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  1. Asalkm
    we all have the goodness in us to be righteous and do good deeds but somehow neglect to our detriment I thoroughly enjoy reading and impimenting good often we only need reminders but if you are living it giving is more joyful then receiving
    Br yakub m TDot

  2. Great article Ma sha Allah. I will definitely take the tips you’ve suggested on board in sha Allah

  3. *Leave a nice comment on articles you enjoyed (Uhmm Hint Hint).

    Very nice article. Seriously!!! :)

    May Allah help us make the most of it and may We be among those who are beloved to Allah (SWT)

    • Yeah that wasn’t very subtle was it? LOL
      Well, in my defense, I just can’t get enough of my lovely readers.
      Thank you for your beautiful du’aa Muhammad. Amen to that

  4. jazakallah khairan for these kind small but very heavy on our scale imagine leaving water outside specifically for Allah’s creatures!!! hmmm Allah akbaru

  5. As salaamu alaykum

    Ma sha Allah Allahumma Barak La! Absolutely love this article and the awesome ideas as well as the little snippets of humour hehe hilarious but beneficial :)
    Jazakh’allahu khair

  6. I was just beginning to lose the compassion and excitement to do good, thoughtful deeds for others because I dont seem to get the chance to volunteer at community centers or raise funds or build websites to spread Islamic awareness and teachings etc…

    So thanks to you and Jazakallah for sharing that subtle kindnesses are significant.
    Also, having good thoughts is also a source of reward!

  7. Amazing, amazing! Can’t really think of any other word!!! You’re a real inspiration, God bless you sis!!! Love you..

    • Now that’s a comment that’s going up on my cherished wall Mahmoud, my supportive brother in law!
      And about the books, I’m kind of keeping that on the QT for the time being ( I’d add a wink, but you know it’s Ramadan and all lol)

  8. AMAZING!!!!!


    We are so engrossed in our lifes that we have forget these basic things.
    Once again Jazakallah khairan….
    for these beautiful reminders

  9. SubhanAllah. To the writer of the article…May Allah swt bless you for even having amazing thought in your heart.


    • I already feel so blessed with these beautiful comments and generous hearts who dream of filling the world with goodness and kindness.
      Thank you for your lovely comment Dr Ahmed.
      Ramadan Kareem and my God bless us all

  10. Masha Allah. Sister May Allah reward you abundantly for your pur intentions aameen :)
    Great article. Tips for how kindness can be shown was really nice :)

    • May Allah bless this amazing ummah. Reading these comments I’m just so happy to see how much there’s still good in this world
      May God bless you and your beautiful family Hudha. Thank you and Ramadan Kareem to all of you

    • It soooo is! Especially with all the horrible things happening around us.
      But our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: there’s still and always will be goodness in this ummah till Judgment Day

      I pray that includes us too.
      Thank you so much Ruzina

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed all the great gestures and reminders to increase ones kindness….will aim to follow suit. JazakhAllah.

  12. Maasha Allah, wonderful pieces of advice and a reminder to us all who have such busy lives. There should be no excuse to make time for these simples actions. Inshaa Allah Aameen.

    • You’re absolutely right Noorjahan! InshAllah these simple tips and acts become a big important part of our daily lives. Thats what brings blessings and happiness to the world

  13. The best of the best Mashallah!!
    Your attitude is both positive and refreshing.
    I can see why your articles are so popular. Keep them coming ;)

    • My angelic soul mate….
      Only you know my journey coz you’re the only one who walked by my side and supported me every step of the way….
      And I’ll be forever grateful to you Julia….

  14. assalamalaikum
    mashallah sister great article
    these deeds look small but carry great rewards thanks for sharing
    IN SHA ALLAH..I’ll do them

  15. A very helpful reminder.It really got me thinking about just how wonderful this month is. May Allah reward you

  16. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. May Allah reward you and your family and put blessings in all that you do.

  17. You are my little girl that I always loved and I say you are young for this wisdom but it is God’s will to gift somebody, yes you are gifted and talented and l am really proud of you. Loving dad

    • All my life I knew I was special and gifted only because God favored and honored me with this precious status of being your daughter….
      So I can thank God for this gift day and night, and talk about my amazing dad for years and years, but still nothing I say or do would suffice…
      May God keep you happy, healthy and safe for me… For you’re the reason I feel safe in this world….

  18. I really loved your article… Thank you so much… people like you can really change the way peple have started seeing muslims as these days

    • The feeling I have now is like having a sip of water after fasting non stop for three days in a 40 degrees weather!
      Okay I know it’s impossible lol but that’s how much joy and happiness and relief I feel after reading your beautiful words.
      You just voiced out my most sacred dream Anusha… Now I’ll have to ask you to make du’aa for me it comes true soon inshAllah.
      Thank you so much!

