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  1. Alahumdullillah It nice to hear about Ghfran khair Allah, tips about the food and methods to be adopted , if some sincere educated people gather and reflects the Life style of Muslims
    mominin who are about to truly follower of Islam the whole world and can be in touch with
    islam and peace can be created. I am with with best regards

  2. Jazak Allahu Khairan, for your excellent thoughts and tips on enjoying a blessed Ramadan with the family. May Allah bless you for your efforts, I have already shared these tips with my family and friends and look forward to your last article in this series. Finally, I also invite you to come visit my parenting page on Facebook where I share parenting tips and tidbits and a bit on Ramadan these next few weeks at – see you there! :-)

  3. Further to my previous comment, i tried your Youtube channel link and it seems to have some problem – just thought to inform…

  4. Dear Sister Ghufran

    salam aleykoum. Once again your article is very useful to me. Barakallahoufik.
    May I ask, what about Qur’an recitation for those who read slowly and with difficulty? I mean, people like me: I read Qur’an in French (a very good translation indeed) and as it is a bilingual edition, I read small parts in arabian. Sometimes I try to memorise a part of a Aya, like for instance in Sourate Al Bakarah “Inna Lilahi wa inna alaihi rajia’oun” because when reading I feel so touched by what Allah SWT is telling me. What hapened last year was that I was divided in between reading Qur’an in arabian (in a phonetic version) whithout understanding and reading in french, like I intend to do (and am doing already) with small parts that I read again in arabian. I am always confused about this. Is the reward the same? I’m also reading each day a bit of Ibn Kathir tafsir of Jouz’Ama. Anyway, what I feel is that when I stop reading Qur’an, my heart goes dry and my pray looses it vitality. This is something difficult to explain, it is an inner feeling, a very strong one. When my pray looses its vitality it is like if all my life looses sense, everything goes wrong. When while praying I am really focused I feel an incredible joy, I do feel that Allah SWT is there for me listening to me and I feel like bursting into tears of gratitude to Him. But this feeling comes and goes. I’m asking as a du’a to Allah SWT to help me so that I can keep my concentration while praying and do it in time (fajr is a really problem as I work and summer schedule in Paris is very hard: Maghrib around 10 p.m. Isha around midnight and fajr around 3h30 a.m.)

    • Dear Fatima,
      I am so glad that the article provides you with useful tips!
      According to reciting Quran while cooking, personally I find kitchen and housekeeping time is a perfect time to do so! If you are memorizing very small ayahs, or even words. You can listen to them repeatedly in your PC, or smart phone, then repeat the aya yourself over and over while peeling the vegetable or cutting them, cleaning the dust,, etc…
      It is very important to learn Quran in Arabic, but still, it will have no sense if you do not understand what those surahs mean. I see from your words that you are over stressed by this. Take a deep breath and relax! You are not supposed to know, practice and master every little details of Deen as a recent convert. It seems that you are doing your best to learn and that is awesome alhamdulellah! Step by step and little by little. The strategy you are following is excellent mashaAllah (Arabic, french translation accompanied with tafseer). I know it is complicated, but plz keep doing this, even if for few ayah, one line a day is better than nothing. Your reward is more tha doubled than any native Arabic reading Quran, because Allah subhanna estimates the reward according to the efforts made to do the good deeds, not on the amount of it. May Allah accept your efforts and help you in learning Quran!
      Do not tell me about this schedual! I live in Spain and our schedual is exactly as yours! About 18 hours of fasting in non-Muslim community! May Allah give us the strength to fulfill our plans and accept our work and ´badah ….
      Fi amani Allah
      Ghufran Khir Allah

      • Jazzakallah khairan Dear Ghufran. Saturday, after fajr pray I could read 4 pages of Qur’an in arabian and the effort was less important than before, I could understand many words and confirm it when checking with french translation. I think it is because Allah SWT is so Generous and gave me this to help me in keeping on reading.
        All your tips are very good. So you are in Spain! You know I was born in Portugal! So close. Yes, fast will be very long for us, but al hamdoulillah, may Allah SWT give us a strong heart and a strong body to endure this. I’m always so happy when Ramadan comes! Even though time is long and Summer just started in Paris (it was Winter till some days ago :) )

  5. Jazakillah khairan Ghufran, your tips are really productive may Allah reward u abundantly and insha Allah will try these tips, it is like you gave me a solution to some of my worries. May Allah guide us through this ramadan and beyond and we pray for a truly productive ramadan.

  6. excellent article MAA SHAA ALLAH, just wanted to add one more thing. dear sisters, whenever u enter kitchen to start preparing food , pls do wudu and during preparation of the food do zikar… these two things will increase the Baraka of food to its height….the food which is prepared with wudu and zikar has its tremendous effect on children and all the the family members, just try it and u ll see the difference

    • What an excellent tip Amna! I never thaught about it before, but even after Ramadan this is an excellent thing to do. Jazakallah Khairan.

    • MashaALLA! what a brilliant tip Amna! Thank you very much. I will definitely try to stick to it inshaALLah!

    • Yes of course dear Khadar, but at the same time, you cannot ignore biological needs that Allah subhanna gives us as humans… If we want it or not, we need to eat after all! Why we do not plan to nourish our bodies and enjoy this as a Nieama from Allah Subhanna. Making this practice as another source of hasanat.
      Islam is a philosophy of living not a cluster of instruction to fulfill without taking care of our bodies or society .
      Ramadan kareem 

  7. Dear Yasmin, Idress, Lisha, Fatima, Hannatu and Amna, thanx all for your comments. I am so motivated for more writing knowing that those articles are helpful for you.
    Wish you all a very blessed Ramadan

  8. jazzakhallahokhairun,
    Iwill try to stick to the tips inshaallah.along with wudu and zikr which Amna suggested.May Allah(SWT)accepts our ibada in the blessed month.

  9. assalamo alaikum. Was so happy to read all these articles. Jazakallah for the tips. Had a question from Dr Farhat hashmi reg right diet for right ibadaah so I was reading this . I am a student of Al Huda and will love to rec further maiis from you all. Thank you.