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      • Assalamoalaikum sister, Mashaallah great article.. I recently graduated and got a job. I remember when I was kid my elder sister used to make me study and follow all routines when u listed above. Alhamdulillah I got good results because of that. My words to all my brothers and sisters giving exams is that be regular in your studies round the year, have patience and confidence in yourself,pray Allah and enjoy your meals on time. Jazakallah sister for making me remember all my sister teachings. May Allah bless us all.

    • Yes, I concur, it is very beneficial because my exams started yesterday, the others are couple days away and I was kinda ‘freaking out a bit’ after looking at the content I have to cover. I feel less worried, so to speak. Jazzak’Allah!

  1. I am a baptized Catholic but I find your site so enlightening and inspiring. You newsletter is a life coach and I also find it very logical. Im now beginning to understand and appreciate Muslim teachings.keep it up and more power Productive Muslim!

  2. Thank you sister , Your topic was useful and the sticky note technique would make us more focused and help us remember of the things we studied.
    Hope to hear more techniques from you soon , as my exams are also getting nearer. Thanks.

  3. Nicely written.Insya’allah2x we’ll get through these(exams during hot blazing Ramadan,even Rasulullah and the sahabahs went to wars and battles during the period).

    In a way,it’s more relaxing to think of exam as an indicator to how much you have mastered and grasped the materials (essentials)all over the year rather than am I gonna fail/pass.So,do things we can change instead mourning over(pre-exam stress) the final outcomes.

    I have 2 more years left before graduating medical school.Pray for me to succeed too.Ma3a taufiq wa najah,sister!

  4. Salam Aalykom,
    once I read a research that says that humans capacity for/(efficiency in) memorizing decays exponentialy with time, so its preferred to have 5-15 min breaks every 30-45 minutes of studying.

  5. Jazak Allah khair to the sister who wrote the article. A word of advice to my fellow muslim brothers and sisters. Pls write In Shaa Allah in 3 separate words and not together. According to Dr Zakir Naik if you write it together it means create Allah but if you write it in 3 separate words it means if Allah wills.

  6. Assalam Alaikum

    Very useful tips which I have printed for my 15 yr daughter. My daughter has almost given up in her studies when she received her first term results. She didn’t do well. She is in Form 2 and she studies very hard but does not attain good marks. The marks are not bad but has the potential to get good grades. I just hope and pray that these tips will improve her marks.

    I don’t mind further suggestions on how to help her so that she does not give up easily.

    Jazakallah Kheir for the tips



    • Alhumdullilah, glad you liked the article. Insh’Allah it is of use to your daughter.

      I think it is important to remind her that we progress over the year and the marks from the first term reflect only a few months of study. If she did well then insh’Allah she will progress to do even better in the next ones. Also, it is also important not to compare our grades to our classmates as everyone has their own abilities and struggles. This can lead to loss of confidence which only means we destroy the progress we are making.

      It is helpful to stick to a timetable and practise questions in exam style conditions. This will help to control the nerves when it comes to exams insh’Allah.

  7. Very beneficial especially at this time where finals are too close! This article will help for my elder daughter( class eight)
    Thank you

  8. will start my college this june in shaa Allah :) And these tips will be useful for me in the future. Love it!

  9. Jazak allahu khairan katheera, sister aisha!
    I am a medical student too, and exams during ramadan definitely are a challenge!
    hope this tips help me :)

    btw, our surnames match! :P

  10. Jazakalah khayr.

    I will use this techniques at end of this ethiopian fiscal year since I am starting my MSC program.jazakalakhayr

  11. I always sleep around 2 am and hence have problems to stay up early in the morning. I need to change my habits.. ;/

  12. Wow I actually really liked these tips. I especially like the 10 questions before bedtime because I often don’t have time to recap as I always try to cram in more new information and forget the old stuff. Great idea I look forward to implementing these tips soon inshaaAllah

    • Insh’Allah try adding that tip on daily, even if 10 questions is too much do a few and gradually build up. We often spend time on our phones before bed but instead we can utilise those minutes so much more wisely!

  13. JazakiAllahu Khayr Aishah Sis! this is very helpful. was actually in need of these tips. It’s a beautiful reminder, indeed. Thankyou :)

  14. Nice article. But those who are now studying in night will feel uncomfortable to wake up early morning and their studies will be affected.

  15. What a good preparation for exams. May Allah in his infinite mercy increase u in knowledge and reward sister Aishah abundantly..

  16. Salam,

    A great resource is to use this app called AnkiDroid. It’s basically flashcards on your phone, where you can create your own sets and has very advanced functionality such as letting you know when and how many cards you need to review based on your settings.

    BarakAllahu feekum and may Allah give you all tawfeeq,



  17. I must say, this article came exactly when I needed it. I got extremely thrilled when I read that your a medical student like myself! This makes the revision tips even easier to accomplish, knowing that its relevant to your own field! Fabulous article and جزاك الله خير.

  18. Asalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
    Jazakallah I found it very enlightening particularly for medical students.Since I am only in the first year and wallahi I struggled initially having been a read,write and memorise type of student while you need to study in a different kind of way.

    Insha Allah I am determined to follow it strictly for it gives me hope.

    Further as you are Masha Allah involved in fields other than medicine, I would like to ask how do you demarcate priorities in appropriate time and place.

    I mean to say I am involved in a sort of literary programme and I often end up in a state where I cannot manage them at all. Sometimes I write synopsis in physiology which is quite poisonous as a consequence my schedule gets knotted even more.

    I got into medical field not by choice and this compounds my problems and anguish even more.

    Allah bless you with the best and make you among the inhabitants of Jannah

    Barakallahu feel.

    • Walaikum Asalaam
      Sorry for not replying to this earlier.

      I think the main things to remember are
      1. Prioritize your studies and only take on other activities if you have the time and energy.
      2. Have a weekly plan for studying, after taking into account your lectures and university commitment. This should then give you an idea of what time you have free for other things.
      3. You have to be adaptable as no week will be the same as the one before. Utalise the time you have for study and take away distractions.

      Remember the position you are in and insh’Allah the ability you will have to help others. use this as motivation.

      I hope that helps insha’Allah.

      May Allah bless you in the work that you do.

  19. I love this article and I pray to Allah to grant you Jannah. Jazakillahu khairan. Place I would like to get more and more tips to help me study. MAY ALLAH PAY YOU FOR IT WITH WHAT IS MUCH MUCH BETTER. AMEN.