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  1. Jazakumullah khair for featuring an article from one of my favourite authors. I liked reading it. May Allah give me the discipline to act upon it as well.

  2. Jazak Allah khair for posting such an interesting and useful article. I guess the change has to b from within and with satan and his folowers locked away, you realise itvis ur nafs which is preventing u from doibg ur best, giving that one hundred percent or even putting that unpleasant thought in mind. Allahu Akbar may Allah swt help us to change.

  3. Mashallah absolutely amazing, I just attended your seminar on how to become a productive Muslim I was very impressed at all your tips and advice it’s really thinking out if the box one of the best and exciting seminars Iv been to also jzk to Quran academy to make this happen and provide excellent course material! JazakAllah khair everyone may Allah grant you all Ameen