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  1. May Allah reward you for this timely and educative piece.

    These guidelines, if carefully implemented, will add the productive dimension to our everyday lives.

    This piece is also a pointer that Islam is a perfect religion. All the insights shared here are from the Quran and Sunnah, and conform to contemporary learnings.

  2. mashallah,timely article. one thing i want u ppl at productive muslim to suggest a productive lifestyle as a homemaker, living in a joint family turns things sour when u plan for something and other things suddenly jump into, like guests n all, untimely chores. how can we stay productive, being ourselves amongst plenty of other ppl.
    plz do reply or think abt it.

    • Sister Sana, you had asked a nice and practice question. In the words of brother Faris, productivity means maximum use of focus, energy and time and towards the goal to Jannah. It’s true that sometime we need to maintain some schedule in our life but leading a life of productive muslim/muslimah means does not mean to live a scheduled life, sometime we need to balance in our life.
      Suppose, your family members invited someone or an uninvited guest had come, you should understand that the guest has rights, as it is found in the hadith that, “Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, let him honour his guest as he is entitled.” It was said, ‘What is his entitlement, O Messenger of Allaah?” He said, “[The best treatment] for one day and one night; and hospitality is for three days, and anything after that is charity bestowed upon him. And whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day, let him, speak good words or else remain silent.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5560; Muslim, 69. This version was narrated by al-Bukhaari. If you treat your guest with honor and make them happy, insaALLAH you will be rewarded. It is also another way of productive life. But if your family members are inviting lots of guests, then it might be better if you discuss with them about it in a polite manner.
      And for the chores, all it needs to become supportive to each other. If family members become supportive to each other, help or distribute the regular or untimely chores. So, with the grace of ALLAH, works can be finish quickly. For example, if before each meal, if everyone help to prepare the dining table, after eating if everyone wash their own plates, help to take dishes, so the work will be quickly finish.
      I hope, I give your answer. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    • assalamu alaikum. just decided to share some tips on how you can stay productive living in a joint family. no doubt every homemaker undergo stress. this is how I get over my most recent episode of what I can call mental stress that’s a combination of emotional and other physical stress which make me get stuck in life.
      1. know yourself inside out,this will help you. know who you are. if you are an introvert like me, then make use of the post on having me time of which the Quran gave to all women in Q24:58. know your physical abilities
      2. Allah is only a dua away. for me I communicate with Allah at the end of every solat before the salam where I seek Allah’s assistance in disposing my affairs right precisely I recite robanna atina min ladunka rahmata Wa ahyilana min marina roshada. bill ah I observe how much i am organised thereafter.
      3. set your priorities right and do your MIT’s in the early hours of the day. research has shown we are most active in the early hours about 5hrs after waking up after which we feel tired and implementing the advice in i make solatu duha to reenergise. it works wonders too.
      4. time management:one of the major challenges i faced in joint family include: living by other ppls timing. I am managing this by reducing how much I depend on others. yes! we need to help ourselves to get chores done quickly but must not be detrimental to other ppls priorities.
      5. never have the feeling that you are not productive. this thought us from shayton. even if you be Bn running errand since morning or you very Bn busy with other ppls affairs for major part of the day. the problem here is that you have failed to prioritise well for your most important task(MIT’s). note also that you chose at most 3MITs daily so that you can have the time for other family affairs.
      i hope you find this beneficial amin. may Allah assist us and help us achieve the lofty rewards of a good homaker.

      • Alhamdulillah, these are really very useful tips. Thanks a lot for sharing it. May ALLAH bless you.

  3. Mash’Allah may Allah reward you for writing such a comprehensive article. You touched on so many important ways to manage stress. I loved all of your ideas, especially the one about enjoying your time with family and friends.

  4. Jazak Allah khairun……….may Allah give u reward fr ths in ths world nd hereafter as well……..:-)

    Thank you for a very well designed article on life saving gems.
    Your style ,choice of words,language,articulation,flow,pointers,and general layout puts this article as ver
    y successful.
    It is direct,unencumberd and reads very gently.
    Amazing how you dealt with one of the highest risk disease preceptors, stress, so divinely.
    You are gifted and full of wisdom.
    Being in the medical arena myself,I found your article enriching,conclusive and balanced.
    You managed to incorporate health,life style,behavioral modification with the perfect dose of our true sustenance…Quraan,Sunna and emulating a chosen role model ,essentially desribed as the best character, a mercy to mankind, our beloved prophet Mohammed SAW

  6. jazaki ALLAHU Khair! this is really educative and informative. May ALLAH (SWT) continually reward you .

  7. While reading this article, I’m breathing through my mouth just because I’m following your advice.

  8. Asalam alaikum,jazakallah khair for ur one more motivatin article really gave me a new thinkin…coz v really tend to take stress alott theis days ..may allah guide us to d best aamin!!

    • Assalam Alaikum. Fariha, Jazkallah, This article is very helpful for my stressful life. May Allah Bless you and us. Aameen

  9. Well written article indeed. Zajakallahu khair for a nice article . May Allah help us to follow, Ameen.

  10. As salaam Alaykum wa Rahmatul Llahi wa Barakatuh!

    Thank you Fariha for very useful tips. I am a graphic designer and comic artist, and I have been always workaholic. Through my experience there is time when I was working under pressure mixing with other family issues I was too much stressed so much that I ended up getting a severe stroke, Subhanallah!

    As a result stress increased twice. Before I was doing martial art but then I was not able to do any kind of physical exercise. After spending ten days in a hospital I was taken to physiotherapist for stretching exercises. After a time I remembered those kiais and chi power (the power of breathing excercises). With combination of meditation and regular remembrance of Allah I started getting relief and later on I started doing walking exercise.

