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  1. Masha’ALLAH! JazakaALLAHo Khayran, Akhi! That was an amazing article. Keep up the good work. May ALLAH always guide you to what benefits Muslims and pleases Him. Ameen.

  2. salams..I like this post very very much. The contents are very meaningful and incredible..Alhamdulillah ..Syabas..I would like to ask your permission to publish it in my blog…which consists of copy pasted meaningful articles..Syukran jazillan

  3. Masha’ALLAH ! Jazak ALLAH Khayran, Akhi ! May ALLAH alway reward you and the entire team of… keep up the good work. May allah guide all of us to implement the above into our lives. Ameen.

  4. Beautiful! This is exactly what I needed to read and ponder upon!

    I have recently been through a lot of hardship and it only made me bitter and more depressed. I questioned myself time and again and believed that I lacked in faith. This article has helped me put things in perspective and figure out what I was doing wrong with all the negative thinking. Alhamdulillah!

  5. Jazak(i)llah Khayr. The greatest form a Muslim could be grateful to Allaah is by obeying his commands for his sake upon the sunnah of prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This essential bit seemed to have missed being on the list.

  6. Assalamualaikum. Alhamdullillah that I have the chance to read this beautiful article. Thank you very much for sharing with us. May many more brothers and sisters find this article beneficial as I did. I wish to share the link with my friends. May Allah bless you always.

  7. For those who like to write, and use writing as a way of reflection, it might be good idea to have something called the gratitude journal. Instead of merely writing about the happenings of the day, you could focus on the things you are grateful for. I especially like to focus on the unexpected things thar have happened, and that i did not initially plan for, but happened anyway. At the end of the day’s entry, I would have even more reasons to be grateful and do better the next day.

  8. Jazakumullah khairan kathiiran…mashaAllah, may Allah continuously gives you reward till the hereafter…ameen

  9. Taking baby steps, one after the other, leads to giant steps. And further along, one learns to walk with confidence and eventually run.

    This is a beautiful reminder to build on our ‘Gratitude’ levels. It is not always easy but taking the right steps will get one to the top In Sha Allah.

    Masha Allah! Baarakallahu fik

  10. Jazak’Allah khair mashallah this is well written, while reading and reaching till end I felt so grateful, and paying thankful … May All benefit from it to its fulllest…

  11. Jazakallahu khairan. I really enjoyed reading this article so so much. I have shared with families & friends. May Allah reward you abundantly. Amin.

  12. Commonly I would not find out article for sites, however i would wish to declare that that write-up pretty obligated everyone to try and do therefore! A person’s way of writing may be astonished everyone.. mp3 zambian music Thank you, rather nice post.

  13. May the Almighty Allah bless you for your contribution and forgive our transgressions, for it is He alone who is the All knowing. Allahu Akbar

  14. “If you are grateful I will increase you in provision…” (Qur’an – Surat Ibrahim)

    “He who is not grateful for a little (provision) will not be grateful for a bigger one” (Hadith).

    “He who is not grateful to people is not grateful to Allah” (Hadith).

    Wallahu a’lam! May Allah bestow upon us the ability to imbibe this blessed attitude, aameen.

    from my heart, I say: Jazakumullahu khairan.