  19. Salaams ^_^
    Jazaki Allah khair Lilly for this nicely written article!
    May Allahmake it easy for us to get over our pride and ego and do these good kind things with sincerity and love – Ameen <3


  20. AWESOMEE!!!!

    Allaah….put a massive smile on my face throughout…..

    May Allah SWT BLESS U GREATLY sis!!!!

  21. Such a lovely article, sister Lilly! So beneficial and truly motivates us to practice such thoughtful acts of kindness everyday! Jazaak’Allahu khayran dear :) Keep enlightening and inspiring us with ur beautiful articles.

    • Over the moon with joy Israa!
      Keep reminding me to stay on this track and keep encouraging me to get better… Without people like you, people like me wouldn’t be able to survive…

  22. As salamu alikum..jazakallah 4 sharing an important msg,wch we don’t care..May Almighty help us 2 gain good in every small actions. :)

  23. Ok so I’ve been destined to spend this Ramadan in hand woth my finals, in a hostel of a mostly non Muslim country. Nevertheless, I located an area of poor Muslims and made grand plans of distributing gifts there. But from the past few days, I’m facing discouragement. Apparently girls can’t do this: randomly go give out stuff in streets. Discouraged to the point that I concluded I must be crazy to even think of this. But but but.. You mentioned balloons up there. So yyea ignore the society, plan back into action INSHALLAH. JZK for the inspiration!

    • Over the moon with joy Rasha!
      Many would use finals as an excuse of being too busy to be kind, but not you MashAllah!
      I kindly ask everyone who reads this to make a du’aa for you to ACE your exams!
      Proud and honored girls like you still exist in this world….

  24. I got the hint. “Wonderful article”. I mean really it was! JazakAllahu Khair for sharing the ideas. <3

  25. Very beautiful article, I like the simple ideas
    جزاكم الله خيرا وبارك الله في مجهودكم


  26. JazakAllah o khairan for the wonderful article

    If someone can do it, translation in other languages can spread this beautiful message futher to people who don’t understand english; i am personally interested in an Urdu translation :)


  27. Beautiful article. I just did the last part today (listening to a friend share her sad story with me)…I felt really good and special knowing I was helping someone release her sadness and pain in a small way. Allah reward you (smiles).

  28. Mind boggling…soo sweet. I must not down those beautiful tips. In shaa Allah I will apply now and in future too.

  29. Sorry, typing error……

    Mind boggling…soo sweet. I must jot down those beautiful tips. In shaa Allah I will apply now and in future too.

  30. JazakAllah khaiyran….In the start I was actually gonna cry…but then withheld them and read on….a very beautifully written article….mashaAllah…keep writing such inspiring articles :)

  31. Ma sha Allah…very nice article and the care you show in replying to each and every comment is even inspiring..Indeed…walking the talk!!!

    May Allah subhanahu ta’ala help us to gain more knowlegde and act upon it…Ameen

    • I’m truly grateful to each and everyone who took precious time out of their busy lives to show appreciation or write a nice word. It brings me emmense joy to hear from my lovely readers! May God always bless me with people like you Bushra who uplift others with praise and encouragement
      And may God bless this beautiful ummah. Amen

  32. Shukran for the article. I did enjoy it very much. And the advice make a big different in my life that you give in your article. Shukran so much

  33. Alhamdoulillah what a beautiful article, this was absolutly amazing and is the exact thing i try to impliment in myevery day life. i pray that we all adopt to this way of thinking. Allah bless you all.

  34. Thank you so much Lilly for this beautiful article and true words. I always believed that kindness is a strength you should evolve, not refrain as to fear that others will think you are weak, on the very contrary. Kindness is the treasure you can always carry and share around wherever you are and that never fade away and that incha Allah will pay off after Life. Jazaki Allah khayran.

  35. Jazaakallahu khair for such a lovely article. Only a person with a clear and clean heart can pen down such sweet thoughts. May Allah swt bless you with best of knowledge and sweetness so you continue spreading it around.

    • You had me blushing there for a sec S.V.Zariwala!
      I don’t deserve such beautiful praise….
      May Allah accept our little efforts to do good and grant us the ability to spread it with His will and mercy.
      Thank you again for a lovely, heart warming comment

  36. Salam Lily,
    I can relate with what you said about shielding one’s heart so one doesn’t get hurt. I just want to say Jazakallahu Khair for the lovely article and In Shaa Allah I will use your tips.

    • I think at some point we all kind of relate to the shielding part coz I’m sure we have all been hurt…
      Being aware of it is a step forward though and not many are able to take
      Thank you for your genuine and honest commemt Fatima
      Ramadan Kareem to you and your lovely family

  37. JazakAllah khair for such a beautiful article. May Allah increase us all in these small acts of kindness for His sake and pleasure, ameen.

