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    • As salamu alaikum
      Slide out the menu from the left edge of the screen and choose the option called edit goals. Here you can choose your three goals which will be on the legacy board. I hope that this helps.

  1. Jazakallahu khairan for sharing your knowledge among the Muslim ummah. May Allah azza wa jalla reward you and us during this blessed month of Ramzan.

  2. I believe its an awesome app!! Till last year it was Ramadan planner, I was very surprised when the app came out. Got to know about it a day before Ramadan. Alhamdolillah ☺

  3. Jaazakallahu khairan, what a progressed in the world of islam, transforming islam into technology. Ramadan make easy. May Almighty Allah rewards you with jannatil firdausi. Ameen!

  4. Assalamu alaikum!
    JazakAllahu khairan! I find the app very useful and interesting, but I’d rather use it full-time if they put the option for editing privacy settings, in sha Allah. I don’t like that everyone can see what I did just for the sake of Allah, s.w.t. Maybe it would motivate someone, but I’ll rather keep it just for Allah, s.w.t. and me. Until then, I won’t edit my progress.

    • Wa alaikum as salam
      On Android there is a privacy settings menu; slide out the left edge of the screen to pull out the menu, and click privacy settings. There you can choose to make your legacy board or your goals visible to the public, your companions, or only yourself. I assume that there will be a similar menu on iPhone as the app is designed to be the same on both platforms I believe. I hope that this helps.

  5. Assalaamualaikum…. may Allah subhanahu was ta’ala reward u for your efforts….ma sha Allah excellent app….I had two suggestions …the goal page to be more visible….and if we could select Duas from a list to memorize….jazakAllahukhairan.

  6. Assalamualaikum,

    Have downloaded the app today and it appears to be something I would use Jazakillahu khairan. However, I would like to know how to message with you companions? Am I right in saying you can only send Ma Shaa Allah and In Shaa Allah? If so I would really like a messaging service with companions on the app. A sister posted a reflection about being sad and down and like her efforts will never be good enough, and I can’t find any way to confront and support her.

    Also will we be able to use this app all year round? I would love to use this set up outside of ramdhan.

    Another great feature would be where we can customise the app to suit ourselves.

    Thanks again!

    • Oh gosh I should have proof read.

      Jazakumallahu khairan.
      Message with your companions.
      Comfort and support her.

  7. Aswrwb this app is asking me invalid email address l signup its constantly saaying invalid email address plz help

  8. Great app!!
    Mashallah. We needed productive technology and its here in many ways..i guess this apps gonna turn out prettty useful for everyone as a reminder about their goals.. for ramadan. And also how well u progress daily! Thumbsup to the makers of ramadan legacy. And jazakhallah brother for letting me know about it.

  9. Assalamu alaikum warakhmatullahi wabarakatuh!
    I can’t open the planner and/or legacy board when I’m not connected in an internet or WiFi, does it mean that I can only use the application if I have internet connection? How can I download the articles?