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  1. Masha Allah, what an excellent article. Im working as a volunteer team leader on a project right now and this is exactly what i needed to read, jazakAllahu khairan

  2. Jazakillahu khairan kathira for this excellent article…so full of practical tips and the best part is the Ihsaan perspective….Masha Allah..beautifully written and very inspiring..I really hope to apply in my daily activities..

  3. Assalamualaykum, this is very nice article. I like it, because this article shows the path how to work for Allah’s sake.

  4. Assalamuallekum, masha allah it was one of the best practical tips were we can do small activities in different way, may almighty allah purify our heart and help us to acquire more sincerity and may he bless all those who do good works aameen

  5. Wow Alhamdullilah I loved reading this article right to the end every word is so motivational and makes me proud to be a muslim ; all husband’s out there should always communicate with their wivves no matter how many years you are married this in one of the weakest points in. A marriage can we please have more articles on marriage councelling and shariah laws for wives in Islam – ameen

  6. Assalamu Alaikum WRB. Masha Allaah..Very inspirational article.An eye opener for people like us volunteering for Islamic organisation.Will try to apply in our daily life as much as possible,In sha Allaah.Jazak Allahu khairan..

  7. Maa sha Allaah. Very motivational for us with quotations from Quraan and Hadeeth. Success is not an accident if we abide by the teachings of Quraan and Sunnah. May Allaah bless you more with Knowledge and your knowledge contributes to this ummah to strive in a best productive manner. And we all attain The Purpose of Life what Allaah expects from each believer. Jazaak Allaah wa Khair.

  8. Mashallah very nice article (only read the main points yet). Some of these need to be lived and learnt. Lacking one of more of these characteristics doesn’t help achieve the full returns for our efforts in the way of Allah.


  9. Masha’Allah! Quite motivating… May Allah bless our good deeds and unite us all in Jannah.

    I’ve always wanted to volunteer and help reach out to the world in my little ways but I happen to be an introvert that finds it hard to initiate conversations with strangers, so it’s been so hard for me to start up a project to help others in my little ways but I wouldn’t mind joining, if there’s any group out there.

  10. it was such a great article!! really !!! such a thorough one !!
    i am also volunteering for some projects and so this helped me alot…esp the leadership part..can u advice me abt one thing?
    what to do if there is only one female leader (no male wants to take the responosibility)..? how to interact with the team or hold team meeting?

  11. Jazak Allah Khair. I am leading a Psychology Society Organization as the President helping others find their paths in this field. Although I do get burnt out sometimes, whenever I attend the meeting and make it happen, I am always satisfied and want to come back to help again and again I also always try to remind myself that my intentions are for Allah and that I must do the best job I can possibly do.

    I love your article and It was put together very well. Mashallah

  12. Assalam o alaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu!
    Jazak Allah Khairan
    This article is
    Beneficial for everyone.
    Keep it up.and do it for the sake of Allah (swt) and get reward by Him.
    Allah Hafiz

  13. Subhanallah. Masyaallah.Tabarokallah.. May Allah bless you Sis..This article is really inspiring.I wish I could be solehah like you soon. Thanks

  14. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
    Maashaa Allah…such a nice, amazing, inspiring and beneficial article. I’ll try to follow it, in shaa Allah.