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  1. Alhamdulillahi Robbil Aalameen. Your articles are always inspiring. Jazaakumullahu Khairah. The only tip I use in Reading the Qur’an regularly, is by putting it in mind, that I must read it everyday. And surprisingly, ALLAH has a way of reminding us about what we keep in mind i.e. our mindsets. So, it works for me daily, with or without Ramadhaan. Wassalaamualeikum.

  2. Mashaalah a very nice and informative article.

    Can you please give us the link to the Arabic version of the dua which the Prophet saws taught Ali IN Abi Talib

  3. Jazaakumullah khair for this article sis Aishah. May Allah reward you abundantly. I’ve always read the Qur’an but always found it difficult in reflecting on it. May Allah grant me and everyone the ability to ponder deeply over his verses and signs and to act upon it. Ameen.

  4. Jazakallah for sharing wonderful tips like these. I really enjoyed reading through this article, this article clearly states how I can achieve my goals of reciting, understanding and memorizing the Quran. Please keep on this good work

  5. Excellence article mashallah! I pray that we all benefit from the gems highlighted and the author and PM team are rewarded immensely aameen.
    Ramadan mubarak to everyone
    jazak Allah khair

  6. Very easy read! Thank you for the ideas. Can’t wait to implement the 3 phases this Ramadan. May Allah reward you for your time and efforts

  7. SubhanAllah.. May Allah SWT bless all those that are involved in trying to better the Ummah in our times. This article is exactly what I needed! It’s my first year working during Ramadan.. and these first few days .. I have found it so hard to juggle between my job and ibadah… I try to find the time when I get home.. but it’s straight to the kitchen, then iftar… then clean up, taraweh… and straight to bed to get up early for work the next day….
    But InshaAllah I will try my best to follow the steps you’ve given to set a schedule for myself.. I’ll set 10 minute bouts throughout my day to add up to a juz a day bi ithnillah ~!! Barak Allah fikum

  8. Salaam I found this article very useful. JazakAllah. This Ramadan I set my goal to read 1 juz a day to finish reading the whole quran for the month and so far Alhumduillah I have stayed with it.

  9. Salaam, for this Ramadhan i try one day one juz program, i wish i could finish reading Qur’an before Ied. Jazakallah for this nice and useful article. May Allah bless you… :)