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  1. This article was so written for me! I teach part time at a college, run a business part time and will also be studying part time this September. Some brilliant tips for me to refer back to :-)

  2. Mash a Allah to the point and very sensible article may Allah taala give us all the ability to live a balanced and productive life as aameen .alhamdullillah it is so pleasing to read about the author so talented from home soil mash a Allah keep up the good work of inspiring the ummah and helping the deen .Femida south Africa

  3. A much needed article for current times as the world ask us to do more, be more and want more, but as Muslims we should learn to be moderate for the dunya and be greedy for Akhira and spread ourselves thinly across spheres of Ibadat that will benefit us to meet our Creator In sha Allah.

    • Well said. May Allah grant us the good of this world and the good of the Akhirah, and save us from the punishment of the fire.

  4. Hey, wait. I dont understand what do you mean when you say, people generally are more stressed out while doing part time work as compared to full time work ?? Logically, 4 hours of work < 8 hours of work. Therefore, more time for other things like personal and family goals right?? Please explain to me so that i may take better decisions in life.
    Jazakallah khair.

    • Rafat, I say that it CAN leave you more stressed out, if you don’t develop ways to manage the various roles you have to fill in life. Yes, it can leave you with more time for personal and family goals, but if it’s up to you how much time you dedicate to these and to your work, you have to develop your own routine and coping mechanisms to ensure that you fit everything in, and do it well.
      When you work full-time, your work hours are mostly determined for you, so you don’t have to regulate work/leisure/personal time as much as a part-timer. The challenge is even greater for a part-timer who works more than one job, as he/she has to juggle even more roles within a given time.

      Once a part-timer is able to manage his/her time well, they can find themselves less-stressed, and with more flexi-time than a full-timer insha Allah.

  5. Everytime I read one of productivemuslim articles I become amazed by how knowledgable you guys are ! Mashallah , keep it up ^-^