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  1. Assalam alaykoum. Jazakum Allah Khair for this helpful article. I really like the quoting of the ahadith to the exact reference, amazing! :) never seen this before in another article with such consistency.

    I am experiencing some trouble with my sleep and with my suhoor. I am sleeping too much. I have missed suhoor 3 times in the last 4 days. Today is the second time i miss it in a row. Do you have any productivity advice? I missed it once in the beginning of the month, but that was an exception. However now, it’s getting more repetitive. May Allah SWT make it easy for all of us.

    I am praying only 4 rak3a of taraweeh after ishaa so that i sleep earliest possible and get max sleep before suhoor, but still it is being hard to wake up. I am not sure if I am missing on the reward of taraweeh, but my intention is to get my body used to sleeping and waking up at the same hours so that I go for both ishaa & fajr, even after ramadan.

    Jazakum Allah khair for your du3a2

      • Jazakum Allah Khair, I will check it enshAllah. i’m sure it is helpful, enshaAllah.

        I placed 3 alarms today and al-7amdulilah, woke up for suhur! you can also program the computer (using “task manager” in windows 7) so that a false athan wakes you up (i did this). make sure the speakers are on and your computer is @ sleep. you can download an athan you like from youtube and choose so that the computer wakes up at a certain hour every day. if you’re heavy sleeper, it’s better to combine it with alarm clocks. if you think it is something that could interest readers, i would be happy to volunteer and write an article with screenshots about how to setting this up :)

        I woke up today at 1:40 AM, and had until about 3:15 AM to eat. my sister recommended i eat 7 dates at suhoor (in addition to whatever i usually eat), and drink something like yerba mathe (about 3 cups of hot water). i did it and found it helpful for my digestion, although it fills you up if you eat a big meal. you can have sips of hot yerba matthe in between tahajjud prayers. i was able to do all that & some praying before going to the masjid al-7amdulilah.

        I ask Allah to make it easy for all of us and to make us regular in his worship :)

        Jazakum Allah Khair for your du3a2!

        • MashaAllah, that’s great to hear! And that’s a great diet. Thanks for sharing the tip on waking up. :)

          Our Ramadan editorial calendar is already full (scheduled with articles), alhamdulillah. However, you can definitely write an article for publication after Ramadan, in sha Allah. Do read our writing guidelines and submit your form here: If you need any advice/further guidance in writing the article so it fits our theme, feel free to write to :)

  2. Thank you all very much for this type of “DAYAT” of ISLAM………………..

    We have to express our self in the way of ISLAM………………

  3. Perfect timing for me to come across this really well thought-out and easily achievable practical advice! May Allah reward you and your efforts! <3

    • JazakhAllah Faiza for your kind comments! May Allah allow these tips to benefit you inshAllah!

  4. thank you very much for this article. i thought i’m the only one having this ‘slump’. now i know how to rectify this problem. jaza kallahu khayr

  5. Assalam_0_Alaikum!

    your most of the videos are available on youtube, and its not accessable in Paksitan due to Blasphemy. Can you please redirect to a page where we can see the videos?


    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah Br. Talib,

      Yes, we’re aware of that and so we’re posting our daily Productive Ramadan Tip videos on Vimeo as well. You should find the link to the video on Vimeo on the same page.

      These are the only videos we’re posting on Vimeo right now. I hope this helps! :)

  6. Lilly had recently had a corneal transplant surgery on her eye, and only has %20 of her vision.
    Regardless her struggle on seeing she didn’t give up on writing and helping Muslims all over the world.

    Thank you from myself and behalf everyone that loves your articles!!!!

    Please make duaa for her on this holy month of Ramadan to regain her vision, and reward her with Jana inshallah.

    We all love you Lulls :) Get well soon!