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  1. Assamu’ alaikum

    A most useful reminder.
    Especially in the lead up to Eid, one can make gifts.
    Instead of rushing around to buy the best offers.
    Allowing more time to read Qur’an and do good deeds.

    Frugal, thoughtful and resourceful.
    JazakAllah Khair.

  2. Asalamu alaykum, reading article from this website has made me to be relieve of my worries and I seek your assistance in prayer at 45 I am yet to be blessed with children, please always remember me and my husband in your prayers. Maa salam

    • Walikum salaam,

      Everyone is tested differently. Remember the incident of Prophet Zakariya? Recite the du’a that he used to make. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala bless you with the very best, aameen. Don’t lose hope in Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

  3. Asalam alikum, Alhamdulilah very nice and very informative article. May Allah reward you generously. Ameen.

  4. Assalamu alaikum –
    I am so grateful that you all work hard and put out very informative articles about Islam and Ramadan. May Allah reward you generously with happiness, good health, and success in life and Hereafter.

  5. Aslkm, very inspiring article. (Only the Quranic examples quoted could have been more precise. For eg. Whisperings of nafs/devil: thinking that shaitan is an avowed enemy to man, also , he who purifies his nafs; has in actual purified himself.
    Feeling sleepy, sloggy to wake up for tahajjud- think that Allah says it is the pious, the muttaqun who stand up to their Lord when everybodys in deep slumber.)
    I dont know the exact surahs but citing coz it just clicked me.
    Hope you dont mind and it proves fruitful for ur other articles, may Allah reward u in plenty,jazakallah

  6. l am so glad, to be candid, when I read your article,may almighty Allah makes you and I and entire Muslim’s brothers who will automatically enter jhanah without accaunt(alhisab)amin.but ,my observation, is to called your attention to always attach together with Arabic text in order to be well articulated. may Almighty Allah guide us to the straight farth,amin,ramadan Kareem.

  7. May Allah reward you,
    Praise be to Allah,
    Beneficial reminder,
    and Ramadhan this year (2017) is in 40+ days from now,may Allah grant us the Blessings on that Month!