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  1. Good reminder ma sha Allah. Remunded me of my ramadhan goals and that I shouls not focus on just ticking of my goals. Towards the middle of ramadhan starting from these days many of us slip into a ramadhan lowpoint. We should renew our intentions and start preparing gor the last 10 days. Also changing some goals on our checklist might be useful. For some of us it might be far more effective to state “read 1 hour of quran in a quiet place” instead of our daily juz. Barak Allahu feekum

    • Indeed, connecting with the Qur’an in smaller bits may be much better for some of us than completing a juz a day. Ultimately, Allah loves those deeds that are small but consistent. Alhamdulillah, I am happy that you benefited from the reading.

      I hope the rest of your Ramadan, and your last 10 days particularly, will be your best yet, amin!

  2. ‘Allah  does not expect you to be perfect; He only expects you to keep showing up, no matter how many times you fall.’

    Jazakallahu khairan,

    it truly feels like a reminder from Allah.

  3. This article came on the right time. Jazakallah . I would say having the Quran , a translation copy of the language i understand best and a tafsir resource (which does not go too much in detail but is ample) in front of me has helped increase my consciousness of Him.
    You can first recite a small paragraph of the surah (if it’s a big one) or you can read the entire surah at once (if it’s small, in the 30 para) and pause for a while. Then you can refer to the translation to know what the Arabic words mean, and try to ponder on those words. Finally you can read the tafsir and it is really helpful. I compared my own contemplations with the tafsir, and it exposed me to other perspectives on thinking and reflecting on the Quran.

    For iftaari, we should try to eat the Sunnah way, which is 1/3 food , 1/3 water and leave the other third for air. (Our stomachs are the size of our fists)

  4. We can also learn duas (with the meanings) that are prescribed for us in the Quran and those that the Prophet (Sallalahualaihi Wasallam) used to make.

    In Sha Allah , our knowledge of the Arabic language will also increase!

  5. BaarakAllah feeki, fabulous reminders sis!

    One question: How in shaa Allah can we make our sleep turn into ‘ibadah?

    • Through our intention before sleeping
      . For example, I’m going to sleep during the night so I have plenty of energy to perform Ibadan. And/or sleeping to look after my body which has been given to me by Allah swt

      Hope this helped

    • Alhamdulillah, I am glad you found it beneficial.

      Yes, as Neelum has answered, our sleep becomes ‘ibadah merely by having the right intention for it: we sleep to sustain our bodies, giving it rest so that it may be strong and healthy to worship Allah better when we wake.

      Additionally, our sleep can also be ‘ibadah if we do it in the sunnah way:
      1. Take wudhu before going to bed (it is a sunnah to sleep with wudhu) and make miswak
      2. Dust bedding before sleeping
      3. Recite sunnah bedtime du’as and surahs (3 Quls, Ayat al-Kursi, Surah al-Baqarah)
      4. Lie on your right side with your right hand under your head

      You can also recite some thikr if you take a while to fall asleep.

      Hopefully these tips help, in sha Allah.

      BarakAllahu feek.

  6. Jazakhallah. Very educative and inspiring. I really learnt alot and has help me to re-focus my goal.

  7. Al hamdulilah! This article was exactly what I needed. So many reminders and so many good suggestions. Jazzakallahu khayran.

  8. This article is without a doubt on of the best I have ever read on the subject. It is really full of helpful tips & reminders. Jazakillahi khair. May Allah enable us utilise this blessed month to the fullest, & may He accept our ibadah, ameen

  9. Jazaa kalaahu khairan sister.This are very valid points you raised.We rushed through reading the Glorious Qur’an every day,without understanding,reflecting or even having any connection to it.In Shaa Allah,it’s time to really get connected to Allah (SWT) through reading and trying to understand the Qur’an.What’s the point of just reading like a parrot dwithout understanding a thing of what you are saying?Hopefully,this is a wake up call for me and In Shaa Allah,I’ll be mindful of what I do,say and understanding the words of the Qur’an.

  10. JazakAllah for the article.
    I went through Br Nouman audio cast on making the best of Ramadan / salah.
    my salah improved by:
    Going through the 27 MP3 part Tafsir of Sura Fatiha in English by Jamaludin Zarabozo.
    Learning a new long Sura every Ramadan. I find memorising the Arabic first then listening to the Tafsir podcast by Bayyinah in the morning gives me reason and material to contemplate for the whole day.
    Doing Isha and fajr in masjid with jamah

  11. Ma sha Allah….very thoughtfully written…very motivating….jazakAllahkhair….may Allah reward u…aameen

  12. Jazakallahu khairan sister for sharing the beneficial knowledge. May Allah azza wa jalla reward you for your efforts.

  13. May Allah (swt) reward you for writing such an inspirational and comprehensive article! As you said in your article, one activity that helps me to be more conscious in Ramadan is reading the Holy Quran in my mother tongue, English, and reflecting on how the verses apply to my personal life.

  14. The Russian example was a great one matlab it is so much important to understand what we recite in our Salah. Jazak Allahu khairan kaseera for such an amazing article, definitely motivational! *thumbs up*

    • Alhamdulillah, I am glad you found it to be of benefit.

      May you have the most conscious, connected Ramadan this year, and may each year just get better, amin.