    Now I would like to stress the point for those who are not able to walk or doing any physical exercise, breathing exercise will make them feel better. Also if you have the same experience being overworked like me, outsourcing is the way out to reduce stress. If you are working for an organisation make sure you don’t do works that other people can do.

    Jazaaka Allahu khayr, may Allah increase our knowledge.

    • Zajakallahu khair for sharing your advice. To manage stress, all we need is to balance everything in our life but unfortunately sometime we forgot it for the regular struggle of our life. Alhamdulillah, now I am quiet well to manage my stress. May ALLAH bless you and give you the strength to recover your health.

  11. MA SHA ALLAH not just this article but the whole website is so helpful especially during my exam season haha.And after knowing that my Muhammad SAW used to walk fast i was surprised that maybe somehow im following sunnah though im a girl people say i walk fast and like boys which really irritates me thats how i walk what is boy walk and girly walk but do me lemme know if im wrong i know that one who tries to become like the opposite gender that person is cursed by ALLAH but seriously i really tried to walk slow but im not able to and sleep is something really disturbed in my life i ll try my best to improve.

  12. Assalamu Alaikum wrb
    MashaAllah! an interesting and informative article on stress management.
    The methods listed here are exhaustive, however i personally read
    a dua whenever i am stressed which is
    “Qaddarallahu wa masha’a fa’ala”
    means Allah swt is all powerful and he does whatever he wills.
    Everything good or bad is from Allah only. So why get stressed when our
    duty as a muslim is to submit to Allah in every situation.

  13. Assalaamu alaikum. Jazakallahu khairan for sharing the knowledge. May Allah azza wa jalla reward you all for your service to the ummah.pls include us in your duas.

  14. Assalamu’alaikum warahamatullah.
    Jazaakumullahu khairan katsir for sharing this tips for us. Actually, that tips was already given in Qur’an and Sunnah. But, in this earlier years, we forget it or maybe don’t know about that before. Thank you so much, and may Allah bless us always and reward you with the best reward.

    After read this article, I remember a question that I still find the answer. Maybe all of you can help me answer this question. Now, I join an Islam-based organization. It had many events in a year, so I was really busy about it. Until I wonder about my daily deeds, so many deeds was not completed. At that time I really wonder why and how to repair it, until I think to go out from that organization. Maybe you have a solution for me, and for other brother/sister there. Please share with us. Jazaakumullah Khairan Katsir

  15. Elahmdallah, i was following your page articles since 3 or 4 years. it help me a lot through my hard times. Elhamdallah!!
    i would like to print few of your articles to my parents and friends in arabic to spread this powerful knowledge but i couldn’t find articles in arabic :(
    hope soon to find an icon up for an arabic version of the page.
    Jazakom Allah Kol Kheer
    my kind regards

  16. Assalam-o-Aliekum, whenever I am under pressure, stressed or feel anxiety for something, I start reciting

    ” حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ ”

    “Allah is Sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust!”

    Alhamdulilah everything becomes easy and calm with this.

  17. Assalamualikum to everyone,
    Pleased to read this ararticle and have set my mind to implement those tips in my life.
    Just wanted to add one more thing to keep the stress away from our lives i.e. to expect less from others, that will come ultimately under “be content with yourselves”.

  18. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Assalamualicum brother,
      Actually I want to mentioned about smiling. Thank you for the correction.
      Jazak ALLAH khairan

  19. Alhamdulillah,.,
    very, indeed
    this is one of fascinating article i have came across. i cultivated my knowledge about stress from this article,i love your all the tips nd you have done gud job
    i mostly appreciate it…
    may Allah grant you gud knowledge nd succed all things

  20. Very nice.f we follow these steps properly in sha Allah we will stress.most important thing z following our deen and Quran.majority of the people nowadays r far away from quran and deen.they search comport n luxury life…wcb make them stressful.

  21. These stress-reducing tips are brilliant as they are beneficial.
    Infact, I have been implementing some of them myself before now and I can attest that you are indeed right!
    Jazallahu khair for these tips.

  22. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu , a very nice article. I like the idea of berating exercise and have added in my daily life, Jazak Allahu Khairan . Just to share one of my tips. Go to ur home’s lawn, park, hill station etc etc and enjoy the beauty of nature , and be grateful to Allah of such blessings .

  23. Abu productive you are indeed a blessing to our generation, may d Almighty strengthened you and your entire team more and grant you d very best in this life and hereafter. We are still feeling you in Nigeria

  24. Jazaakillaah khayr sis. The article is a blessing just like any of other ones from

  25. Assalamualaikum lm suffering from serious stress and anxiety in functions and in crowd with high music my mind is going upset I’m not feeling well with all this situation please guide me thanks

  26. Asalammulaikum I’m in stressed from 3 months nd now my stressed levels increase
    ..nd I want to know how to stop negative thoughts …nd also how to feel good about Allah …pplz pray for me

  27. MaashaAllah so nice .. But plz suggest me some more tips to b haapy relieve my stress levels… I’m going through vry bad times…n I’m nt able to coope up plz some more things to b happy …

  28. Sir I have the problem that I cannot talk well I have no confidence I have feelings of inferiority and I have no trick to make friends

  29. Even after sleeping I feel sleepy I feel that I havent slept.This is hapenhappening with me for last 3 years I feel as if I havenhaven’t slept since 3 years.I feel lazy I feel blockage in my mind.I read did and sleep but then go to the washroom every now and then.Then when I read dua and sleep after that also i feel that I hadn’t sleep enough I hate getting up early morning still I get up to pray fajar.I am praying five time due to which I cannot sleep in the mid of the day.I have my exams going.I feel the Dias have no effect on me.They have leave no change on me.I am frustrated with everything.I cannot even study properly I am facing excess problem.What should I Do?