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  1. Nice article and good pointers at end. May I add that we should share the article among friends so they also know our intentions for not ‘overdoing’ the parties

  2. Slm Alkm. I must commend you on this write up. It is the reality of what is happening in muslim world. I realize is almost same all over. People are more interested in piling food items and sallah clothes than planning for ibadaat. I also like your advise that women and those preparing meals also need to create time for ibadaat. Most of our wives are fully engaged in kitchen during Ramadan and they have less time for ibaadaat,zhikr,duas,etc. I hope we and our wives should correct this.
    JazakAllahu Khairan.

    Muhammed M Bashir from Nigeria

  3. Ameen may Allaaha swa make this ramzan as you said a life changing one.please their is a humble request to all my brothers & sisters please don’t use the word “haleem” its one of the name of Allaaha SWA .the actual word is harees.plz plz use the word harees.Make duwa for all the ummah that this ramazan may become the month of change & become the close to Allaaha swa & try to implement as much sunnah of our beloved messenger pbuh in our life’s.

  4. Salam alaykum,
    I most say this acticle is great and timely. I pray may HE bless your effort and grant us all goodness in the long awaited month of blessing(aamiin)

  5. Ameen ya Rabbal Aalameen!!!
    you have taought us sum crusial things about Ramadhan. In sha Allah!!
    it will be benefit us in this Ramadhan
    Jazakh Allahu khar, for this eye opening

  6. السّلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
    The word haleem(a Pakistani or Indian dish) should be replaced with ‘daleem’ or ‘laheem’. It is said that the real name of dish was laheem but with the passage of time it became haleem.
    Al-Haleem(The Forbearing) is one of ALLAH’s 99 beautiful names.

    • My understanding is that “Haleem/Haliim” is essentially a Middle Eastern dish, hariisah being another variety of it. Whilst the Middle Eastern (and Persian) Haliim contains wheat, the Subcontinental has daal as well, the most renowned being the Hyderabadi Haliim. The word Haleem gets its name from persian for ‘patience’ because of time and effort to prepare it.

  7. This is one of the BEST articles I have read here. SubhaanAllah, brilliant reminder, it really widens perspective.

    Jazaakumullaah Khair to all who contributed in writing and publishing!

    May Allah make this Ramadhan our most PRODUCTIVE one yet!!! Allaahumma ameeen!

  8. Assalamu alaykum. Very nice & beneficial Article. I will send this article to my friends .

  9. assalamu alykm. nice article. my advice to my fellow sisters…….do your ramadhan and eid shopping bfr ramadhan begins., so you can save time for more worship during ramadhan. stock all the non perishables and even the perishables that can keep well refrigerated. have a plan for each iftar ahead and kip it simple, tasty and healthy.

  10. Jazakallahu khairan to everyone for their comments and for reading. May Allah make your Ramadan the best yet and be pleased with you.

  11. timely as usual; requiring introspection as usual; hard hitting as usual; showcasing as usual the need for inverting attitudes; as usual, the sage speaks, and as usual the multitude of listeners (readers) enjoy the free programme, feel good that they have participated in a session referable to piety and more; thus feeling cleansed and free again to accumulate some “normalcy”, they proceed posthaste to reclaim the “lost time” by investing what remains of the day in intensified efforts chasing the lucre that motivates mankind to do all that the article questions the legitimacy of; let there be at the end of each session and article a RESOLUTION SESSION where each writes his or her resolution on a piece of paper and places it in a box provided for the purpose, making it out the same is a commitment between that individual and Allah, none else being aware who wrote what. i expect the fact that it was written down, had a material physical existence, was placed in a box indicating resolving of something and a commitment, will hopefully better ensure people adhere to the written word… insha Allah

    • Excellent idea… as usual. Knowledge that’s not practiced is not only of no benefit but becomes a witness against its owner. May Allah save us from learning and not practicing.

  12. Bangladeshi families have a practice that I feel is hurtful. It involves the family of the lady to deliver a very large iftar to the lady’s in laws. The inlaws invite many ppl and if they don’t recipe this iftari they will tease the lady abt it and they will tease her husband. Feelings of jealousy arise when the couple see others receiving large iftari. The persons preparing and sending the iftar feel a financial burden as well as the stress of preparing food. There is also the matter of the inlaws mistreating or poking fun at their dughter in law for the inadequate iftar. It wasn’t extravagant enough, not enough food etc. What a hurtful and horiible practice. I wish this would be discussed and people would realise it is unnecessary.