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  1. Absolutely awesome! Mashallah! May Allah give you even more knowledge in the path of Allah. Make dua for my daughter also lol

  2. A very insightful read and extremely useful as we enter the final days of Ramadan.

    A quick question:
    You mention ‘“Whoever sticks to my Sunnah when my ummah becomes corrupt, will receive the reward of 100 martyrs.”’. My understanding was that the Hadith and the reward was related to reviving a Sunnah when it has been forgotten/?

    Although i believe the statement still stands, and that there is massive reward for even a small revival, could you please clarify the Hadith?

    • Jazakallah. Yes, I understand what you mean brother. There is definitely a difference between ‘reviving’ a sunnah and simply ‘following’ the sunnah. However, if there is a certain sunnah missing in my life and I start practicing it once I realise that it’s missing, then I have essentially ‘revived’ that sunnah act. Reviving means bringing it into practice when it wasn’t already being practiced, and so what I meant by adding that hadith was that once we recognise even the smallest of acts in our everyday lives as sunnah acts, and begin doing them with the intention of them being part of the sunnah, then we will inshaAllah receive that reward, because we had forgotten about them previously, but are now practicing it.

      I hope this has answered your question. WS.

  3. Salam aleikum,machaAllah for this article! you are the proof that a strong emaan can grow in a young woman and be much higher than in some(too many adults)adults. keep on and spread the word by your passion. stay with good company, which is essential for keeping this strong emaan. I have young children. how did your parents share this strong emaan and takwa to you, in this western environment? which schools did you follow and still do?
    a worried mother(revert), Aisha Sallah

  4. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah…yes this is a very informative article indeed. However, i just wish to touch on the concept of “sincerity of intention” which my dear writer failed to explain a little. So what is “sincerity of intention” can means? How do you define the ” right intention”?

    Anyway, the right intention is that in everything that we do, DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH. TO GAIN ALLAH PLEASURE ONLY. And you will achieve the sincerity of intention in all your ibadah and salah.

  5. Alhamdulillahi, this is one of the best articles i have read so far on Ramadan. Jazakumullahu khairan

  6. Indeed,it is encouraging and stimulating to have such a programme like this,which serves as a guide to muslim ummah. Without the hadith of the prophet ,s.a.w. ,the message is not clearly and fully understood. But my message to muslims ,especially, our scholars, they should stop labelling other members of islamic faith by calling them ahl al bid’ah, people of innovation. Let’s stop discriminating; those are wrong, but we are right. If some faction does some wrong things call their attention to that, if they insist ,pray to allah to guide them right! I think that is better!! Let’s strive to be united and one!!!