  38. MashAllah, I really enjoyed reading this article and made me laugh and smile on different parts. It encouraged me more to do good. Though it made me a bit sad that I don’t know how to participate or is able to participate in the different acts of kindness you listed but they were so amazing acts that I want to be part of. I don’t have the personality of people person so its hard to go out to do different things and also I just don’t have the opportunities or be in an environment that is so easy to do those wonderful acts of kindness. Though everyday I make duaa to Allah especially in this blessed month to grant me the strength and opportunity to do endless acts of kindness. My one act of kindness that I always do is smile to everyone. Thank you for sharing amazing acts of kindness we can do, may Allah reward you and grant me and everyone opportunities to do good

    • I loved reading your comment Samira
      And may I add that you’re right, what you do is not considered “small acts of kindness”
      Smiling to everyone is an act of charity, which is way more than everything I have listed here. It’s levels higher coz you make people feel good and acknowledged with your beautiful smile
      So don’t be sad honey. Be happy coz you’re doing more than a lot of others! You’re a sweet and peaceful representative of Islam with just your smile and genuine du’aa… MashAllah

  39. alhumdullilah I liked the article and particularly the various verses mentioned . may Allah bless you

  40. Aselamu aleykum werahmetullah…I am really pleased to read this article. It feels like a relief to get such an encouraging advice while the principle of life nowadays is becoming “the one who cares will always get hurt”. i request that you give us a similar piece of advice about how to stop expecting kindness from others even when you keep being kind to them.

    • Mediha I absolutely LOVE this idea!
      This is such a wonderful topic for the follow up article! Thank you so much! And inshAllah you get a big share of the hasanat from it since it was your idea ;)

  41. May Allah bless you, and everyone reading this. May He SWT put our minds at rest, protect and enlighten our families, protect us from our fears and give us the baraka of this glorious month.

    Thank you for the fab message. One thing I learnt from a non Muslim is to always be kind to beggars, even if you cannot meet their needs, do not frown and turn away but meet them with kind words and a smile.

    • Beautiful words from a beautiful heart
      Thank you Umm Abdullah
      And that’s exactly what Islam teaches us through a beloved Prophet 1400 years ago
      “And as for the beggar, then do not scold” (Holy Quran 93:10)
      Isn’t our Quran just amazingly beautiful….?

  42. Jazakallah khairan..for a truly amazing reminder …like they say kindness is contagious ..little acts of kinds can inspire others to be kind n compassionate too !

  43. I love you sister for such a nice essay.. I was in a need to read such powerful article.. JazakiAllahu Khayr.. ❤
    I was getting so tough day by day because of people who wronged me but some recent incidents and this essay helped me to come back to the “Zoha” i was previously.. I love you sister..

    • Zoha I’m so extremely touched by your comment…. I don’t know what to say…
      I pray you always stat connected to your beautiful heart and pure soul… And whenever someone wrongs you it only makes you even more soft and loving… For when we meet the bad with the good, the world becomes a better place…
      Thank you Zoha for putting a smile on my face… I’m truly grateful

  44. Assalamu alaikum
    jazakallah khair for this beautiful article sister ♥
    May Allah bless you and your family with joy.Ameen

  45. Masha Allah it was a wonderful article, one of the best articles I’ve ever read. Keep up this good work bushra

  46. Loved reading this article! I know I am a little late, but you are a great writer! May Allah bless you this Ramadan and after.

    • And I’m a lot late coz I never got any notifications for new comments. Please accept my apology.
      Honored you think I’m a great writer… It’s a blessing from Allah for you and others to enjoy my humble writings. I’m truly blessed and grateful Sara

  47. Jazaki Allah khair..Nice piece
    Sometimes we do think is until we have it big that’s when we can share with others but if only………..

  48. Assalamu alaikum*
    Masha Allah..
    such a beautiful an inspiring article to share!
    May Allah swt reward u 4 it.and may allah subhanahu ta’ala help us to again more knowledge and act upon it ……
    Summa Ameen.

  49. JazakAllaah khayr Sister!
    This article has made me feel encouraged to do a lot more act of kindness!
    May Allaah bless you as always (:

  50. Very thought provoking and motivational article. extracted practical points out of it. Jazak Allh.
    once I was travelling in metro bus when I saw a lady showing good gestures to every one. She even held a child of a standing mom in her lap to help her. At the end when the lady was about to dismount, she gave me her card; she was employee of some insurance company. I got truly inspired; if one can work with such zeal and devotion for ones job why not for the sake of Allah Almighty to get true internal satisfaction. I also prayed for that worker as she has the quality of sincerity, may Allah Almighty choose her for His path.

  51. This is fabulous. I had a bad start of day but now I am recharged with such a positive and amazing article..
    Jazakmullah khair
    May Allah Almigthy gibes barkat in your time and good deeds.

  52. Such a lovely article.. I am in dire need of this kind of article.
    Thank you.. Thank you very very much. :) May Allah give you more such gems of thought so that you could share it with us.(Ameen)

  53. Ma sha Allah, another ispiring article as always, may Allah grant us the strength to perform these deeds and to help each other on a daily basis..together we can make this world a better place in sha allah