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  1. Salam alaykoum. Great article. But the translations in phonetic of verse # 8:2 and 9:2 of Surat Waqi’ah are not correct.

  2. I really don’t like the way the title misleads you :(
    I’m memorising the Quran right now, alhamdulillah, and I was expecting to find something beneficial to aid me . Yes, the Quran repeats a lot of ayaats but does learning those single ones really help you to memorise Allahs words from his holy book?

    • Shahrah if you read the very second paragraph you will realize this article is not a help list for memorization. It is for those muslims who want to benefit and memorize much of Quran (in a productive way) and get a kick start towards more serious dedicated towards a life with Qur’an.
      I dont think the title is misleading in the least bit :)
      I am positive many muslims will memorize these 10 ayahs by investing just 20 minutes this ramadan and inshaAllah gain 75 higher levels in jannah (also lets not forget the extra reward one gets for deeds performed in Ramadan).

  3. For VERSE #7: 8 Verses [Surah Ash-Shu-ara 26: Verses 9, 68, 104, 122, 140,1 59, 175, 191]
    Wa-inna rabbaka lahuwa alAAazeezu arraheem
    You accidentally put the audio link as Waas-habu ashshimalima as-habu ashshimal
    instead of the actual ayah

  4. Subhanallah! what a great way to memorize the verses..making it v. simple. Jazaakkumullahu khairan for sharing this.

  5. This is a very insightful writeup – Jazak Allahumma Khairan. I never thought of it that way – most of the verses listed are known to most of us Muslims and they can definitely count in our ‘memorization’ of the Qur’an, thus giving us hope to gain Allah’s favour. Thank you once again for pointing this out. Hope to share with my family and friends – may Allah reward you for your effort!

  6. By the will of ALLAH, I did it.

    Do you think there are more such Verses in Quran?
    If there are… then please continue this article with another part.

  7. Always thought of being a Quraan-e’-Haafiz but the task seemed too daunting. Jazaak Allaah bil khair!
    I have another suggestion for a sequel: oft-repeated words and phrases in the Quraan. Eg:
    “Naas” – Mankind.
    “Rabb” – Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer.
    “Yaa ayyuhal lazinaa aamanu” – O you who believe.
    (Note: Please pardon any errors in my transliteration of the arabic text, and verify these if you intend to reuse them)

  8. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    لقد اسعدتموني بطريقتكم وهي حفظ ٧٥ أية من القران الكريم في ٢٥ دقيقة ولكنني أودّ ان اسأل من فضلكم مايلي :

    لم افهم التفاصيل بشكل دقيق لأنني لااجيدها الانكليزية جيدا لدلك لوتكرمتم وكتبتموه لي بالعربية كي أنفذها بشكل دقيق ولكم الأجر المضاعف

    هذا وانا انتظر منكم الإجابة من فضلكم

    Dear sir

    Your information about memorizing 75 ayat av Quran during 25 minutes is very good , but. I do not understand good
    Kindly can you send me the same information by Arabic please if possible .

    Thank you