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  1. Subhanallah this ispretty cool, i have to addmit, ive never been invited toan Eid event, i havent experienced it yet but InSha Allah i am hopeful, this sounds so awesome imgonna post it on fb.

    • As’salaamu Alaykum Heather,
      Insha’Allah you will be invited to a great Eid event soon, and if not, why not use our planner above, to arrange one of your own!
      All the best,

  2. Assalamualaikum! I enjoyed your article. It’s definetly interesting to think about making eid bigger and more exciting. I like the idea of Henna stalls and something to keep teens busy (seems like all they do is snapchat nowadays!).
    My family get togethers usually have a big secret eid event. We pick out of a hat to get each person a gift and then set a gift $ limit. We started this so that we don’t overspend on gifts and can donate to charity with the rest of what we planned to spend.

    Take care! Great points
    To think about!

  3. Wow!this Eid get together idea is lovely,i m feeling thrilled right away,Jazakallahkhair for providing complete planner too!!!

  4. Salam!
    Love your article. Great ideas for an ‘Eid day’ away from the traditional Eid day with ‘Females in the kitchen sweating it out from fajr to maghrib!
    l hope these creative ideas would be well explored and built upon so that sisters all over can enjoy the Eid day too. Though the traditional Eid day hosting is rewarding & a good thing too; but some sisters can’t really handle the pressure well and you find some of them quite grouchy towards the end of the day!
    Love the way you brought your knowledge of project management to the fore by identifying the day’s risk & having a ready risk response plan. May the Almighty reward you and increase you in knowledge.

  5. Wow. Great ideas for this Eid blast. I love point nr 7. Hope we could do this one day. Good luck with your Eid planning Fai. I’m sure you will be the show runner so all the best. Wishing one and all blessed remaining ramadaan and a spectacular EID.

  6. Assalam o alikum.!!!
    Masha Allah. Its really a great idea and good information before time, for good management.
    Jazak kum Allah khairan.

  7. Assalam o alikum.!!!

    M A this is great eid plan . this eid i am going to celebrate with my mother ( in sha allah ) living in kashmir. in sha allah after 19 years i will celebrate eid with my mother , my family and friends . in sa allah i will try my best to implement your eid plan. This is really great idea.May allah reward you for your efforts.
    jazak ul khair.

  8. Assalamualaykum.
    Lovely article. One thing missing though. Eid night is one of the most aidpiscious for prayer so don’t let it slip by….

  9. Assalamualaykum I like your article its really nice planning for the Eid and thank you for sharing your nice article with us

  10. Assalam O Alaikum wa rehmatullahi wabarakatuhu okhti, Jazakillah khairan kaseera for the useful article. The tips answer almost all the major questions while planning such a gathering. I’d love to share it with my mum in sha Allah. :)
    BarakAllahu feeki.

  11. Mashallah a fantastic idea Eid night is just as important and how about starting your day with Zikr and Dua in a group and don’t forget Salaah facilities

  12. Alhamdulillah, thank with article. I have less on mine, i pray to have the health and see the day.

  13. JazakAllah khair…,awsome idea to hve a maxm.happnss on Eid.its also an opportunity to demonstrate how d muslims are compassionate towards all humanity n creatures.

  14. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah , Ramdhan Mubarak everyone. Eid in my home country Trinidad in the Caribbean is very much like what sister Faiza was writing. Almost all Masjids in Trinidad has a big fun day celebration for the whole family, as well as having specific tents & seating for the homeless & the poor to eat & partake of the festivity also, in our country money is given to the poor on the day of Eid. Please remember fellow muslims that whenever there’s a gathering with food and so on to feed the poor & needy as well. There are usually always someone in all communities. Jazakillah Khairun for this wonderful article. Insha’Allah Eid Mubarak.

  15. Assalamu Alaikum! Wow, masha Allah. What a wonderful eid celebration plan. I wish people from my own side of the world (Africa) could imbibe this kind of culture of getting together as a community and celebrate as one.

  16. Assalamulikum Sister,
    Thank you and Jazakallah khair for writing nice article, your begging words put tears in my eyes…!!!
    May Allah accept our fasting and prayer…

  17. Although Eid are celebrations to be enjoyed thoroughly, I’d like to remind us that Eid must not be lost in such elation one forgets the hungry and needy. As Eid presents, give charity and find a means to reach out to those in need- whom you know and do not know. This advice is to myself first and foremost too.

    Great article and many people shall benefit from it, but always remember to never forget that Eid could be easy and simple, and affordable in the right way. Jazakallahu khairan for this informative article where I have realize that Eid should be a shared happiness and celebration!!

  18. As salaamu alaikum ,

    ma shaa allah nice article. Only one thing I want to point out as also noted by someone before. I heard the Eid night is very auspicious night and recommended to pray. In your post it mentions to have good night sleep. So I recommend to research this more and probably it is good idea to pray during the night rather than sleep?
    A very good article though in terms of ideas and intention.