister Fatime –> you’re post was motivational)

    – Attend local mosques and volunteer to take part in programmes there

    – Learning gardening (planting a tree is an act of Ibadah!)

    – Hosting small gatherings with family or friends, and remembering Allah and his rahmah on us (for eg, we could share our experiences when we went for Hajj)

    – Learning the names of Allah

    – Volunteering with other brothers(if you’re male)/sisters(if you’re female) at organizations which help to donate items to countries which are in need (eg Syria, Nepal, etc)

    – Learn new hadiths and acts of Sunnah

    – Read up about the significance of fasting and its reward to remain motivated

    There are so many other things we can do and some of these are what I wish to accomplish by the Will of Allah .

  17. I did it once before, I have to do it again – get rid off masturbation and watching pornography.Addiction is so hard to get rid off, but I know it’s possible while I’m fasting, therefore I’m the best version of myself at that time.My iman got weak, and I have to make my prayers better, try to feel at least for once sweetness of prayer, also I have to be more aware of that Allah is watching everything and He does not forget what we do, so have more takwa, improve my behavior (like anger, attachments, gossip), and try to make good new habits such as giving sadaka more, planing how to do it even, al least once per week tahajjud prayer, and try to remake Qur’an being my best friend.

    It seems a lot I know, but we have to aim high, so I think like that we will do much more. I also have finals when ramadan starts, but I used to have exams before, while I was fasting, so I know it’s not easy, but it’s possible. I’m young, and alive, and I’ll pray that Allah helps me, because I want to do all this for Him. Even now, I’m stared my preparation for ramadan, and hope and pray that He will let me and help me, to become better me.

  18. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    My first goal in this ramadhan is to take fasting the whole month , In Sha Allah .
    As i was just a Muslim by name before a few months . Asthagfirullah al adheem

    Alhamdulillah , i believe Allah gave me Hidayath a few months back .

    Now I’m preparing for Ramadhan by fasting on Monday’s and Thursday’s

    Also i recite Quran completely in every month , i want to make it three in ramadhan .

    Dear brother’s and sister’s , please include me also in your prayers as I’m facing some issues in my family and society just bcz I’m trying to follow Quran and Sunnah

  19. Assalaamualaikum, dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Love you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah bless all those who are doing this magnificent work. Ramadhaan is a month full of blessings from our Rabb. This month is like a blessing in disguise. One small good deed and He blesses His slave more than one can imagine. Reaching out to Allah is much easier in Ramadhaan. If we want to start anew with Allah and be a better person, then this month is the key.Shaitaan is chained, gates of Jannah opened, gates of Hell closed and evey night He frees certain people from Hellfire. SubhaanAllah
    Such is the mercy of our creator. Before this Ramadhaan I plan to educate my children and make them aware of these blessings of our Rabb. Sitting with them once a week atleast and having discussions with them, which will make it more interesting rather than plain lecturing. I also plan to wash out all the malice of my forgiving and forgetting. Visit my sick and old relatives and neighbours. Clear out our souls of negative thoughts. And of course learning a few new duas and Surahs. This way I plan to welcome Ramadhaan with a firm and high level
    of faith, along with my family. Allah help us all reach this month. Aameen.

    • Assalamualikum n

      Walaikumasalam to all:)

      Alhamdulillah for anothr Ramazan coming up!
      JaZakaAllah to all my brothers n sister! your tips were amazing!may Allah helpus acheive all our goals!

      This Ramazan my main goal is to Allah’s Qubath-get closer to Him nattain Taqwa in my life.insha’Allah.
      there were many regrets of last eamazan which i wanna achive this time

      my main action plan to achieve my above goal is
      1- to perfom the Tahajjud prayers in ramazan
      n stay awake after suhur to reflect n do some tazkiya e nafs

      to do this i need to start prayngbn staying awale after fajr from now

      3- control my tongue in anger n attaing patience

      4-to be a total transformed muslim after Ramazn n remain one throughout
      Aameeem insh’Allah
      rember me in your prayers
      All s best toAll

  20. I’m a student and this ramadhaan I will have all of school and any other extra studies on ramoadhaan . As the fast,here in the UK, are very long this year and I will get minimal amount of sleep I want to try to remember Allah as much as I can even if I’m not sitting down. I will try to make intentions that every school lesson is me working for the sake of Allah and installed the whole time I’m in that lesson it’ll be a means of reward for me. Also, I m going to try to smile and every nice to everyone even though by the end of ramadhaan I will be extremely tired.
    Please pray for me that this ramadhaan will be easy jazakallah

  21. Assalammualaikum. For this Ramadhan, i want to keep on husnuzhon to people. Sometimes when someone did something that made me hurt, i tend to think bad about them. I believe Allah is testing me to be more patient and husnuzhon to people. I am trying. I hope anyone could share some of the tips to keep on husnuzhon to people.
    Besides that, I am planning to invite my family members to learn Islam more/better. I would like my family members to feel excited to enter Ramadhan as much I am. Therefore, i want to ask them to perform tarawikh together and also, pray during the night. I really hope we could do this. I hope all of us could feel the sweetness of Ramadhan no matter how hard the situation we are all in.