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  1. Mashallah thank you for this very interesting mail ! It has motivated
    me a lot . Jazaku mullah hu kheir. Sorry for my english :)

  2. Wow, mashaallah.
    Very inspiring and motivating, I now feel the need and importance of getting up and worshiping Allah in the last ten nights.
    Thanks Khalto

  3. JazakaAllahu Khairun, Good effort, keep it up. I use this opportunity wishing all Muslim Ummahs continuation of good deeds in all our endeavours after the Ramadhan and SWT accepts all efforts as an act of Ibadah amin.

  4. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A’lameen. I am so grateful to Allah A’zza wa Jalla for this website- and the whole team. Everyday I receive an email, I love what am reading and I get inspired more and more to look forward to the Hopes and Bounties that are easily available to us as Muslimeen. May Allah Ta’ala bless you all- from the Producer to the Authors, to the ones ensuring that I receive this email in my mailbox. JazalaAllah Kheir. I pray inshaAllah one fine day, I too, can write for and may earn the abundant rewards.

    May Allah Kareem bless us in these last few days of this Shahr Mubarak and may we be among the ones who reap the best out of them.

    Ameen Ya Mujeeb.

  5. Assalaamu Aleikkum war….! Alhamdhulillah! I heard about this site before some days only. I am so greatful to almighty to let me know this site. Really i find this site a treasure for me. Maasha Allah! I expect more and more from you. May Allah bless you for your great effort. jazakallaahu Khaira!

  6. asalama ul aikum wa rah matullah hai wa baraka tu hu, i pray u succeed in spreading good about our religion ameen i kept on reading your article but the most wonderful thing that touched my heart was the women who was feeding cats n u saw her n thought u should also do good secretly cuz i firmly believe the deed tata purly for ALLAH’S sake is between us n HIM ONLY and is very special.
    mrs khan

  7. Just read all these lovely comments! May Allah reward you all and accept from us with sincerity :) anyone can write; but few write and apply! May Allah make me and you from them! Amen :)