  15. Mashallah, a very well written article. And from a fellow South African ..Yay!

    Each year I race to make a khathamal Quran, often missing the 27th night :(

    This year my goal has shifted, instead of making khathamal Quran I have focused on understanding my Surahs that I recite in Salaah, I have been using the Tafseer of Nouman Ali Khan. It has given me a whole new perspective on Quran. There is so much to know, if I understand 10 Surahs this month I think I would have made a huge achievement inshallah.

    Highly recommend Tafseer of Nouman Ali for those of you looking to gain understanding of Quran isnhallah.

    Ramadaan Kareem..May Allah swt accept our humble efforts.

    • Alhamdulillah, that is great! Understanding and internalising 10 surahs by the end of this month will definitely be a great achievement. Quality over quantity. And yes, Brother Nouman Ali Khan is brilliant with his explanations of the Qur’an, ma sha Allah!

      May Allah facilitate your journey with Qur’an and increase you in it, amin.

  16. This write-up has helped me to refocus after feeling bad about the Ramadan goals I wasn’t able to achieve in the past first seven days of the glorious month.

    • Alhamdulillah. Look forward at all the opportunity still left in the month, in sha Allah.

      May your Ramadan be most beneficial and meaningful, amin.

  17. Jazakum Allah kair for this true, touching article. It was perfect. It truly is important to know and understand what our “goal” in life is. I find it very useful to constantly remind myself of Allah’s swt purpose for us and at the same time learn more and more about it. I have also found, Alhamdulillah, that improving and perfecting our basic religious routines -recommended (mustahab) prayers, daily duas and hourly duas, charity – is highly beneficial to our good habits and overall goal. May our deeds be accepted this holy month and may Allah swt bless us all with the maqam almahmood.

  18. Jazakallahu khairan …This is truely a great reminder! Very useful! Very educative^ may we always be on the right path ..Ameen

  19. Let Allah be satisfied with you!very useful article.the mostly I liked “He doesn’t expect u to be perfect,he only expects u to keep showing up,no matter how many times u fall” I’m absolutely agree with that any of us don’t know the meaning of sura we read,and it’s really good to learn it.Also I wanted to add that we also need to learn at least 22 small sura that are in 30th para. Wish you to have favorable and best ramadan!!!

  20. SUPERB ARTICLE!!!!!! Jazakillah khairan. yep Ramadan is Extraordinary

    Waiting keenly for the doodle on this one!!!

  21. Thank you, Sister Ruqaiyah, for the inspiring and very practical article. Jazakallaahu khair.

    Comments and thoughts from the readers are also motivating for me. Thank you all for sharing your feelings. Jazakumullahu khair.


  22. Alhumdullilah this helped me :)
    Jhazakallahu khair
    May allah make this ramadan beneficial for all of us

  23. Jazak Allah Ul Khair

    May Allah swt keep us steadfast

    Please make dua for me

    Peace and blessings upon muhammad saw

  24. Asalam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh………I love the so much…….it has really made a great impact in my life…….May Allah(Azza wajal) in His mercy grant u increase in knowledge and reward u well fi duniya wa li akhira.

  25. JazakAllahu Kahyr for such beautiful article.. I think we can be more conscious of Allah if we keep reading auch articles and listening to Islamic scholars lessons.. Allah be with us at every step.. Ameen..

  26. MasALLAH, what a valuable productive article. May ALLAH bless you and give all of us the ability to use this tips in this Ramadan and also in the fututre

  27. Though I haven’t admittedly had the best of Ramadans up to this point in terms of deeds and spiritual progression, the window is still open Alhamdulillah and your article has provided great benefit. The essential point of emphasis was having the correct mindset as the battle battleground for our hearts is in our minds. It is quite easy to lose focus and slip into heedlessness, outside of even inside of Ramadan when we let our minds drift. Each deed we do we can connect with a higher purpose. Everything can be re-evaluated and taken from the mundane to something that elevates us spiritually in our quest for a connection with Allah. May Allah accept and increase you in good.

  28. Allah hu Akbar,Allah is the Greatest!! Shuk’r to Allah for allowing me to read this article. I’ve learned so much
    Jazak Allah Khair and may everyone experience a blessed Ramadaan this years Ameen!.

    • Amin, wa iyyak. May this be your best Ramadan yet, amin.

      I am pleased you were able to find some benefit in the article, by the Grace of Allah. Please remember me in your du’as.

  29. A lot to take in….I love the internalizing…thought I had been getting that but I can see it could be better…permit me to share this with a couple of teens…

    • As-Salamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

      Alhamdulillah, may we always strive to do better, amin.

      Yes, sure, you may share it with the teens, in sha Allah. I pray it is of benefit, amin.

  30. mahn!!! i luv this article,i mean its as if its speakin to me am lyk wow who wrote this?sory abt d mixups but dnt jst knw wat to say.Jazakalahu khayr ruqaiya

    • Alhamdulillah, I am pleased you found benefit in it. May Allah allow us all to reach Ramadan and to make it better than our last, amin!

  31. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
    Wonderful article….
    May Allah give us ability to work hard and attain the most out of this blessed month
    May Allah grant us the best of the both worlds
    Jazakum Allahu khairan……..