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  1. Ma sha Allah great tips which are actually realistic#!!
    What i do to maintain my sanity is to constantly remind myself that i am nt alone in this..the whole ummah is going thru this and that Allah is with us.. He wi surelyl ease thngs fr me ..
    We shud try takng small steps as we mite get over whelmed if we take jumbo ones

  2. Planning your day, every day is one happy life to live. I used to that very well during my studies but i lazed out after I graduated. I hope I can regain my planning skills

  3. As salaamu alaikum,
    Jazakallah nice article. I can appreciate that planning will make things easier for us. However some times I don’t find it easy do so. It becomes a drag. Especially with the busy life of looking after children and work. However in shaa Allah I am hopeful I can take the advice and act to reap the benefits in sha Allah! Ramadan mubarak.

  4. MasyaAllah!!! Great applicable tips for us who are working. JazakAllahu Khayr. May Allah reward you for your work. Amin.

  5. Just a wonderful article!!! Really.. I’m so humbled by the Mercy of Allah SWT and that He has Led me to find this website just in time to have you help me get through this hectic modern day Ramadan..!! May Allah SWT allow us all to make the most of this Ramadan and allow all the people working with this website to see the benefits of your great efforts in this life and surely in the next as well InshaAllah.. ameen~!! ^ -^)y

  6. Salam,
    Thank you so much for this amazing article , it has given me the strength to stay focus and find ways to overcome the common challenges of fasting and working in an office environment , all the articles on this site are extremely beneficial. Thank you.

  7. Ma sha Allah, jazakum llah khair…I feel so significant and can foresee becoming a productive muslim in every way..May Allah reward you with even more knowledge

  8. JazakAllah khayran for such a nice and refreshing article! These frequent reminders on Productive Muslim are really helpful Okay boosting us up alhamdolillah : )

  9. Salaam, this very helpful and insightful.jazakallahu khairan.May Allah reward us all during this ramadhan.

  10. Masha’allah , thank you for the most helpful tips for a good fasting ever !
    In Ramadan i feel so mush energy in my soul that comes from BARAKAH of SIAM i think i do my day better in Ramadan i go to school i concentrate during my lecture more & more while fasting !

    i will try to follow some of your perfect tips and advice’s
    may Allah keep for us Ramadan and keep us to the next Ramadan .