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  1. Assalam alaikkum(wrb) sis,
    Alhamdulillah it has been a beautiful article..Never gave a thought about connecting Eco-friendliness with Iman and Ibadah…Insha Allah will start 4m now..Jazakallahu khairan,.

    • Yep, now we’ve got the option of sharing the article with your friends on Facebook. ;) You’ll notice a sticky bar on the left of the article. Simply click the Facebook icon to share it.

  2. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for this article. InsyaAllah, will start practicing the suggested ways. Remember Allah in everything we do – just realising that uplifts and surges us on all our actions and intentions.

  3. very valuable post, hopefully could inspire more moslems to do the same, insha Allah
    boen in indonesia

  4. Thanks alot for the awesome article… JAK.
    Another comment about watering your lawn when the sun is high in the sky… It’s not even the best time for your plants, cause the water gets hot quickly, and harms the roots. Best time is around twilight :)