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  1. Its awesome.
    Jazakallah khairan dear sister for such a wonderful article and sharing your diet plan.
    May Allah reward you.

  2. I too am struggling with many of the same issues as Sarah. I have been very close to giving up when I read this article. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and am joyful there is someone who understands. I am very eager to check out her website.

  3. jazakallah ,v nice article …helpful for many in my family …n foh me to stay fitt..will definately visit d side too

  4. i can relate to all of the advices goals and suggestions, being working hard at gym and kitchen.

    i can appreciate the article and its useful suggestions, thoguh my goals and my gender as well, are comletely opposite to the discussion here, as i was trying to gain few pounds, which i did ( 22 pounds in 4 months), i can assure everyone that regardless of the goals( wight gain or loss) its doeable. you only need to respect the time commitment it requires and work ethics to regualry workout and eat healthy.

  5. thank you sister in Islam for sharing this article and tips may Allah the Most Merciful accept all our good deeds and guide us to His Love and Mercy. ameen~

  6. Alhamdulilah, I AM SO PROUD OF SIS ZARAH!!!! That just proves how beneficent and magnificent Allah is and Insha Allah, I pray that Allah continues to bless her and her family. Allah has blessed me to lose 80 pounds so far and I have 100 more or less to go, Im so grateful to Allah for bringing this article and Sis Zarah into my life, off to her website I go :)!!!!! Thanks Productive Muslim!!!!!

  7. Jazakallah great article! I too control meals but still couldn’t lose a considerable amount of weight coz i don’t do excercises! your article has inspired me to go back to my exercise routine n gonna try green tea too in shaa allah.

  8. Aslamu Alaikum
    This is a great article mash’Allah. Though lengthy, I feel it covers much needed topics, ideas and motivation mash’Allah. May Allah bless you always sis!


  9. Asalam aliekome, Thank you for such a wonderful article. May Allah the Almighty bless our sister and her family, amen. I will check out her website!